Drive By Moggings 1/2

So, I was (admittedly happy to be) finally tagged in Mog Busting.  Navimie gave me the nudge and informed me she was “…thinking about being a bear tank next expansion, and wants to look big and tough like a warrior.”  With that in mind, she decided the Mask of Lethal Intent was what she was looking for and weapon needed to be a staff.  I could work with that.

A Druid No More…

The first thing I did was what I consider to be the hardest part of a mog set, and that’s finding shoulders that match.  Let me clarify that.  There aren’t enough shoulder designs to necessarily match outfits I create and thus I try to get the shoulders out of the way instead of finding out nothing works.  It happens more with this gear slot than any other and by a wide margin.  So this is the habit I’ve gotten into when designing a transmog outfit. Sure enough, I found at least four designs that I loved save for one or two things that had to be changed to get the look I wanted.  In the end, I chose the Thunderheart Pauldrons.  Great match in terms of colour palette, and the blue bird eyes give me something more to work with.  Just to be safe, I added a couple options to my Wishlist so that I could compare later.

Next, I decided to get the staff.  First thing I wanted to do was get something that looked less like a staff and more like a weapon.  I nearly went with Wildcaller as a means of teasing anyone who looked upon Navimie.  She would look the part of a Warrior, but the staff would belie the fact she was going to become a massive bear and maul them.  It was a nice idea, but I found something better.  The Bloodfire Greatstaff is a perfect fit for this.  You have some matching shades, a staff that looks almost like an abstract two-handed axe, and the central aura of the weapon matches the eyes of the helm.  Booyah!

Now, to work my way down.  The chest involved ruling out a good chunk of gear right off the bat.  If Nav’s going to look the part of a Warrior then anything with a skirt had to go.  No offense to my fellow Scotsmen, of course.  Chestguard of the Bleak Scarab/Chestguard of Vigorous Motivation fit, but unfortunately Navimie has Unearthing Uldum, so the odds she hasn’t done either quest is pretty slim.  It just wasn’t worth the risk.  Instead, I chose to darken the body and used Blackened Geist Ribs, and was able to easily matchup the gloves with Carpal Tunnelers.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the belt slot.  I could bring back the original colours, or I could continue with the darker tones I’d adopted in the torso.  I tried to bring back the colours, but in any belt that did that I honestly wasn’t able to match up a pair of legs with it that I liked.  So instead, I kept the darker tones.  The Trollwoven Girdle fit that idea just fine, but I went with the Riplash Belt for the studs and a more Warrior type of feel.  The Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings then continued the outfit down.

Now I definitely had to pull it back to those colours I used at the start, and in doing so found myself looking at three options: Blighted Leather Footpads, Ruthless Gladiator’s Boots of Cruelty, or Wrathful Gladiator’s Boots of Triumph.  To be honest, the Boots of Cruelty didn’t really flow from the Leggings, so they were out after another look. The Footpads, to be honest, are a great fit.  But I wanted to draw attention back, and the Boots of Triumph connect to the helm and weapon which were the key components of the outfit in the first place.  They also flow from the pants perfectly.

All that was left was to see if we could cap things off with a cloak that fit.  Mantle of Fury?  Hrm, again I would have to play the odds she took it and kept it when she did the quest.  The Sishir Coak/Moonbrook Cloak would bring out the blue in the shoulders and looked good from the back.   Instead I decided on the Cloak of Subjigated Power.

So, here’s the full list of items we used in the end.

  • Mask of Lethal Intent (935 JP, Dalaran Vendor)
  • Thunderheart Pauldrons (Token from Mother Shahraz, Black Temple)
  • Cloak of Subjugated Power (312 JP, Shattrath Vendor)
  • Blackened Geist Ribs (Lich King, Halls of Reflection)
  • Carpal Tunnelers (Marwyn, Halls of Reflection)
  • Riplash Belt (Drop)
  • Shaggy Wyrmleather Leggings (Scourgelord Tyrannus, Pit of Saron)
  • Wrathful Gladiator’s Boots of Triumph (Toravon the Ice Watcher, Vault of Achavon 25-man)
  • Bloodfire Greatstaff (Aeonus, The Black Morass)

So after all that, what does she look like?  Pure badass, if you ask me.  Not much indication of being a Druid, but I think it got that Warrior feel Navimie was talking about.


