Musings About

Sipping my morning coffee, I find my thoughts filled with a number of WoW related topics.  That I’m currently scanning the Auction House couldn’t possibly be related.

  • Some people really have no concept of what things sell for and how short they sell themselves.
  • Still amused that someone was giving away Leaping Hatchlings for a copper last night.  It was indeed a fun Auction House game.  Closer to Winter Veil I might have to perform something similar.
  • I need to get cracking on Secret Santa Claws soon.
  • It’s a small number even before I know how many guildmates are participating this year.
  • Patch 4.3 is coming.  Sooner than I thought, too.  I have work to do.
  • Better change the topic for Monday’s gold column to the Transmog related one I had on the backburner.
  • Besides, that goblin probably won’t be through the start zone by then.
  • Rolling him after I set out my goals for November wasn’t brilliant.
  • Am I accomplishing any of the tasks I set out at the beginning of the month? Well, somewhat.  Guess I’ll see how this weekend goes.
  • That other project I started is considerably more involved than I imagined.
  • It’s fun, if not difficult at times.
  • Can’t believe I’m going to write two of them.
  • At over 200k at the moment I never thought I’d say I need more gold on that server…fast.
  • I’ve found way too many great blogs to read as of late.
  • I’m happy people have found mine good enough to read as of late.
  • I really want to do Eye of the Storm and have a Death Knight jump off the edge, hit Death Grip on a target, and then have me hit Leap of Faith on the DK.  I think it would work, and look amazing.
  • For all the Transmog talk I’ve been a part of, I’ve not really sought out my outfit components yet.
  • Well, two characters have a complete outfit.  It’s a start.
  • The Guardian Cub seems to be settled in around 4.5-6k.  Guess that adjusts the real world price of gold for sellers now.  I also see that it clearly destroyed the market as many predicted.
  • I know I still have to finish Through Your UI…did I ever finish 20 days of WoW?
  • Why do people think I hate Pandas?  I just wanted them to be NPC’s is all.

Twenty Days of World of Warcraft Day Fifteen: Battlegrounds

Favourite Battleground, And Why?

Honestly, I really don’t PvP.  I had hoped with Cataclysm to roll a Twink Forsaken Hunter, but I’ve not had time for the things I’m already doing in-game, so why add to the list?  Still, I’ve dabbled enough to know there’s a few I like.

Wintergrasp, despite us Alliance folk being horrible on Runetotem, was always fun for me.  Dying was inevitable, but I think I enjoyed it because those moments we succeeded were exhilarating.  Of course, it took a turn for the worse when you could fly over the zone without dismounting.  Quite often you’d find ranged dps sitting on the Rooftops of various walls even before things began. 

Warsong Gulch and its capture the flag concept is good enough for me.  I usually end up guarding the flag because unlike many I’ve played with, I’ll not get fed up and wander off.  Although, one time my Holy Priest butt grabbed the flag because nothing else was working.  I actually made it back to our entrance before I got ganked horribly. 

Above all, though, I think I enjoy Arathi Basin the most.  I like the layout of the map, and the premise.  This one’s slightly harder to honor kill so I find the opposing faction doesn’t tend to waste your time as much, and the resources concept is a sound one for my tastes.

Twenty Days of World of Warcraft Day Fourteen: Healin’ Tankin’ or Nukin’

Thou Shall Not Die

If you’re keeping tabs, you know this one’s easy for me.  I love healing.   I remember back when I started playing WoW, I did a little bit of digging on the different roles.  To this day I recall a line about “having thick skin because it will inevitably be your fault.”  I laughed at the time, but it really is true.  I remain undaunted, however.

Whether it’s Heroics and endgame with Tumunzahar, or in the mid-levels with my Shaman Carrera, I love the challenge.  While there’s strategy to be had on most fights, there’s not a rotation like there is with other roles.  You can stay ahead of the curve, and react as best you can when needed to.  Some use macros, and others addons.  I’m a barebones healer.  Let me adjust my UI to include all my spells and I’m good to go.  I love telling that to raid groups after they compliment me. 

In Lich King, our role was somewhat reduced.  The tank rounded everything up and the dps just burned it all down.  With Cataclysm, however, things hit hard.  Also, the roundup doesn’t work anymore.  Of course that means if someone makes a mistake, it’s usually our workload that increases until the group gets things settled down again.  It can get frustrating, but often times there are few things better than defeating a boss after some near deaths that were avoided simply by some timely healing spells.

Twenty Days of World of Warcraft Day Thirteen: For…?

