Fireflint, Defender of Azeroth


It took me four days to finally get the achievement, wrapping it up with Azshara. However, unlike many folks who had the same problem, mine wasn’t because the Azshara Invasion wasn’t spawning. It was because I thought I had already completed it. For my Death Knight, it was the most difficult location to get to (compared to the others).  As such, I figured when I had done it once I wasn’t going to go back. I would simply use that time to gain levels for other alts (which, oh boy, has this event been fantastic for). The hard one for me to get at first was Dun Morogh. It just did not want to spawn. When it finally did I was puzzled when I hadn’t gotten the achievement. Nor could I find it in the UI to determine what I was missing.

Then, I remembered the only time I went to Azshara was because I was close to dinging and was about to head out the door. So I landed and completed part of the scenario for some xp, dinged and left. Of course, it took until this morning to come to such a revelation, but in the end we got there. Additional good news is he is now 91, so him getting to 100 will definitely happen and it could be this weekend yet.

That leaves Mage, Warlock, Shaman, Monk, and Warrior. Well, the Monk is not happening since he’s not even 20. Shaman is a probably at this point, sitting at 75 and will get the bulk of attention once Flint hits 100. After that, it’s hard to say. But, the Amateur Army is making the most of the scenario just like many others. It’s just unfortunate the Rapid Elixirs have shot up in price. Otherwise the progress would be even greater.

More Moggings

I realized today that after finally updating Siori’s outfit, I never shared it. In making it, I actually started with the White Mask and the chestpiece and went from there.  It definitely feels like a Night Elf Rogue, and more importantly it feels like “Siori.”  Aside from perhaps a contest, this will probably now remain her go to outfit…though I’d like to get her the Fangs of the Father as the final piece(s).  As usual, the full contents of her outfit can be found on her page.

Not to be outdone on my own server (Runetotem-US), I found a great looking Death Knight just inside the Trade District Auction House last weekend.  Decimation was working a great blue theme that really impressed me.  Sure, he had taken four components of the Sanctified Scourgelord set (shoulders, chest, legs, hands), but he complimented it incredibly well.  Going the extra mile to make the tabard suit the outfit is always something I appreciate (when it works, rather than as an excuse), and the Tabard of the Lightbringer is a perfect fit.  Very well done and definitely feels “DK.”  As of this writing he’s sporting a purple theme that’s also well done.  You can see it at his armory page.

Friday Top 5: Death Knight Helms

For today’s list, we’re going to look at the best Death Knight helm options out there. While mileage is going to vary based on what the rest of your transmogrification outfit looks like, these five suit the class.

5. Vicious Ornate Pyrium Helm
I chose this helm to start the list today as it works incredibly well in it’s simplicity.  The dark tones match most of the “Death Knight” colors in the game.  It’s easy enough to acquire as well.  You just need to track down a level 525 Blacksmith who’s bought the recipe from their trainer for 5 Pyrium bars.


4. Magma Plated Helmet
This Joker inspired helm makes the list for it’s rather creepy feel. There are actually three skins for this headpiece but I chose the one I would be most likely to use. It’s perfect for a Joker themed character as well. If it’s what you’d like for your Death Knight, you’ll need to try for your Helm of the Forlorn Vanquisher token from Blackwing Descent.


3. Koltira’s/Thassarian’s Helmet of Triumph
I find this helm to be a bit similar to the previous one, but it’s not nearly as “over the top.” So it really comes down to how “loud” of a look you’re trying to achieve as to where these two helmets rank in your eyes. The bad news is you need a Trophy of the Crusade and 1196 Justice Points to acquire it.



2. Fel-Steel Warhelm
This is one of the best/meanest looking Plate helms in the game. Perfect for a Death Knight, if you ask me. The green is great in general, but even better if your emphasis is on Unholy. The off colours give you a great palette to work with as well. As custom made for a DK as this helm seems to be, it’s actually from Burning Crusade. It drops from the Void Reaver in The Eye.


1. Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Dreadplate Helm
Why did I choose this helm as the best for a DK? Sheer bad-assery. It really is.  The imposing effect this piece has captures the feel of the Death Knight even better than the others I’ve listed and you can really build some great outfits around it.  The other helms have been generic, or exemplified the Frost or Unholy trees of the class, and this one certainly gives off the Blood vibe.  This version is the Season 11 Elite version, so you’ll have to get the standard version with 2200 Conquest Points and then upgrade.

Amateur Fashion Show Part Two

Not quite as involved as my original character showcase, thanks large in part due to the fact I’m suddenly having a heck of a time putting together the outfits I want.  Still, this go around we have one new outfit and a two new models as well!

Up first is Liouxpold’s new look.  I’d just like to preface it by saying I’ve still not gotten a single piece of the original outfit I designed for him.  This one, though, came about after those shoulders dropped in Serpentshrine Cavern.  For the waist, I had planned on using the Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror from Heroic ToC Black Knight, but then I outleveled the instance before it dropped and realized the Heavy Scorpid Belt worked just as well.  As previously, I’ve listed the outfit on Liouxpold‘s page.

Mortevache makes his debut with his dark and light blend that I have given him.  Much of it uses starter DK gear, but I think I varied it up enough to make it stand out more.  Also, the sword was not my first choice, but then I noticed this one on the Auction House and liked the way the blade matched with the outfit while keeping the dark aspect with the hilt.  You can visit his page to get the full list.

