A Month Of Money Making: Week Two

I came into the week thinking I had ample time for farming and generating gold. In the end, I made money…but not as much as I thought I might. Spent some free time leveling instead (Hunter hit 95, Priest 94, Death Knight 77) and then life got in the way as it often does. But I’m still curious to see how things went.

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A Month of Money Making: Week One

(warning: this is long…and wordy…and…numbery?)

I talked last week about sharing how to play for free. Specifically, how to make at least 25 thousand gold a month. That gets you pretty close to the cost of a token, depending on the market at the time. What I have started doing, is charting everything I’m making over the course of one month, day by day. What I’m enjoying most about it is the opportunity to see for myself just exactly where the gold comes from, what I might be doing well, and what I could improve on. I won’t be capped or anything like that, but I’m happy doing enough to get by and can build on that. As I said before, my goal is simply to be able to continue playing the game for free. So let’s see how we’re doing, shall we?

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Knucking Up

My progress has slowed the last few days.  I hit level 98 on Wednesday night and until this morning before work hadn’t been on again.  The good news is that I subsequently had enough Garrison Resources to upgrade my inn to level 2.  If you’re unfamiliar, once you do so you are able to recruit a new follower every day.  I had to test this out.  I sought out an Herbalist, since the only one I had I wanted to keep in the field.  I was getting a level 90 follower and didn’t feel like going through the leveling process for now.  So let’s see what the RNG offered up:


The rare caught my attention immediately.  Tauren Druid leads to some bias for certain.  Particularly over a Panda and a Goblin.  Wait a second.



And it’s a Pandaren?

I cackled with laughter as I chose my new follower and assigned him to the herb garden.  Though, as Mrs. Amateur pointed out, this move could result in a completely different kind of profitable “herb.”