4 comments on “Hearthstone Naxx Cost Revealed

  1. I’ve only just started building up the gold but I’m in no rush to try all the wings. I do like to do as many of the dailies though so that helps.

    • I’m sure you’re not alone in the late start, but as you said you are in no rush to get there. So long as that’s the key, then you’ll be fine. 🙂

  2. They said buying the bundle just means you get them when they open.

    I don’t like that there’s no bundle on the gold side of things as it is a drastic change in the ratio of money to gold.

    1.5:1 2 packs
    1.33:1 Arena
    1.25:1 40 packs
    0.71:1 Naxx

    Other than that I think the $20 price point was good for a mini-expansion. I have been saving gold and will have enough, but I don’t like that if you buy it in gold it’s like a $40 dollar full expansion which it isn’t. I still don’t have many cards so I might just buy it and then use gold on arena or packs but I just hate the precidence they are setting. What is the first expansion going to have a gold ratio of 0.35? If they didn’t want people saving up so much gold ahead of time and wanted them to buy with real money the better way would have been to just go “hey we’ve got this new content and guess what you can buy it now”. I think a lot of people would have just bought it with real money that way because they wouldn’t have a large gold total sitting there and wouldn’t have wanted to wait till they saved the gold. I think if they changed it to offering a bundle with gold as well based on the $20 bundle price it’d go a long ways.

    • A lot of people will still buy the game and the people who don’t want to spend the money will happily save up for it with in-game quests and wins. I know what you’re saying, and I’m unsure whether I feel there needs to be a constant gold to real money ratio.

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