Legendary Amateurs: Book One, Chapter Two

Not long after, Zarahi found herself flying along the shores of Elune’ara. Zen’tabra was known to find comfort along the lake and it seemed a logical place to begin and it wasn’t long before Zarahi spotted her hut.

As she landed, Zen’tabra looked to her. “What’cha want? Ya not here for some fish, dat’s for sure.”

Zarahi shook her head. “Nah, Zen’tabra. Malfurion be ready for da ritual.”

Zen’tabra nodded in return. “So, time to see if we can really make dis happen. Dis gonna be needin’ everything we have ta give and a whole lot more.” Zen’tabra closed her eyes for a moment. Zarahi watched her fellow Troll. “De spirits, they be silent wit me on dis. Dat mean dey not opposed to it either. Very well, I’ll meet ya at da ritual.”

With that, they parted ways. Zarahi flew into the air once more and just floated over the lake, flapping her wings. She closed her eyes and listened to the glade around her. The breeze of the air told her mind to travel to the southeast maw of the lake for Naralex. As she came to land, Zarahi looked at a blanket and pillow set up along the lakeshore. Of course, he wasn’t there. Naralex was a wanderer and most other Druids knew it. Even if they didn’t know him very well. Closing her eyes again, Zarahi took in the sense around her. She focused more intently and then flew west. In a short while she came upon him, praying on a hilltop. She transformed and stood beside him. After a few moments, Zarahi realized he wasn’t exactly praying. She poked him on the shoulder.

Naralex: “I’m awake! DEFINITELY not sleeping! I was just…checking my eyelids for leaks.” He paused, almost as if he expected Zarahi to believe him. “ Is it time for the ritual to begin? Very well, I’ll meet you there.”

He took on the crow form and flew off without any further conversation. Zarahi shook her head. Everyone else seemed to know what was going on, except her. But now that she had spoken to him and Zen’tabra, it was time to return to Archdruid Runetotem to finally find answers to what this was all about.

Hamuul greeted her  once more. “Excellent timing Zarahi, the preparations are now complete. Come with me and I will guide you to the ceremony. Malfurion waits for you by the barrow den to the east. Follow me.”

Wait, even Malfurion wanted her? She thought she had been beckoned by Hamuul Runetotem, but he was merely a messenger?  Suddenly the situation took on greater importance.

Hamuul spoke as they flew. “The Legion’s arrival has thrown our world out of balance.”

Zarahi nodded towards him. “Aye, Archdruid. I be feelin’ dat.”

As they soared in towards the barrow den, Hamuul told her about feelings of great unrest within the Emerald Dream. Malfurion welcomed them and outlined what was about to happen. “The ritual will focus our energy into a portal at the center. We must keep it stable.”

Zarahi stepped forward with the rest, and they all let their spells take over as they connected with Azeroth on a natural level. Moments later, Shan’do Malfurion was pleased at its success.”Now we can begin our journey to Val’sharrah. More specifically, you can begin your journey.” Zarahi no doubt looked completely dumbfounded after he had turned to say those last words to her.

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