6 comments on “More 6.0 Observations

    • Yes, I have since seen this when Mrs. Amateur ran it on her Druid. At least they used Vindicator Maraad instead of Malfurion though.

  1. Is it bad that part of me wants to resub just so I can see how huge of a difference all of the bag space changes make to a packrat main that I’ve had since Vanilla? Are you still playing Hearthstone much JD?

    • I’ve been playing enough to get my cardbacks. I’ve still not done the final chamber of Naxx either. So I guess the answer is…sort of? Lol.

      The bag space changes are insane (and so overdue).

  2. I still wish they will do something about the tabards! still occupies a lot of space in my personal bag. Anyway, my previous post was deleted! how dare you! joke i understand anyway, please re update my blog link on your blog roll for some reason it links to different site not mine. ttyl!

    • I here you about the tabard thing, but fortunately they’ve done enough to make a fair amount of space so that it isn’t too bad anymore.

      And sorry, lol. I deleted it after fixing the link…which I apparently didn’t actually fix. Sorry about that. We’re good to go now.

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