5.2 Thoughts

Property of Warcraft Pets
While you wait for the second round results of the Transmog contest (sorry, work slipped in the way…I should’ve looked at the calendar when I set the round two dates), which will be up later today, I figured now is as good a time as any to share some thoughts on the next big patch.

Isle of the Thunder King
This interests me, though I have a long way to go before I get to it.  In the same context of the Isle of Quel’Danas, it’s the new Daily Quest Hub.  Alas, I think it’s still going to have a Molten Front feel to it and I know that’s not going to go over well with many players.  That one can choose whether to do PvE or PvP quests is a nice touch.  Also, parts of the island become available based on a Realm level rather than an individual one.  That has mixed potential, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

We still don’t have dailies for every profession, which I think is absurd.  However, the Smiths are getting some love.  Proceed far enough on the Isle of the Thunder King and you’ll come upon the Lightning Forge.  Apparently this will allow for the creation of some very unique items, including old weapons that I’m guessing have been removed from the game over time.  Oh, Moggers are giddy with anticipation…or just me.

New World Bosses
I’ve always liked World Bosses and I’m sure the folks farming the Sha would love something different. Two bosses will be coming in 5.2.  One is part of the phased island, but it seems Oondasta the giant armoured dino will be found north of Kun-Lai Summit right from the get go.  Also with this comes a slight change to the World Bosses themselves.  Blizzard refers to it as “Tap to Faction.”  If your faction tags the mob, so long as you take part you have a chance for loot -whether you were in the initial raid or not.  However, you can only earn said loot once a week (and the bosses will spawn more frequently).

Pet Battles
-Pet bandages are now bind to account…thank goodness.  This will most assuredly save me some bag space (they also stack to 25) instead of having several on several toons. 
-The Nether Roach will no longer die during an Apocalypse.  I mean, it was unique and fun that it was the one that could, but roaches be roaches.
-Players earn xp for pet battles as well, so long as the battle is within five levels of your highest level pet (so for most of us that would be any pet battle in the 20-30 level).
-PvP Pet Battles can also drop Battlestones now.  Interesting.  It would be more ruthless if you had a chance to win one if it was in your opponent’s inventory.  Stealing it outright would cause pandemonium, but being able to receive an equivalent to the one in their bags would be fun. 
-If you flee a battle, the pet you were fighting no longer disappears, but the fleeing squad will suffer some damage.  I like that.  Penalty for a tactical retreat and it makes sense if you’re running from the critter that it doesn’t disappear.
-Elite Battle Pets.  Oh my.  I know people where these will become the bane of their existence.  They spawn by themselves, too, so I suspect Pet Battlers are going to be in for one hell of a fight.  But, if you can beat them all you’ll receive a Red Panda pet (yep, the one up top there)

Buy The Farm
Even now that Tumunzahar has started questing out there, the whole farming thing does nothing for me.  Not even for potential gold profit.  Seriously, get it away from me.  Having said that, I know exactly how popular it is and the chance to own the deed for the land you’ve been cultivating is no doubt exciting to those indulging.

Notable Class Stuff
Pretty much every class (at least the ones I am familiar enough with) has some sort of notable changes going on.  I would suggest checking out the notes for what’s coming to your favourite role.  Warriors losing a 10% damage reduction for defensive stance is certainly one of the ones that jumped out at me. 

Green Fire!
Speaking of class stuff, Warlocks are dancing in the streets…if they’re into dancing.  The opportunity for Fel fire spells is finally coming to pass with the quest line now in-game.

Love Your Thorium

If you’re looking for some extra spending money, acquiring some Thorium will give you a versatile means of doing it.  The best place to acquire the Ore is Un’Goro Crater, and a few laps around the outside will result in plenty to work with.  You can always check the Auction House for the price of Ore and Bars to save yourself some time too.  While doing so, keep an eye on the price of Thorium Widgets if you have an Engineer (or know one).

The Lifelike Mechanical Toad requires four of such Widgets to make.  I’ve mentioned before how rare the recipe is, but if you have access to it through yourself or someone else you can easily sell them.  I personally sell mine for 150-300g each these days, listing one at a time.

Blacksmiths can generate an incredible amount of gold on Alliance side with Thorium, thanks to Transmogrification.  The Imperial Plate set is the only one that resembles the Stormwind guards and a great many players seek this look.  I keep listing pieces higher and higher and they keep selling.  I honestly expect to be undercut at some point, but it’s not happening.  A quick look at The Undermine Journal puts the US Alliance Market Price at 131g for the Chest alone, and more than that is quite reasonable to expect.

The third area to make use of Thorium is Jewelcrafting.  The Ruby Crown of Restoration is still a great BoE headpiece for its level.  But also, Ruby Pendant of Fire, Red Ring of Destruction, Simple Opal Ring, and Aquamarine Ward all tend to disenchant into materials worth far more than the Thorium and respective gem they require.