Of course the outfit I most recently completed is for Horrux.  I shared my excitement when I finally got the gloves last week.  The shield I’m happy to say I’ve had since before Cataclysm launched.  Liouxpold was out doing the old Frostsaber grind (but long after the rep rewarded was increased) when it fell.  It was my first (and only) epic World Drop.  Since I knew I’d be rolling a Worgen Warrior, I hung on to it for him.  Ugh, the gloves and leggings took forever to snag!  Also, his heirloom sword is part of the outfit but I do plan to switch to Avool’s Sword of Jin when the time comes after I snagged it for incredibly cheap on the Auction House.  The components are on Horrux’s page.

Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model

I know it was nothing more than a conspiracy.  This modelling business is cut throat.  People did everything in their power to keep me from participating, but I got to my dressing room just in time.  Someone even tried changing the name from Estheriot, Moon Guard to Easter Mongoloid.  Yeah, it’s like high school all over again.  But, I made it.  And as the saying goes, I made it look good.  See for yourself.  My personal photographer (normally the person writing these articles, he tells me) got a few great shots.

This is my portion of the swimsuit competition.  I liked my outfit, but I’ve never been incredibly comfortable showing off too much fur, you know?  A woman can keep some things to the imagination.  That was also my second top, as the first one conveniently was missing from my dressing room.

Now see this?  This is what I’m talking about.  During the Best In Show portion of the competition, I dared to take on the Bloodscale designers work.  The work so many people, including my photographer, said is over rated.  Look at that?  That’s not over rated, that’s magic my friend.  I’m telling you, it’s all in the model you put it on.

This was the evening gown competition, and I have to say my photographer had great taste in this ensemble.  For this, I truly took his suggestions, including the bracelets which he said brought out the frost aura in my eyes.

You tell someone you’re an actress as your profession and they either roll their eyes or they are intrigued.  When you mention a play they’ve never heard of, it doesn’t help your cause.  So, for the rest of you out there who haven’t been to the Stormwind Theatre, please come check out Stanly McCormick’s interpretation of the classic Alien vs. Predator.  Stanly flipped the genders of the main characters, and I have to say my performance as Predator is quite convincing just the same.  There are some things this Worgen was just born for!

(editor’s note: here are the costume components for the outfits, which I built for Matty’s contest!  Also, I discovered the Ancient Skeletal Boots disappear on hooved toons, much like Effraeti did…however I completely “borrowed” the Acherus Knight Girdle idea from one of her posts from a couple weeks ago)

Evening Gown

Head: Hidden

Shoulders: Destroyer’s Mantle

Chest: Robes of Insight

Hands: Conjurer’s Gloves

Wrists: Sage’s Bracers

Waist: Belt of False Dignity

Legs: Hidden

Feet: Hidden


Head: Hidden

Shoulders: Shattered Hand Epaulets

Chest: Bloodfist Breastplate

Hands: Spiked Cobalt Gauntlets

Waist: Acherus Knight’s Girdle

Legs: Legplates of Blazing Light

Feet: Ancient Skeletal Boots

Best In Plate (Alliance)

Head: Jaw of Repudiation

Shoulders: Deadly Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders

Chest: Gilded Crimson Chestplate

Hands: Oath-Bound Gauntlets

Waist: Acherus Knight’s Girdle

Legs: Bloodscale Legguards

Feet: Chromatic Boots


Head: Elementium Deathplate Helmet

Shoulders: Mightstone Pauldrons

Chest: Overlord’s Chestplate

Hands: Armed Gauntlets

Waist: Frostpaw Belt

Legs: Overlord’s Legplates

Feet: Master Artilleryman Boots

Main Hand: Bladefist Spear

Looking Good I

Let’s face it, on RP realms, what a toon is wearing is important.  On most servers, people put a little effort into making their bank toon look stylish as well.  Even if your toon isn’t on one of these servers you can still look good.  I’ve only put together a non-combat outfit for a couple of characters so far, but determining which one draws the most attention is easy:

Looks good, doesn’t he?  People often whisper if he’s a twink, simply because he’s sitting at 70.  Or, they comment on just how he looks.  Keep in mind, Fireflint is on a normal PvE server (Runetotem, US).  The outer pieces of the outfit just kind of came together to be honest, and then I filled it in with Cobalt armor (he is meant to tank).  Now, I’ll warn anyone trying to replicate the outfit, the shoulders are no longer available at that level thanks to the Zul’Aman level boost.  Fortunately, the model has been used elsewhere (click the link for more).  The only other epic is the belt which comes courtesy of Magtheridon’s Lair.  The rest are pretty easy to acquire, and you can see the full formula at his Wowhead profile.  I’ll always keep his gear up to date for combat, but this will probably be his permanent non-combat look because I think the whole package works well and as I suggested off the top other people confirm this in whispers with a great deal of regularity.

To nitpick, I’ve always been frustrated with how everyone looks the same endgame.  There might be one or two pieces that differ, but for the most part it appears like a flock of lemmings.  Having that non-combat outfit just makes that little step to separate you from the pack.  Also I should point out by non-combat I don’t mean casual outfits though they’re fine too.  I simply mean an outfit your character wears when not raiding/questing/fighting in any shape or form.  Maybe you already have a few.  If that’s the case, feel free to share them in the reply section!