Worth More Than Money

There’s no recap on gold made this week. To be honest, I didn’t log on most of the week, until Sunday when I did some leveling. I know I made between 1500-2000 gold just from Garrison missions, but that’s ballparking it based on what I recall. I sold very little and didn’t even bother tracking while I was out questing. It happens, and as the title suggests I did better than any financial gain could offer.

In puttering around this morning, I happened to be on Zarahi when I got the notice of realm reset. After doing a few odds and ends, I decided I would park her in Felwood and hope that maybe I would luck out and beat someone to a Minfernal. Given how many years it’s been and I’ve had zero luck, I wasn’t holding my breath. But off I went all the same.

I circled in and landed in the Shattered Vale. Noticed a pet on my map, but the only thing near me was an Infernal. Or rather, a half-size infernal. When my brain clicked, so did my mouse. Despite 5-6 people nearby, I managed to tag him quite easily.


See kids? This is why no matter the battle, always have your turnip handy. Always need to make sure you can leave the target with 1 hp. Goodness knows I’ve killed my share of pets I wanted to trap. Fortunately nothing even remotely this rare!

After grabbing the Minfernal and the servers resuming, I realized I needed the Crested Owl in order to complete my Kalimdor Safari achievement. A quick port to Darnassus on my Mage and I headed out into Teldrassil where it didn’t take long.


I still have half a dozen Draenor pets to grab as well as the same number in Pandaria. But then it’s World Safari (yes I know I don’t need Draenor for the achievement but my OCD says I do).

2 thoughts on “Worth More Than Money

  1. Cymre September 23, 2015 / 11:23 am

    Great stuff!

    • JD Kenada September 23, 2015 / 2:52 pm

      Only took how many years? Now to visit a certain blogger and see if I can finally defeat her pets. Heh.

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