I haven’t posted in some time, as I didn’t feel like posting for the sake of posting.  As well, nothing exciting was really going on in-game…until yesterday.

That’s right, old Deathwing showed up while I was traversing on Egwydorian.  I was flying through the zone on my way to the Hinterlands when it happened.  I’d love to have a great story and an even better screenshot…except that I was tabbed out when it happened.  As I said, I was flying to Hinterlands (from Ironforge) so I had been checking my e-mail when it happened.  I think it was in Arathi Highlands, but might have been Wetlands…*sigh*…indeed, not one of my finer accomplishments.

A Month?

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t posted in over three weeks.  That certainly wasn’t my intention upon announcing my return.  In truth, I’ve not played World of Warcraft as much as I might have liked.  With a little one in the house, it gets harder to keep one eye on Azeroth and one on him.

In the 26 days since you last heard from me, Egwydorian (pictured above) has gotten to level 25.  I’ve discovered in the Wetlands the old raptor nest area is now an archaelogical site, complete with living fossils.  A nice little change.  I continue to adjust to playing an Elemental Shaman after having Carrera in the Restoration tree.  Alas, she’s not seen any action in quite some time.

My Warrior Levache remains at level 10.  I finally got the urge to go crazy again with him, and discovered a giant wall where the road out of Thunder Bluff used to be.  It’s little things like that I am enjoying again.  Surprises, as it were.

As well, Clawmantle is now level 8 and in Stormglen.  This will be the third Worgen I’ve run through the start zone, so I know it well and I have managed to avoid any real near death experiences.  At least he has already passed Xelkrik’s point of expiration.

So yes, in the time I have I seem to be spending it puttering around on my lower level characters.  I did, early in the month, burn through Uldum on Siori.  I really enjoy that zone, and everything about it.  I believe she has just a few quests left to knock off in it.  She’s also getting close to 85 so the two might go hand in hand.

20 Days of World of Warcraft Day Five: What’s In A Name?

This is a trick question because while he was my first toon, Tum wasn’t always my main.  I went with Siori for quite some time.  Her name honestly has no meaning, that I’m aware of.  I simply rolled a Night Elf with my wife, and wanted a Rogue.  I stared at the screen for a few minutes before deciding on that name.  It sounded well and fit the character (always a must for me).

As for Tumunzahar (Tuh-muhn-ZA-har), I’ve tried to track down the direct translation that I swore it represented.  I believe it to be “beacon of light” or something similar, but Google has not been kind in confirming this for me.

As you can see, I’m not the kind of person to name a toon “Uberpriest” or some other such nonsense.  Nothing against those folks who just play the game as a game, I simply happen to be in the RPG bracket of MMORPG.   Every time I roll a character I put some effort and thought into it.  I want something that fits my character, sounds appropriate, and in most cases rolls off the tongue quite well.  It doesn’t matter if I’m going to play the toon for 10 levels to get a bank alt, or carry it to endgame.

Sure, sometimes names are taken, but that just encourages creativity.  As I’ve said before, the day Dwarf Shamans were announced I went and reserved Egwydorian on my server.  It’s Welsh for “Master of the Elements.”  Not all the characters I roll have meaning.  Some just come to me either prior to, or during, creation.  Indeed, I view each toon as an actual character and must have a proper name.  Sometimes I’ll buck the trend.  I used to have a Warrior named Rootintootin.  He was a Gnome and I thought it was a priceless nickname that fit him well.

I know some folks use part of a name for all their toons, others stick with meaning for each and every one, and others are inspired by certain fictitious figures.  What goes into your naming?

(edit note)
Also, a quick update on last week’s checklist, as I actually completed all the items on the list, though as you know from yesterday Golstaff didn’t last long after reaching level 10.

Weekly Dids And Dos

This past week wasn’t all that kind in supplying me with time for WoW.  Out of my six goals I set out, I achieved half.  I rolled my Worgen Warrior and got him to level 10…but then deleted him to start over.  I need to redo the start zone to get some details that I missed.  I also got the One Life To Live project underway, and Golstaff has just arrived in Goldshire to start that quest hub.  Yes, I’ve already nearly died.  The other met goal was Tum getting his Flight Master License and maxed mining.

