Where I Play #WoWScreenshotaday Catch-Up

Yes, I’ve not been a very good lemming.  It’s been a busy time around the Amateur house and when my time was idle…well, blame that darn Hearthstone.  It requires a simpler kind of focus some times.  That said, it isn’t that I haven’t been working on the screenshots, I just never had a chance to post and then decided to just bundle them all together.


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90-2 (not 92)

Much DingYes, Saintvache finally capped this morning.  As you can see I picked up a sexy set of achievements in the process.  Better late than never.  Despite a higher survival rate than Tumunzahar, I definitely found the leveling process to take longer.  Perhaps because there was such a hiatus in the middle of Tum’s go that it didn’t seem so bad. I will say, quite obviously, it improved when I ended up in a new guild.  The XP boost was nice.  But even so, I found 89-90 was smoother than the rest of Pandaria.  I think because even when I couldn’t really hop on and bang out some bubbles of experience, I could still take about 10-15 minutes and do three little quests to get me close to a million xp per day.

CookI would start with the Cooking Daily.  On Horde side, my personal preference is Thunder Bluff.  They’re all pretty simple and if you land Mulgore Spice Bread, you’ve really got it easy.  I will say a Fishing Daily will help even more, but few of my toons have fishing (two come to mind).  After that I took the Blasted Lands portal, where I headed to Karazhan for the Pet Battle Daily, and then back to the Blasted Lands to go through the Dark Portal and do the Pet Battle there.  As I said, three quests, almost one million experience.

Pet Battles For what it’s worth, you need just over 18 million experience to go from 89 to 90.  If you did just this every day and used your time for other toons, you would ding in just under three weeks.  Sure, that still seems like a fairly long time, but not when you’re only popping on for 15 minutes at a time.  You’d be there before you know it (toss in the Darkmoon Faire around the same time for a couple of easy Profession Quests as well and you’re laughing).

So now what?  Well, I joined said Guild last Saturday or Sunday and thanks to the Lunar Elders and the rest of my ventures, I’m halfway to Exalted.  Since I helped them unlock the Dark Phoenix mount, I find myself beckoned to finish that rep and get said mount.  I’m sure part of that will come via the Timeless Isle.  Once again, it has more appeal as a class that can throw out some damage and survive, versus my Holy Dwarf.  Along with that, it’s probably time to start boosting the rest of the Amateur Army.  I know Liouxpold is on Pandaria, but I can go without the place for a little bit.

Banana Chucking Surrender Monkey (And Other Thoughts)


I took Tumunzahar out last night for about an hour as I try to come back.  Aside from lowbies, he seems to be the one (class?) I still remember how to play pretty well.  I didn’t queue for an instance or anything, as I wasn’t sure what my window of opportunity looked like.  But, in that hour, I did come to a few conclusions:

  • the auction house is as easy to make quick gold off of as it ever was.  I’ve played maybe 5-6 hours since coming back and made 5k.
  • No, I’m not an auction junkie again, I just realize I left the game somewhat broke.  It was totally worth it though!
  • The Ironforge cooking dailies are still simpler and faster than Stormwind.
  • The chickens in front of Ironforge no longer run around like their head is cut off when you need to catch them.
  • Oh Illidan.  The chickens sparkle.  Twilight jokes aside, it’s like they think the players can’t see that it’s a chicken, or might be confused that it might not be the right chicken.
  • I still don’t like much of the Jewelcrafting dailies in Stormwind.  Oh, yay, look, back to Cataclysm.
  • If it isn’t the goo, it’s no doubt the gems I don’t have and will cost 40g each on the auction house.
  • Pet Battles are just as I remember them, and so is my affinity towards having one of each.
  • I seriously need to remember to heal them first.  That or I need to level a lot more.  That might actually not be a bad idea, as I can see my son really liking that.
  • They mark rares on your map now?
  • There are a tonne of rares in Pandaria.
  • There are a tonne of rares in Pandaria when there’s no one around to kill them.
  • As a Holy Priest, I cannot kill very many of them.  In fact, I finally killed one on my own with Tum last night.
  • It’s the Nannermancer up there.  I swear, Tum’s underneath him there quite alive and quite well.
  • Yup.  The next rare I found slaughtered me.  The dog he summoned was doing more damage than I was.
  • The Pandaren lore still doesn’t pull me in.  There are nuggets of interest, but for the most part it’s just “there.”
  • In the rest of Azeroth, I’ve always wanted to read the quest text.  Now…*shrug*
  • This game still has way too many “collect x of this, while killing y of these and activating z more of these things.”

