2 comments on “Dee King…Has Returned

  1. Very interesting post, thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    I really liked Vol’jin, he was strong and powerful, but level headed and very intelligent. A good replacement for the bloodlusted warmonger Garrosh.

    I’ve wondered about those whispers myself. I don’t think this next expansion will be the one where we fight the last Old God, but this is what I believe:

    – If those whispers where the Old Gods manipulating Vol’jin , their goal would be picking a leader that would throw a monkey wrench in the improved relation between Hord and Alliance. After all, they have been both fighting a common enemy, the big bad Sargeras. It won’t be a “hugs and balloons” kind of improved relation, but at least a “not killing each other on sight” one.

    – due to her past and present actions, Sylvanas is not liked by the Alliance. No one feels like they can trust her, and she is one of the most powerful practitioners of necromantic magic, which is a very big no-no in Azeroth. Even some in the Horde doubt her.

    – after what Greymane did, she is again worried about her own mortality. Her plan of being able to create more Valkyr failed. Could this lead to her resorting to even darker magic?

    – her own sister, Alleria, was shocked learning she was the leader of the Horde. Since she is together with a human, she’ll most likely side with the Alliance, and that seems something that Sylvanas won’t like at all.

    – So maybe this expansion we’ll have the Horde and Alliance going back to a near open scale war with each other, while something watches in the dark waiting for the right time. Its better to conquer a divided enemy. I think there will be naga and their queen, and several void and old god related things, but the last old god might be saved for another expansion. Or not, maybe they can fit it all in one neat expac 🙂

    • I very much see the potential in that as well. I feel like the last Old God is going to play the role of puppet master in the next expansion. The players will certainly know it’s coming, but the denizens of Azeroth will not and the two factions being manipulated back into war again won’t take much. It’s like a fire where the embers still burn.

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