While I don’t know if it stands today, there was a time when the Alliance was viewed as mostly younger players and the Horde was mostly older players.  Based on my limited PvP experience, I won’t argue the concept.  Horde players can follow direction.  Alliance players think they all know what they’re doing.  At least, that’s the impression set by law of averages.  If I were a betting man, it would be that both are equal.

Still, when it comes to which faction I’m “for,” I’d say probably the Defias Brotherhood.  I know what you’re thinking.  I’m supposed to say “For The Horde!” or “For The Alliance.”  Truth be told, I’m not.  Most of my “main” characters are Alliance simply because that’s the faction I was first invited to play when introduced to the game.  When I in turn brought my wife into WoW, she wanted to play Night Elves, and our alliance toons spread from there. 

I still have my fair share of Horde toons because aside from the current Warchief I’m rather fond of them.  As of late I’d really like to be playing some of them, but time’s not been a friend.  Still, when someone says they’re pro one side and anti the other side…I don’t get it and I never will.  Plain and simple.

Getting back to the Defias Brotherhood, though.  I can really understand the basic principle by which they came to exist.  When Stormwind was destroyed the first time, the labourers busted their asses to rebuild it.  When it came time to live in the city and get paid for their work, the monarchy shafted them but good.  If that were me, I’d probably have the same attitude.  Unfortunately, the Van Cleefs keep taking things a bit too far and manipulating the bitterness of the Defias members.  As unfortunate as that is, it does make for one of the best instances in the game’s history.

20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Twelve: Cherry On Top


I Have Something You Don't Have

If you were Blizzard, what would you insert into the game?

If I had the reigns of creativity in Blizzard for a little while?  Customization.  Compared to the majority of the MMO market, this is one thing WoW does not do well.  I’m surprised considering how popular this is in other games.  Warcraft has a tendancy to take something someone else does and make it better (Achievements anyone?) and give it a bit of their own spin.  But, when it comes to characters, we’re not as lucky.

Looking at just the character creation screen, more faces would be a great start in itself.  Even Tauren and Worgen go in to the barbershops screaming for something new.  Of course, more hairstyles would probably be well received as well.  Quite frankly, anything is better than the limited options we have right now.

PvP folk will scream murder at me for this one, but I have wanted armor tinting for so long.  Seems like a great item for Blacksmiths or even Engineers to make and sell.  You could even limit it to each item having a three color limit to it.  Granted, I know how much work would be involved in something like that, so I propose a mild alternative: give players the option to keep the look of an item.

In all honesty, the weapons and helms in Northrend were some of the ugliest things I have ever seen.  I would have killed to have some of my old gear back just so I didn’t want to throw up each time I logged in.  So I would give players the option of “keep gear appearance?”  This would be something you could turn on or off (so those who don’t want it can ignore it).  If it’s turned on, when you go to equip an item, the window will show you what the new item looks like equipped.  You would then have the option of approving it, or equipping the new item but keeping the look of the old one.  If you like the robes a Priest starts with, then you have the option of keeping that look all the way to 85 if you see fit.

I really don’t like the mass amount of pod people like clones you see at end game because everyone has the same exact gear and has one of 4-10 possible faces.  The game needs more variety (though I do appreciate the pet and mount options).



20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Eleven: Holidays

It’s not difficult to pick my favourite in-game holiday.  While Brewfest has some great humour to it, there’s only one that I really enjoy and that’s the Lunar Festival.   That it is a direct nod to the Chinese New Year is a plus in why I appreciate it, but there’s something much more to it.

One of the key ideas of the Lunar Festival is to pay our respects to our Elders.  To acknowledge those that came before us.  In real life, this is something near and dear to me and I truly don’t think we as a society do it nearly enough.  So, even if it’s just a game mechanic to some people, to me it really does mean something and so you can understand why none of the other holidays could offer me as much.

20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Ten: The Beggar

Please sir, may I have your gold?

If a level 3 toon named “yurmom” asks you for gold, what do you say or do?

Honestly, short of asking me where I got a specific piece of gear, anyone with a name like that is probably going to be ignored by me.  Compound this with my loathing of beggars to begin with and you can see what my general reaction is.  At this stage of the game, Blizzard is pretty much handing out the gold.  I have friends who have more gold than they’ve ever had simply as a result of questing 80-85.

Let’s pretend for an itty bitty second said person wasn’t actually begging, but somewhat frustrated they didn’t seem to be generating gold as fast as they wanted (or thought they needed to).  In that case, I would provide some immediate in-game advice to them.  I’d follow that up with my own weekly column, as well as the Just My Two Copper forums.  If the person still complains or cries fowl…I’ll just move on.