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed myself.  Smite spamming isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but Tum is 88 and at the moment I’d just like to get him to 90.  I’m in no rush, and will heal dungeons when I get the chance.  I’m just a bit too busy to commit to one without going “afk” more often than I would like.

Forty Thoughts On A Friday

Saintvache, with Navimie and Cymre
  1. Despite my lack of fondness for the whole Fall of Theramore, I’d still like to take Saintvache and see it Horde side.
  2. It can’t be any worse.
  3. I’m hoping to do a post on “how I would have done it.”  If you’re going to criticize, it’s always nice to present an alternative.
  4. Speaking of Saintvache, he’s got a date with Arthas Saturday night.  8pm EST time.  Kingslayers indeed.
  5. I’m also looking forward to Sunday’s LBR on Alliance side.
  6. Farming a BoE green that has a 0.5% chance of dropping sucks.
  7. I had to explain to someone once that killing 200 of said mob will not guarantee the drop.  S/he didn’t understand the idea of individual random results vs. cumulative.
  8. I’ve got two more Posthumous chapters almost ready for publishing. 
  9. Once again, I surprise myself with where things go.
  10. Now I just need to work on the in-game version of Liam.
  11. He’s 30, after 5 levels of farming the same rare in Wetlands. 
  12. Man, do I have a plethora of hatchlings to sell.
  13. Speaking of which, anyone trying to auction cut gems at this point is just throwing away gold. 
  14. Unless someone asks for it, don’t bother.
  15. I just remembered Tome reserved a name on my Server for her Panda.
  16. That’s assuming at this point she chooses Pandaria over Tyria.
  17. And speaking of which, I forgot to tell my Mac friends that Guild Wars 2 is now available to them. 
  18. I owe Matty for that one.
  19. All Mogolympics prizes have finally been awarded.
  20. Now I just have to work on the site some more.  Thank goodness for Draynee’s help because I’ve done very little myself.
  21. This is the last weekend of WoW Cataclysm.
  22. Even those of us not buying the expansion will feel the effects from Mists.
  23. People are just frothing for pet-battles.
  24. I should’ve gathered more pets to sell.
  25. If you’re buying pets, and you’re on multiple servers…do the smart thing and compare prices.  The realm with the most money doesn’t mean you need to spend the most. 
  26. Same for mounts. 
  27. Learned this week the Choppers are considered two different mounts and can’t be shared cross-faction.  Understandable, but disappointing.
  28. I’ll be getting a Jewelcrafting Panther before I get another chopper.
  29. I determined this week Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats has finished paying for itself.  It was 19k I didn’t really miss.
  30. I was hoping to be back over 200k on my one server by now.   Damn recipes.
  31. I wonder how far I’ll be able to level my Jewelcrafting when Mists goes live.  If I don’t have to go to Pandaria to train, I’ll be “all over that.”
  32. The same could be said for all my Professions, really.
  33. I’m glad the “Stay Classy” guild achievements stayed at 85 (including the Monk).  Just Pandas need to make it to 90.
  34. After Liouxpold hits 85, I have no idea who will be next.
  35. I wish VoA wasn’t server restricted.  When we have Wintergrasp, no one is interested.
  36. Just remove the Wintergrasp requirement already.
  37. Speaking of annoying…if cross-realm zones weren’t bad enough, I had the “Confection Sugar” quest in Stormwind today.
  38. That Cooking daily takes an hour at the best of times.  Having three times the people running around the city doesn’t help in the slightest.
  39. At least the powers that be were smart enough to remove the fishing tournaments until that gets sorted out in the cross-dimension nonsense.
  40. Oh well, should be dead again on Tuesday.

Bye Bye January

The first month of the year is gone in a few short hours (or possibly it’s already gone in your part of the world) and if there’s one way to summarize it, that would be WHERE DID MY IMMUNE SYSTEM GO?!?!  Seriously, I was sick every day this month.  Some were better than others (the strep throat phase suckethed horribly), but on the whole I’ve had some variation of a viral infection or flu since New Year’s Day.  Ugh.