Now, it’s someone else’s turn.  It took me forever to come up with a transmog outfit for my Human Mage.  You can see it here.  You can’t see the Speedsteel Rapier in that picture (don’t worry, a new post for my transmogged characters is coming).  It’s not terribly important.  What is for me, is that he’s a Frost Mage and I’d like an outfit that feels frost.  I’ve worked on him so much without success, maybe a different perspective will do the trick.  Depending on the level of gear I need, I might even be inspired to level him.  The question is, who’s perspective?  I know!  Rhuanious can do it, I just know it.  Consider yourself tagged and challenged.  😉

Shared Topic: Bringing Back Changes

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011

-Basically What you have to do is post a topic/letter/poem/song/story or just a simple Thank you note to a fellow blogger/s meaning how you appreciate their work that maybe somehow helped you grow being a blog writer you are now. Thanking them that maybe you have learned many things from that fellow blogger, someone maybe who motivates you, gives you inspiration or pretty much any way of saying thanks to that writer/blogger. it doesn’t matter how many of them you like to thank.

The full details can be found here.

Speaking of Shared Topics, this week Mia asks what changes in the game would we like to bring back or even undo.  If you’ve been reading, you know I’ve talked extensively about my guildmates and the fun we used to have.  Many have since left the game, and I would kill to have them (even a few) back and in our little clan.  However, Children of Wrath summed it up incredibly well and I don’t want to steal the thunder of said post so I thought I’d focus on in-game.

Tree Form.  The very first thing that came to mind, despite the fact I never played one.  Druids, yes, but my druids are all Feral.  I honestly do not understand why Blizzard took this out and turned it into a weak cooldown spell.  To me it was very unique to the class and that got tossed out the window.   As the kids say, I R SADZ.

For just one day, bring back a non-combat pet or two.  If not for my very low level Warlock, I wouldn’t even have an Onyxia Whelpling.  You see, I foolishly presumed that much like the Blizzard Bear for the 4th anniversary, you’d have more than one day to get the Whelpling during the 5th annivesary.  How silly of me.  I also know of several folks who would give their weight in gold for another crack at the Vampire Batling when it was in Karazhan.

Portals, but not in the way you’re thinking.  I’m glad there is only a portal to your faction’s main city in Shattrath and Dalaran.  What I’m not happy about is all the other portals in those main cities.  It basically turned the other six cities into ghost towns.  I remember Blizzard saying portals were being removed so that cities were busy again and players would see ample activity when they entered one.  They thought this would be a welcomed sight for new players.  I guess new players don’t roll Tauren, Blood Elf, Forsaken, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, or Draenei.  Then again, the Exodar was never a busy (or popular) place.

But if I could bring back just one aspect or idea to the game, you know what it would be?

That’s right, World Dragons.  I really do miss them.  There was something epic about wandering even relatively close to one for fear of one’s life.  It also gave the feeling they were protecting something (which, lore wise they were…we the player just never got to see it).  I enjoyed that they weren’t always spawned and the races that sometimes took place to try and kill one when it was spawned.  I can remember being in a group who arrived just a few seconds too late as an opposing faction conglomerate tried to take down Emeriss.  They wiped and we immediately jumped in.  They came back, subsequently watched us die, and then managed to get the job done.  So between the lore, the presence, and the enjoyment of fighting them, I truly do miss the World Dragons.

Old Yeller

When you play characters that can only die once, you tend to have some narrow escapes.  Popping out of cat form to heal myself and pop back in is almost second nature to me.  However, cat form isn’t much use in the taking back of Gilneas.  Or so I thought.

