4 comments on “Worth The Cup Of Coffee

  1. I cannot name anything in the game that is worth a lot of real life money for me. But what a sweet idea for a gift 🙂

    There is a part of me, that wishes, that everything in the game would be obtained through the game. And never outside of it. But I can imagine, that all those micro transactions and what not makes up for a much bigger income than what we imagine for Blizzard.

    I like to have my rare items in the game! In particular those things that remind me, just how long I have been playing the game. But I am not fussed, really. For me it’s just pixels.

    • The things that are really rare I would prefer stay that way. The original Amani Bear, Chromatic Sword, or the Competitor’s Tabard. Heck, I still have the items required during the quest chain to get attuned for Onyxia. Even some rare items that are currently in game I think should stay that way. Like the (@#*&^$!) Baron’s horse.

      But other items I think could be acceptable for the micro system. But the price would have to be far below the current store price (which no doubt still rakes it in).

      • Aww, yes, I wish I could swift those items between my characters though. I still have that ooold trinket from Scholomance that makes the ghosts outside appear. Aw, good times. But it’s on my other Druid though.

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