8 comments on “You Want To Bring War? Then Bring World War!

  1. I hate when the world changes! But it’s me, living in my little bubble, I am fully aware of that. I can totally see reason in what you say though, good points.

    It does feel a tad “narrow” to just spend the majority of time fighting from the Islands mentioned. Maybe more is in store for us, yet to be revealed?

    I’d love to see a more “alive” world for sure, instead of the static kind (is the right word? – one that interacts more with the events that happens around us. It does also seem a little “portalized” – if one can say that, the way they have planned for us to venture into combat. I cannot imagine we can swim all the way to each others islands, right?

    I’m not really a master in English, so forgive the not so great explanation – but I mean, like; when I log in these days, it’s portal to Class Hall. HS to Garrison. HS to Dalaran. Portal (thing like) to Argus. Portal around there too, not even flying. Things like that.

    I’d love to just be able to go into the world of battle, and not have it be an “instanced” version of it. Hope I’ making sense 🙂

    • You make complete sense, and I can certainly understand why people would prefer it not change. Honestly, I see a middleground of phased content for higher level players…in a best case scenario. Truthfully I don’t expect much more than the Lordaeron scenario and the main expansion locations.

      • Ah, good to hear 🙂

        Yes, I did hear a little about things being phased for lower levels than 110s, and perhaps an NPC like the Blasted Lands one, to toggle it on and off.

        But I do wonder what it will all mean for various events throughout the year in WoW. Many of them require for us to visit and do things in Undercity and Darnassus etc.

        Oh well. Everything will be revealed in time.

  2. From a lore perspective, I absolutely agree with what you’re saying! The world should be constantly changing and evolving as it is supposed to mimic a living place. Additionally, if Blizzard wants to add emotional impact to story progression, a really good way to do so is to dramatically change a zone everyone knows and loves. That’s part of why Cataclysm Darkshore was so emotionally moving.

    Bringing up Cataclysm though, I believe that expansion and it’s poor reception is why Blizzard has thus far held back on doing sweeping and dramatic changes to the old world. Gameplay wise, why spend your effort rebooting an area of content that the majority of players far out level and thus will have no incentive to go back and experience? Especially if that reboot nets you a lot of negative feedback? It’s a lot of developmental work for not a lot of reward.

    But I absolutely agree with you; in order for Battle for Azeroth to feel like a world war, it really does need to feel *global*. To that end, I think the world quest system from Legion could be used pretty effectively! Rather than changing the leveling experience drastically (and thereby risk another time anachronism like the one Cataclysm caused), Blizzard could instead add world quests having to do with the overall war effort. Stuff like “Go to Ashenvale and kill X number of treants for timber” or “Go to Desolace and put an end to that enemy encroachment”. What do you think?

  3. Aye, what you said. If I’m remembering correctly, once we get to level 120, there will be World Quests all over the place — not just in the new continents — and I’d guess that many/most of them will deal with the War. Probably “defend your territory against intrusion” on your faction’s home continent and “make inroads to enemy territory” on the other continent.

    I like your idea of the patches extending further changes to a few zones at a time.

    • That will be interesting regarding the World Quests. I do hope that’s the case. Though we’ll see how they’re implemented and what they involve.

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