Higher Learning, The Second

It took me six months to finally get Illusion on Elcombe.  I had every other book before Cataclysm launched.  Other than Netherweave Bags, he’s just been sitting in Dalaran and checking multiple times daily.  There have been days where I’d catch the book spawn three times…and every time was a fake.  Once the real deal was there (last week, oddly) but I didn’t make it in time.

So yesterday, when servers reset, I clicked on the Mage just out of habit.  I nearly died when the book was actually there!

The Day Has Arrived

Cataclysm Here We Come!

At 12AM PST the new expansion officially launched. Now we know what Blizzard meant by Stamina was going to be key this go around, am I right? Worgens and Goblins are popping up all over and the elitists out for Server or World first could care less what effect their goal has on you and your ventures.

I set out a few goals this time last week and as I reflect on them, I do so with mixed results. I simply could not get Liouxpold to Honored with the Winterspring Trainers. I don’t know if others decided this is what they wanted to do before returning to endgame, but Winterspring was covered in level 80’s on both sides whenever I logged in on Lioux. I managed to get another thousand rep or each pair of quests once each time I tried. I think Blizzard reduced the number of Winterfall Shamans in the area as well, so the sniping was at a premium.

Neither Liouxpold or Elcombe got to 400 on their professions. In Elcombe’s defense, he can’t. As he’s only 51, he caps at 375. The happy news is that I did get him that far.

My newest Tailor, Egwydorian (Dwarf Shaman), made her way into Wool as I had hoped and I also got her to level 20. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

The hardest goal to meet, that I succeeded on, was getting Siori Exalted with Cenarion Expedition. First off, I went against my own views when it comes to achievements.   As I’m not Azeroth’s greatest Rogue by any stretch, and quite often had infant in hand, I stuck to running regular Steamvaults for rep rather than the Coilfang Heroics.  I also knocked off quests in Blade’s Edge.  But a good chunk of my rep came from Coilfang Armaments.  Some I got in Steamvaults, but the rest came from the Auction House at 8-14g a piece.  I think I bought over 150 of them.  The end result is Siori is Exalted with the Expedition and despite popular thought it was not to get the Hippogryph (though I cringe at wanting that for Liouxpold).  You see, The Shattering changed a number of things, including stats on a number of things.  Take for example, Enchant Cloak – Stealth.  The new +8 Agility and +8 Dodge is twink heaven, and I appreciate the tip from Mageshadow (now content manager for JMTC) about the change and how to obtain it.

So out of six goals, I did complete four.  Liouxpold was the toon to get the short end of the stick unfortunately.  It also got me thinking about setting in-game goals each week and Tuesdays work rather well.  So, what’s the plan for this week then?

  • Well, I realize Liouxpold is very close to Revered with the Thorium Brotherhood and has enough rep items in his bag that I should have done that quite some time ago.  I’m going to refrain from any Wintersping goals, because further content today has my attention even more divided.
  • I’ll be rolling my Worgen Warrior, Horrux.  I will probably wait to play him because the start zone is ridiculous.
  • Getting Tumunzahar his Flight Master’s License and then getting his Mining maxed.
  • Getting Siori’s Enchanting as far as I can before she needs to level.
  • Starting my One Life To Live challenge.
  • Leveling Egwydorian’s Tailoring to 150 and getting her Archaelogy to the same.

So, another half dozen goals in the works.  I’m sure some weeks I will have more and others will see me have less.  I just imagine little things will pop up that will grab my attention in the early Cataclysm days (including the new Guild UI, and what Claws of Nature will be focusing on).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve stopped experiencing Cataclysm long enough.

Time To Play The Game

Elcombe looked around the cabin as he kicked his feet up.  So this was it?  This is what it’s like to be “retired?”  No more battle, no more fighting.  As a favour to his King’s army he had infiltrated the Twilight Cultists and determined their pathetic plot.  It was laughable in so many ways.  His former guildmaster, the Night Elf Siori, had even warned him that would be the case.  Funny thing is, your duty is your duty regardless of your own thoughts. 

That is, it is your duty until you’ve served it.  Elcombe had made arrangements.  He had put everything in place, like a ringer who fools you into believing they’re talentless.  Elcombe took various measures to see to it when the time was right, he would be gone.  The only task he couldn’t count on going perfectly was the final teleport.  If Lady Jaina was in Theramore Isle, she would have sensed him he was sure.  More importantly, the last time he teleported into the tower, he landed on the dinner table mid-meal. 

But that was a few years ago.  This time, he knew where he was teleporting to.  He just didn’t know when.  But then it happened.  There was crying in the streets, suddenly it was as if the elements themselves were uprising.  Chaos everywhere.  Immediately, any Mage in Stormwind was to create a portal to safety for the citizens of the city.  He did save lives that day.  But the most important one was his own.  Amidst everything he said the words and in the blink of an eye was in the Mage’s Tower in Theramore. 

He could hear the classes going on, both the arcane in the tower and the physical outside.  He used that to his advantage and a quick blink spell had him amongst the stables.  As he looked for signs of anyone, let alone someone who might recognize him, Elcombe found no one to return his glance.  He pulled off his robe and placed it in the bag.  Slipping on a Mageweave shirt he had tailored on that first day of planning, he dusted off the bit of hay on his pants and tied off his pack before walking into the street.

As he stepped off towards the docks, Elcombe noticed it wasn’t as quiet as he had first thought.  It was merely there were many new faces on the Isle.   Elcombe took in how the miniscule hustle and bustle of Theramore couldn’t have been more opposite than the chaos he had left moments ago.  It was all the more reason he didn’t second guess the timing of his decision as he saw the pier he was headed for. 

“Pardon me, but where’s this vessel headed?” he asked the sailor in front of him. 

“Well, we were headed to Menethil of the Eastern Kingdoms.  I was finally getting my leave of sea for a month, but noooooo….the Captain had to take another job.  So, it’s up to Ratchet to grab a shipment that’s headed for Booty Bay.  Maybe after that I’ll get my leave.  I  tell you…this delivery better be one hell of a payoff because….”

Elcombe had stopped listening by this point and was walking onto the ship with a few other people that had headed to the ship’s ramp.  A Gnome was standing in front of the ramp, smiling and holding out his hand.  One person walked away while another one placed some coin in the Gnome’s hand before it was Elcombe’s turn.

“I trust this means you’re taking passengers?”

The Gnome turned to Elcombe “Howdy.  Indeed we are.  Unfortunately, there’s only four extra cabins and two are already taken.  So, supply and demand says for the last two it’s ten gold to Ratchet and twenty-five to Booty Bay. ”

Elcombe sized up the Gnome with a slight grin.  “Supply and demand eh?  I like it.  Ten gold it is then.”  Elcombe paid his fair and once upon the ship another sailor had brought him to the very cabin he now found himself in.

“Ratchet will be perfect.  The goblins won’t bother as long as I pay my bills and with the ships coming and going it shouldn’t be hard to find some interested folk.  I’m sure the goblins would even take some of my gold to spread the word on my behalf.”  Elcombe laughed at the thought.   But then the laughter faded.  He sat back and looked out the open porthole of the sea.  He saw Theramore fade from view and then reached into his pack and removed his robes once more.  Holding it out the window, he cast a quick spell and watched the robes ignite and then fall from his hands as nothing more than ash when it hit the open waters.  He then walked back over to the bed and his pack.  It had been pre-packed for nearly three months.  A second change of clothes, his tailoring designs, bank notes, and the first bounty contracts he had acquired.