5 comments on “Breaking Down The BFA Trailers

  1. What an awesome break down, I had to watch it all again. Lots of cool details and thoughts.

    That comment about snake people making sense had me laugh. We really are running out of creatures.

    I too am most interested in the part about Teldrassil. Will it be permanent? What of Darnassus? What do you think?

  2. Your statement about Anduin’s helm has me in tears from laughter xD

    Very good breakdown of the trailers, some of the details were explained further in other Blizzcon panels.

    The orc who was hit with arrows is Saurfang, the orc leader. I was very happy to see him in the cinematic 😀

    • Okay, I wondered if that was supposed to be him!

      I didn’t get a chance to recap the panels I missed and I avoided the spoilers of the new Christie Golden book. I figure those two things heavily impact what we saw in both videos.

      • Yeah, I’m trying to avoid all spoilers about the book, it’s going to be a while until it is on sale. I’ll try to read the prologue/free chapter that was made available

  3. If you have access to the virtual ticket, check out the play through of Freehold dungeon narrated by Lore. It shows the pirate dungeon that you see in the second video. The pile of gold is for the last boss.

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