That’s right, my Worgen Druid died taking back the city.  I don’t even know how it happened.  Might’ve been a glitched Forsaken fighter for all I know, but the end result was pretty darn clear:

R.I.P. Clawmantle. Total time played: 2 hrs, 56 min, 7 sec

While I’m definitely disappointed to lose him, I take some comfort in the fact that I did far better than I had with Xelkirk.  Level 12 isn’t ooh and ahh, but it’s better than 7.  At least I got a spec and talent points.

I move on to character number five in the project, and once again back to the Horde.  This time, I’ve rolled my first female toon.  Meet Nasani, the Blood Elf Mage.

Goblin Be Gone

Today was supposed to be a comparison between the two newest racial start zones in the game, the Goblins and Worgen.  In order to meet that, I had to first finish the Goblin zone on Xelkrik.  As you can see, that’s not going to happen today.  He’s dead now, courtesy of the sailors on the Vengeance Wake while trying to retrieve some Precious Cargo.

Xelkrik is dead.  Total play time: 1 hr, 54 min, 26 sec

So, character number two in my One Life To Live effort is also gone…even earlier than the first.  In true goblin fashion, I blame my pet crab.  He had a tendency to wander off while I would shoot something and thus create a scenario where I had to shoot many somethings.

So, my article comparing the two zones will wait for now.  My efforts begin anew.  It’s time to flip back to the Alliance side of things, and I’ve drawn a combination with interesting coincidences if you read Saturday’s post.  Indeed, I’ll be playing a Worgen Druid:

Why, Why, Why? (and other patch notes)

As we all know, Patch Notes are subject to a little thing called fruition. That is to say, don’t count on it until you’ve downloaded it and seen said note firsthand. Having said that, I was taking a peak at the current notes (as of June 18th) and quite a few things caught my attention.

In no particular order:

-Druid skins. These are LONG overdue. Bear and cat forms now vary based on your hair colour. Simple enough concept for me. My only beef might be that the Night Elf Cats look like pets of The Bangles.

-Mounts. I discussed the mount situation in my previous post so nothing really to repeat here, except that cast time on ground mounts was cut in half.

-Tauren can now change skins in the Barber Shop. Good. Quite frankly, there’s not that many to start with, so hopefully this adds some variation.

-XP in BG’s. Yes, that’s correct. Twinks can get a junkshot if they aren’t paying attention. Nice thing is, you can turn off XP for 10g. The key here is “turn off XP.” Not just battleground experience. This turns off ALL experience. You bg and forget, you won’t be levelling any time soon. You can turn it back on for another 10g. A nice little money tugger that appeases both sides of the fence I think.

-Prayer of Healing for Priests sees the percentage of spell power this spell gains in healing (per target) has been reduced from 80.7% to 52.6%. As a Holy Priest, that one hurts.

-Rogues may use one handed Axes. For the love of all that’s right, why? Throwing axes were fine, but this just doesn’t make sense from any standpoint. Are classes not using Axes enough that it warrants granting Rogues the chance? For an Orc it makes sense, but that falls under the same line as let’s let Priests use guns so the Dwarves can benefit. Included in the note are the words “after quiet contemplation,” leading me to hope it’s a crock.

-Quest creatures and objects will now show on the player’s world map. Anyone else feel like you just hopped on the short boat to Stormwind? WoW has already been partially labelled as a hand holding game. This does nothing to defeat that notion. If there are people who need this kind of help on a regular basis, there are addons for it. In fact, there’s addons for many things to make the game easier. For those that still want a challenge, most of this stuff should be optional rather than forced.

There’s a tonne more notes, such as Death Knight trees resetting again because of class changes (nerf bat maybe?), Profession based bonuses being improved for Herbalism and Mining, and of course the expansion to the Argent Tournament. Oh, and Emblems. But please, look that one up yourself because I’m still a bit confused on it.