Tick Tock, Tick Tock

If you’re like me, you can’t always be a patient person.  If you’re excited about something, it obviously gets much harder and so is the case with tonight.  If not for the fact I have a few hours of work left, I might be going stir crazy.  I say might because Blizzard expansions don’t go live quite like they used to.  If things went live at midnight, you can bet your Talbuk that I would be armed and ready after work.  But, unfortunately for me, it does not.

If you are unfamiliar about what I mean, you need to know that midnight is a general term with many different time zones to account for.  The one that matters, is 12:00 PST.  So while my west coast friends will be rocking into Draenor at midnight…I will be sound asleep at three in the morning.  C’est la vie.  After I take the wee lad to school in the morning, well…it’s on baby.

I take pride in the fact I haven’t really spoiled myself on Warlords to this point.  I know of Garrisons, but next to nothing else.  I know they can help with professions, but I haven’t seen enough in it to be interested, but I have heard they wanted them to be part of the questing experience.  I hope that doesn’t mean if I don’t like them, they’re still mandatory.

I know Gruul shows up in a raid, and I know of the Iron Horde and a bit of the lore we got right out of the gate.  Other than that, I have kept my knowledge to a minimum, specifically to try and come in with open mind and open eyes.  I won’t be picking things apart or knowing necessarily what’s coming.  When you haven’t spoiled yourself, or honestly researched things, it creates a completely different experience.  An experience that I will be doing differently than the previous three that I was a part of.  This time, I’m going in Horde first.

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