That out of the way, I present a random post of random thoughts as it relates to our wonderful World (of Warcraft).  For starters, I hate the idea of Hoarders, but this Machinima always cracks me up.  It’s definitely the Troll.  Plus, if you know any players like this I can guarantee you Void Storage has done nothing to help this situation.

  • I finally landed Horrux’s pants on the Auction House last night. I’ve needed Brutish Legguards for over a month.  I decided to check the Undermine Journal before I went to bed and then logged on like a madman.  This would be the fifth time I’ve seen them only to login and they’re gone.  Alas, I still need the gloves, but now that it’s the only piece of gear I’m missing for his outfit, I may look for other options.
  • Mount Hyjal is absurdly slow without a flying mount.  That’s right, Liouxpold still doesn’t have one.  I haven’t bothered visiting the Cenarion Expedition in quite some time.  Part of me thinks this weekend might be a great opportunity to go farm crazy.  No, I won’t just buy him a bird.
  • Still debating whether or not I want the Elder title for Tumunzahar.  I got it on Siori when it was introduced, mainly because I had this notion as guild leader she needed it first (and I succeeded in that area).  I like Starcaller on Tum but if Blizzard allows for mixed titles in the future, Elder Starcaller actually has a ring to it.
  • Leveling with guild perks and even ONE BoA is ridiculously faster than doing it vanilla style.  That’s a no-brainer, but The 2012 is teaching me that rather quickly. 
  • Love Warrior tanking and Druid tanking, and quickly coming around to Paladin tanking.  Yet, I look at both my Blood Death Knights and just cringe at the idea.
  • On the flip side, I love Priest healing, find Shaman healing easy, and am just now starting to level a Resto Druid…Holy Paladin will probably come later.
  • No, I don’t dual-spec much.  By much, I mean one toon has it. 
  • I used to hate Cooking.  Now, the daily grants an absurd amount of xp that you’d be a fool not to learn it.
  • Visiting the replica vendors in Netherstorm was a bad idea.  Some of the items for sale out there are amazing.  At the same time, I’m not sure how the level 60 gear works.  I’m guessing you have to get it with honor first, and that allows you to buy the replica version for ‘Mogging. 
  • Yes, Blizzard, that’s still incredibly fail to do to the player base.
  • I finally got Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats, though it was off my Auction House and for a mint.  Yet, I still haven’t decided whether to learn it or try and sell it.  Hard to say if I’d get my money back or more, though it’s the only time I’ve ever seen the formula in four years.
  • Speaking of Formulas, I keep meaning to check whether Crusader drops anymore or not.  I have one in my bank, so it’s worth looking into.
  • I really need to take Tumunzahar in to kill visit Malygos, as it’s the only Wrath raid (pre-Icecrown) he never did. 
  • I also need to get rolling on getting Siori the legendary daggers.  I think I need to sweet talk a couple people about getting in on a raid for the sap fight.  
  • I should finish up some of the other posts that are sitting in the pipeline.  So many ideas, so little time.  
  • I hope that when I get home, patching WoW on a Linux system is easy.

Friday Top 5: Fun Dailies

Daily Quests.  We’ve all done them.  We all get incredibly sick of doing them after the 2,533,901th time.  Most of the dailies we encounter are end game, or if not then they are likely for some reputation we are looking to improve upon.  However, not all of them are that bad.  Some, are actually fun or are simply worth doing.  I’ve excluded the Holiday ones from the list as while they are dailies, you can’t do them any time you want.

5.  Let’s Do Lunch: Thunder Bluff / Ironforge
I put these together, because obviously it depends what faction you’re a part of as to which one you’ll actually be able to do.  Are these dailies incredibly fun?  Perhaps not.  What they offer instead of fun is sheer ease in return for solid benefit.  Unlike many dailies the Cooking (and Fishing…ew) can be done as early as level 1.  These two cities in particular offer ones that are very easy (Spiced Bread or a variation of it?  SIGN ME UP!), and also tend to not have as much competition on the occasion you have to hunt down some spawn items in town.  You never have to go far, and you receive XP (if needed) and Cooking Awards for quick and easy work.  At lower levels, the XP is a considerable amount and thus I consider it a “must” for anyone looking to quickly level alts these days.

