Belated Happy Winter Veil

As the title suggests, a very happy holidays to you! It’s been a busy time around the Amateur household, to the point even Azeroth has not been seen much. I did hope on Zarahi in the hope that for once Blizzard would surprise me with something new from Greatfather Winter. Imagine my surprise when not only was there a new pet (see raptor in picture) but also a new toy as well! I don’t know if these are new to this year, or just new in my absence but they’re long overdue to me. Not because I am greedy by any stretch but because I feel like $100 a year per player (minimum) deserves a little something in return, more so than what the game generally offers.

To the topic at hand once more, though, I truly hope you and your family have had a nice holiday and I wish you the best in 2021. Illidan knows it can’t be as trying as this past year was.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Belated Happy Winter Veil

  1. kamaliaetalia December 28, 2020 / 8:07 pm

    Happy Winter Veil!
    Thanks for the reminder to check under the tree in Orgrimmar!

    • JD Kenada December 29, 2020 / 12:00 pm

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