2 comments on “Ranking The Expansions

  1. My ranking is partially based on emotions rather than the quality of the expansion. I’ve got two number 1s.

    1. Wrath of the Lich King
    This is my emotional number one, I loved this expansion. It all came together for me perfectly. I remember it was around Christmas and every time I’d read about the coming cataclysm I would just about tear up. I did NOT want to leave Wrath.

    1. Mists of Pandaria
    The art and music of WoW has always been wonderful to me but in this expansion they knocked it out of the park for me. I love to go back to visit to just hang around, visit NPCs. So, so beautiful.

    2. Burning Crusade
    Lol, I had a love/hate relationship with Hellfire Penninsula. I liked to get scared by the reaver. Nagrand is another zone that I’ll visit the expac just to stop by and enjoy the scenery.

    3. Warlords of Draenor
    Yeah, I didn’t have a problem with this one although I know many did. I didn’t mind the Garrison and loved most of the zones.

    4. Cataclysm
    This is another emotional one. There was nothing wrong with it. I had and still have a problem with them CHANGING THE WORLD. Where is my beautiful Darkshore. I just didn’t deal with the changes well and still don’t. If I make a Night Elf since then I level in the SW Human area because the changes at their home make me too sad. Yes, I’m a complete wingnut.

    5. Battle for Azeroth
    I’m fine with BfA, I might be being hard on it because I’m trying to get flying right now and it’s taking me forever.

    6. Legion
    BOOOOO hisssssssss on Legion. That’s a shame because Suramar and the story was wonderful, I loved Stormheim, as always it was beautiful but who the hell thought freaking destroying professions would be a fun idea.

    Oddly I didn’t even know how important they were to me. I didn’t make money of them but I enjoyed having all my alts proficient in their choosen profession. Cat went through the agony of visiting all the raids or dungeons to level hers up but she’s the only character that did.

    I mean at least if you want to poke professions have it be relevant to the profession. If it’s leatherworking then make like a world boss dragon you have to defeat to get his skin, or something jeeeezzzz. Really, really bummed about that. Whoever came up with that bright idea should be demoted. So there. Jerk.

    So as a result I pretty much stopped playing alts which I had loved to do. I’m trying to get them going again but WTF whoever you are, probably Hazzikostas. I even canceled my subscription but because it’s a six month one never quit because it freaked my husband out lol. I don’t know I think he thought if I cancelled WoW my next move would be jump off the roof!

    Oops, got all worked up, I’ll shut up now!

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of the change to professions at all.

      You make a great point about the aesthetics of Pandaria. Artistically it probably is number one.

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