5 comments on “Favourite Zone

  1. The music from Grizzly Hills is like therapy. It is just so breathtakingly beautiful. In Legion, my favorite zone is Val’Sharah. But the music in Highmountain is truly something!

    Oh, that cinematic indeed! I am loving the cinematics in WoW today.

    I think nostalgia will always have a very good grasp on me, so no new zone or music will ever beat the Vanilla experience. Ah well. Memories 🙂

    • I didn’t come in until late in Burning Crusade. Perhaps that’s why nostalgia has me always harking back to Wrath.

      • That’d make sense; I see that often, and experience it myself. As if the first part of the game just has a special grasp on us.

  2. Hmmm….hard question, to pick a favourite.

    I love Dun Morogh, Hinterlands, Grizzly Hills and Vashjir. All of Pandaria. And my favourite in Legion was definitely Stormheim, as it lives and breathes Norse mythology ^^

    I liked all the Broken Isles zones to be fair, it was clear that there was a huge amount of work put into each of them 🙂

    • I agree completely regarding the Broken Isles. Each one feel like it’s own zone, and yet still tied to the bigger picture.

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