5 comments on “The Dead Sea

  1. Poor abandoned experimental Vashj’ir. It is such a beautiful zone that I make all my characters go there at least long enough to get the underwater breathing & seafloor running buff, so that if I ever want to take them there for Mog screenshots, I can.

    Combat there, though… tab-targeting functions poorly enough in 2D — it’s even worse in 3D. And I couldn’t stand some of my characters’ casting animations in the water — my poor Blood Elves bend over backwards so far that it looks like they’re going to break in half.

    I tried taking my Human Mage through Vashj’ir while she was leveling, but I only got about 2/3rds of the way through the zone before I gave up and went somewhere more hospitable.

    I’m glad that some of the art assets from Vashj’ir have gotten re-used in underwater areas in the future expansions — the coastal seas around Pandaria and the Broken Isles use a lot of Vashj’ir stuff, which makes them look much more lush and vibrant than the coastal seas around the other continents.

  2. I love Vash’jir, but I recommend taking ranged classes there and melee to Hyjal.

    My problem with the zone is that for some unknown reason, as soon as I finish the quest to get the mount, there are no more quests. I would love to actually do all of it :/

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