4 comments on “Warcraft Movie Thoughts

  1. I have only seen it once. I think it’s time to see it again!

    I liked those Easter eggs a lot too 🙂

    What I would really have loved to see – and what I thought would for sure be in it – was like a super epic entrance to Stormwind and the iconic music. Something along those lines.

    I hope to see more. But maybe they are trying it in a Star Wars kind of way, with the way these movies will see the light of day?

    I do wonder, how people, that never played WoW, thought about the movie.

    • Even people who played WoW needed to realize the game isn’t about WoW. I think that’s where some of the complaints came from.

      But honestly, Blizzard should just use their own cinematic team and voice act the whole thing. An Arthas trilogy immediately comes to mind.

  2. I really liked it. It was something I wanted to see since many years ago, so it was a tiny dream come true. I had heard the rumors and seen concept images years before, but I thought it would ultimately not move forward.

    It was a movie that had the impossible task of pleasing both greeks and trojans, against what the saying says.

    It had to please the fans, but also people who didnt know much about the saga. It had to be complete and accurate enough for fans to enjoy, but also simple enough for everyone to understand. And so on.

    The original script actually demonised the Orcs more, making them just pure villains, but Duncan Jones scratched it because he knew the Orcs had their own reasons and history and that in WoW there is no “good faction vs bad faction”, just two different enemy factions 🙂

    The Easter eggs were amazing, and indeed that Moroes hint was pretty cool. Gul’dan’s physical prowess was a different touch, I could appreciate it: everyone would assume the old Orc was frail and weak when in reality he was able to hold his own in a fight (I was a bit more used to this as it is relatively common on asian movies. Even Star Wars borrowed that :p )

    Overall, it’s a movie to enjoy and not overthink about it. One movie is too short for any WoW chapter (even most questlines xD)

    I think the Arthas story arc would have made for an amazing trilogy as you suggest above 😀

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