So there you are.  A few simple ways you can Transmute Thorium into Gold currency.  What surprises me is how little competition I have when I decide to start farming in Un’Goro Crater  If you find the same, there’s worse ways to generate some income.  It also means the less competition you have in the zone, the less competition you’re likely to have on your Auction House.

Monday Money Making: Cobalt Never Quits

Blacksmiths in Wrath of the Lich King could make some decent money, just by pulling Cobalt Ore/Bars off the auction house and heading to a forge.  The two best income sources by this means continues to be profitable and shows no signs that things will stop.

The first method was to make Notched Cobalt War Axes.  These one-handed axes can be made for 10 bars, and guarantee a profit.  No, they aren’t a great weapon.  They’re great for Enchanting materials, namely Greater Cosmic Essence.  More often that not, DE’ing one of these will bring you two Greater Cosmic Essence in return.  Without even looking at whether Lesser Cosmic Essence could make the move even more profitable, you’ve got a system that costs you less than 10g and on average yields 20g (Ore/Bar is less than 1g per, while the Greater Essence is usually around 10g each). 

The other way to make some decent money was to create the level 70 Cobalt tanking armor pieces.  Each piece tends to take 4-6 bars to make and brings back close to double that (or more in some cases).  The reason is pretty simple: you can’t get that kind of tanking gear as a fresh 70.  The Cobalt gear destroys any Outland green or blue someone might have as they come to Northrend and most people aren’t going to raid for epic gear when they can just keep leveling.  They’ll instead take the Cobalt gear which better suits them for the 70 Dungeons.  Just remember with the BoA slot items now, Shoulders and Chestpieces aren’t as popular as they were.

Despite a reduction in popularity, both of these methods continue to work.  The reason I bring them up today is because I’m seeing a drastic drop in Cobalt units as of late.  Both Ore and Bars have been in the 40-70 silver range, which becomes a license to forge gold by way of the two things mentioned today.

Engineers Are Still Special

You Still Have To Choose A Side

One of the things I looked forward to most in Cataclysm was the remove of Specialization training for my Professions.  I specifically skipped choosing Armorsmith or Weaponsmith on my Death Knight because I knew it wasn’t going to matter for very long (though it did in turn make for a long or expensive climb through skill points).  Now, I have access to all Blacksmithing recipes.  Same goes for Tailoring and Leatherworking.  Not for Engineering.

Engineering is already a misunderstood profession.  For starters, it’s a tonne of fun.  My Shaman went Goblin, and it’s been a hoot.  But, fun factor aside, people don’t take Engineering because they think it’s expensive and that it yields little in return because most of the stuff you make you have to be an Engineer to use.  Whether that’s entirely true or not is for another day, because only having access to half the recipes for the profession doesn’t help entice players. 

Now, Engineers aren’t the only ones who were left out in the cold on this decision.  Alchemists also must still choose between Potion Master and Transmute Master.  So while the gear making Tailors, Blacksmiths, and Leatherworkers can make whatever they want for whomever they want, Engineers and Alchemists are still stuck with one path or the other (or subsequently paying to switch).

I’ve found no explanation for why this is.  To be honest, I doubt I’d find one that satisfies me either.  It should be all or nothing.  Then again, weren’t orange recipes supposed to grant three points instead of one?  Why are my Scribes the only ones who have this happen?

Monday Money Making: Smelting Gold

The Real Money Maker In Mining

No, I’m not taking the day to talk about creating a bar of gold.  Instead, I’m going to tell you how to create a lot of gold -the kind in your pocket.  People take mining for one of two reasons, they either want to suppliment their profession of choice (Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing) or they followed the plethora of advice that suggests gathering professions are the best way to make money (though I argue not even close to the fastest).  It’s true that ore will sell on any given day of the week.  So will bars.  If you want to make some quick money though, look at the difference between the two.

On most servers at any given time there is a difference between what an Ore sells for and what it’s Bar counterpart sells for.  Sometimes the ore itself is worth more (Titanium and Copper come to mind on mine) and sometimes the bars are worth more (Eternium, I see you over there next to the Mithril).  When the bars are worth more, you need to strike when the anvil is hot. 

When you’re on the auction house, and ideally running an addon like AuctionLite, you should be grabbing the ore when it’s at least 20 percent cheaper than bars.  If the market presents itself, buy out enough ore to make 4 stacks of bars.  Go to the nearest anvil and smelt.  Then re-list two stacks of bars.  All four if your auction house isn’t that competitive. For the amount of time it takes to smelt said bars, you’ve just made a decent profit (remembering those minerals that take 2 ore for 1 bar).  Depending on the mineral and the server this can work out to 5-30g a stack.  Not a vast amount of money, but also not a vast amount of time or work. 

While we’re on the subject, remember to look closely at Saronite Ore.  If the stacks of ore are less than 12.50g a stack, buy them immediately.  Go smelt them and sell them to any vendor at 25g a stack.  With this option, you don’t even need to worry about the auction house.  It’s guaranteed instant profit, and who doesn’t like that?