I’m hoping to get a little play time in tonight, as the next two days don’t look promising and a good chunk of the weekend will be a write-off as well.  A guildmate had wanted to get the some of the old instance achievements for the guild, but it looks like she’ll be doing so without me or my wife.  I certainly appreciate her putting it together and doing that for us, and really do wish I could have been in on it.  So, what will I accomplish this week?  Or try to?

  • get my Worgen Warrior rolled again and complete the Gilneas start zone.
  • get Golstaff to level 10.
  • Liouxpold will still try to make it down to visit the Thorium Brotherhood
  • get Tumunzahar to 81.
  • make at least 4k on the Auction House

I’ve done some spending since Cataclysm came out, without even getting the 310 flying for any of my toons.  I will say, for Tumunzahar at least, it’s got some appeal.  However, I’ve promised myself I won’t be buying it for anyone until my gold balance reaches a certain figure once again.

Starting Anew: Dwarfs

Great View of Loch Modan...what's left of it!

“Thanks for these field reports…is that a beer stain?”

That simple line in a quest hand-in tells you much about what it’s like now starting out as a dwarf in Coldridge Valley.  There’s some humor, some pride, and a fair bit of ale.  But there’s also some old and some new, something borrowed and something blue.  So yes, I find myself married to the land of Dun Morogh.

When I made Egwydorian, I knew a great deal hadn’t changed in terms of the landscape in Dun Morogh, and in terms of what you actually see in that area, there’s next to nothing.  A few more encampments, sure, and flight paths in Kharanos and Gol’Bolar Quarry (great for snagging a few Snowshoe Rabbit pets or a new Ram at Amberstill Ranch), but the land itself is still as we knew it before.  It’s the quests that have changed.

In your early goings in Coldridge Valley, there are some things old players will be familiar with, such as Bingles and the inability he has to keep tabs on his tools, and having to go into the Troll cave again.  Good news is that they’re now neutral except for the baddie and his elemental deep inside.   After some puttering around you’ll be on your way to Kharanos, but can’t take the old safeway Trogg tunnel because it collapses.  Instead, you get a Gnome pilot to whisk you away.

Kharanos has seen a nice update, as Dwarven Military vehicles are on hand, holding some Trolls at bay.  Also, no going across hell’s half acre for Leper Gnomes either thanks to the Gnomeregan recapturing.  I’m sure they’re still there for the Gnomes to deal with, but Dwarves have no reason to go that way unless it’s purely for snooping.

Instead, you pass through there and Gol’Bolar Quarry to get to the meat and potatoes of Dun Morogh: Water Elementals and Dark Iron Dwarves.  The elementals are near the lake now and have trapped some of your Brethren.  The Dark Iron Dwarves are invading the air strip and you get to go fend them off!  The air strip was always a place people wanted to go, kudos for Blizzard for actually creating a chain up there.  Once it’s complete, there’s some fun follow up involving Magni’s daughter.  It provides just enough insight into the current political landscape in Ironforge.

That pretty well wraps up Dun Morogh, after which you can continue on your Dwarven path and head to the Valley of Kings and into Loch Modan, which isn’t much of a Loch anymore.  The Twilight Cultists have shown up in the middle of it, while Murlocs and Gnolls are also rampant.  The absolute highlight of the zone for me, is a lovely drunken Hunter in the inn.  She sends you on a serious of quests that involve a great reference from Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and this beautiful disguise she gives you:

To complete the zone, a couple quests take you to everyone’s favorite dig site again (say hi to Ironband) and then to a new hub of quests in Farstrider Lodge.  It’s much of what you’d expect from a Hunter’s lodge and the quests involved, but they’re not outrageous or tedious.  You’ll also get to see one of the new tameable pets in the game: Foxes.

To bring your toon to a lovely simmering level 20 will be some encounters with said Twilight Cultists…a very quick swing through Mo’Grosh Stronghold again…and a flying mount (sorry, not spoiling that one).

Since the world’s changed, this is the first area of the 1-20 I’ve done and I have to say I am very impressed with it.   The quests flow together incredibly well, and tell some really great stories (some downright hilarious).  I did it with little rest and no BoA’s, and at no point did it feel tedious.  Not just because the content of the quests is relatively new, but the flow I just mentioned.  Again, even if you just travel to Thelsamar to check out the drunk hunter and some baby murlocs (did I forget to mention those?), this area is definitely worth a bit of your time again.