4. Defending Wyrmrest Temple
Unless you grab the Wyrmrest Accord tabard and run a tonne of dungeons before it’s too late, you’ll essentially need this quest to hit Exalted and get your Red Drake (which is a must for nearly all my toons). From the moment I stumbled across this quest in the Temple, I did it every day just for the sheer joy of it. Hop on dragon’s back, ride dragon, burn other dragons. It just felt epic, and it’s something I haven’t really felt in the Cataclysm dailies to be honest. I still know people who as soon as they become eligible book it straight to the temple for that very same feeling.

3. Thrusting Hodir’s Spear
If riding a dragon made the list, you had to expect fighting your way out of one’s mouth would as well!  Once you’ve completed the prerequisite quests, this is one of the Hodir dailies that opens up and it’s a hoot as well.  Grab the spear, fire it at a Wyrm and then hold on.  You fight on it’s belly for phase one, and then in it’s mouth for phase two.  Again, it has that epic feel to it.  Plus, unlike defending the Temple, if you fail at this you don’t parachute to the ground.  You fall.  You die.  The risk element is what gives it the edge here.

2. The Air Strikes Must Continue
Good old Isle of Quel’Danas. This was the first true daily hub location and was relatively well received. It came in Patch 2.4 and the first time I got the chance to do this quest I was hooked. You literally fly over Sunwell Plateau, creating a virtual sneak peak of some of the nasty folk awaiting you inside. That, plus the bombing run mechanic that a number of quests have gone on to use (and used before it) make for a great combination. Long before I did the Shattered Sun Offensive rep grind I still did this daily.

1. Thieving Little Pluckers
This quest is entirely responsible for me compiling this list. Down in the lovely land of Uldum is where you’re handed a giant mallet and essentially told to go whack some pygmies. Stacks of three mean ten swings and it’s over…which I’ll admit is unfortunate (though I do have two characters doing it now). There’s very little after a rough or long day that can match the stress release of pygmy whacking.

Monday Money Making: Enchanting Weapons

shines like gold

Enchanting is one of the few professions where it really is a good idea to have a vast array of recipes.  Some are not that useful, but most serve some purpose or another.  While you can make a decent amount of coin on endgame enchants, the real gold lies in Weapon Enchants -because twinks love them…and your average Joe likes to see his weapon sparkle.

Look up the formulas for Fiery Weapon, Crusader, Unholy, Intellect, Spellpower, and Lifestealing.  If they’re even on your Auction House, they’re probably not cheap (though Lifestealing has come down).  For the next tier of Enchants, look up scrolls for Mongoose.  Insane prices, right?  That’s because for twinks these are the best at what they do.  If you’re high enough, run Karazhan and kill Moroes because the recipe is a guaranteed drop from him.  Also, gather up the gold and buy Fiery Weapon and Crusader.  Combined, these two recipes will probably cost you 400 or 500 gold (maybe less if you’re lucky).  You can make that back in less than two weeks if you’re a casual auctioneer, just on scrolls of these two.  I’m on both factions and various servers and right now the materials for Fiery Weapon (Essence of Fire and Small Radiant Shards) cost me about 10-20g a scroll.  I sell them for 25-50g.  For Crusader (Righteous Orbs and Large Brilliant Shards), the cost is closer to 50g, but they sell for 80-100g.  You can see the money just on those two, but the other ones I mentioned are worthwhile investments as well.  If you want to take things further, seek out what enchants twinks of all levels are using, be it weapons or even regular, or BoA, gear (because those items are going to continue to grow in numbers).  The efforts you need to go to in order to acquire the recipe will be a mere investment when you start reaping the return rewards.

Speaking of investing, I wanted to quickly mention two items going in opposite directions at the moment.  A hot item for the next few weeks is Small Egg.  If you see these prior to the start of Winter Veil for less than a gold, you’ll want to grab them.  They shoot to 2-5g each thanks to the recipes for The Winter Veil Gourmet.  

The other item, the Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight comes with a buyer beware.  This was one of the hardest recipes to come across prior to The Shattering, and would go for 200-1000g depending on the server and availability.  Now, it’s worth about 10% of that, because the drop rate has shot through the roof.  I know of one person who had three drop in under an hour while questing in Northern Barrens (its new drop zone).  If you can get this for a decent price on the Horde side, it does still hold some value on the Alliance side, so it’s an item that could net you a flip return, albeit at a fraction of what you would’ve gotten for it a month ago.