Not Dead


I honestly didn’t just toss up a few posts and leave. Truth be told WordPress was griefing me something fierce. I couldn’t login because my username wasn’t recognized. Then it was my password. Efforts to have that reset didn’t go well at all. Fortunately I came to the discovery that my work computer was still logged in and not too long ago I got everything sorted out. In the meantime, I’ve just been too darn busy to devote some time to this post.

A lot has happened since my last post and those currently subscribed are no doubt experiencing all of the goodies (and apparently some bad?) that came with the final patch of Legion. 7.3.5 brought about the new leveling system and a myriad of other changes.

Meanwhile, I’m still chilling in my private lands. I honestly didn’t touch the game for the past month and the nice thing is in doing so I felt no guilt. Normally I’d make the effort simply based on the idea that I’m paying for it. Now I can take a break from gameplay and not fret. I can also come back to it fresh as a daisy as I did this week. The Druid finished up Outland, while the Hunter is still there. Death Knight’s just heading into Cataclysm territory, while the Paladin and Demon Hunter lead their respective factions as both are capped.

I’m hoping to get an introduction post, but thus far most of them are camera shy (which means I’m having quite the time trying to get them transmogged). I can’t blame the Hunter. He’s level 62 and wearing level 1 gloves. Talk about your bad luck drops.

But hopefully my bad luck with WordPress has come to a close and I can actually contribute thought to this page once more. Goodness knows I miss doing so, and I certainly enjoy it. Even when not playing I’m tied to Azeroth and this helps me enjoy it even further.


2 thoughts on “Not Dead

    • JD Kenada February 8, 2018 / 10:43 am

      I miss you. 😦

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