3 comments on “Faction Divisions: Are They Necessary?

  1. Agree completely. It feels very silly that we’re movung to a class based distinction in WoW where I see the opposite faction daily in my orderhall and I work with my followers, many of whom are from Horde races yet I’m expected to believe I’m at war with them?
    I don’t think the race distinction even in bgs has to be there, we have pvp wqs that pit us against our own allies just assign sides when we zone in regardless of faction.
    PvP realms could be difficult though. I can’t think of a reasonable solution there short of letting a person choose their faction on the character screen rather than race based.

    • I think PvP is easy enough. Much like you could put a filter on raids, you leave the PvP servers alone. But I also think that’s the biggest detractor in the idea of no more factions.

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