Over the weekend I finally dropped Semblance’s Herbalism for Engineering.  Truth be told, this was the plan all along but I wanted to use duo gathering to garner up some money.  If you’re not careful, Engineering can be one of the more expensive professions to level.  But, switch I did, and quickly knocked it up to 130.  I cheated to get there, as I used a leveling guide mostly.  It got methinking about how many people must use these guides on a regular basis to level their profession, especially when modern WoW has you leveling at a much higher clip than your professions.  If you’re a player who stops and levels the professions as you go, then this doesn’t apply.  But there are a tonne of folk who skyrocket to the level cap and then worry about their profs.  While it isn’t usually my cup of tea, I certainly don’t fault that logic.  Heck, there’s a good chance you, or someone you know, did it at least once.

There’s about to be a whole lot more.

People are so excited about the insta-90 boost that they’re overlooking something.  If you are someone who is concerned about not having much gold, you’re going to want to keep reading.  You see, the ridiculous influx of 90’s that Azeroth is going to see soon is going to be lacking something, and that’s professions.  Sure, some will have them, but they won’t be capped or even close.  The gatherers you can’t do a thing about.  There’s no way to help someone else suddenly have 40 more herbs in their bag.  But the crafters…those are the ones you want to begin to circle around, my dear buzzards.

There will be some crafters who boosted a character that was already traveling towards 90 and thus will have at least started to work on their professions.  If they don’t have something for gathering, they’re most definitely going to be hitting the Auction House for materials.  You should have some ready, willing, and waiting…and at a price where you still maintain your profit.  A few stacks of key items will sell quickly when someone’s trying to make a 10-15 point jump in said profession.  That’s if you want a quick fix or easy sale.  But if you want to land the big whales, why even bother with the Auction House?

Go look at a leveling guide for a crafting profession.  If you look closely, not only do they tell you everything you need but they tell you how much you need.  Congratulations, someone’s created a grocery list for you to look after while you’re at the store.  Most of the items will be obtainable, some will definitely be harder than others.  Occasionally you’ll have bad luck, but you’re not going to have any trouble getting most of it taken care.  Any items you can’t, you make note of…and also keep track of what everything costs you!  When you sell a kit, you need to ensure you profit.

Wrong kind of Kitt

JD, what’s a kit?  As I have eluded to, a kit is the complete package for leveling a profession.  You have, according to the guide of your choice (which you’ll want available for your buyer to reference), a complete package of all the materials someone needs to go from 1-X00 in a specific profession.  It is literal one-stop shopping for a player who wants to fast track their skills instead of the painstaking process of finding everything themselves.  Quite often, each item is cheaper than what you’re offering it at…but that’s also based on the assumption that the item is readily available and in the quantity they want.  Often times, the stars don’t align that well.

So what is the appropriate price?  As I always say when it comes to gold related topics, it varies by server.  It also varies by what it cost you to get in the first place.  When I did Jewelcrafting ones at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, I was charging 5-7k per kit and they were costing me less than 3k to put together.  This is why I say keep track of what you spend and what things usually go for on your server.  When in doubt, aim a little higher so that you can give your buyer some wiggle room to “haggle you down.”

Then there is the matter of finding a buyer.  As I said, in this approach you are most definitely cutting out the middle man (in this case the Auction House).  That means traversing a region many of us hate: Trade.  Yes, /2 will get you the most viewers and increase your chances of selling.  It’s also going to get you the usual hecklers but trust me, most of them have no idea what they’re talking about (after all, it’s Trade Chat).  Also remember to post it in Local, because many people in the city have no interest in having Trade even turned on.  Also be patient.  It’s rare you’ll sell a kit on the first go, or even the first few days.  But given what’s coming, subject to change could be very much applicable.

Warlords of Draenor will make for an influx of fresh 90’s ready to take on the world.  But that’s probably a concern right?  All the new 90’s will be wreaking havoc throughout the land they will all be too busy to worry about professions.  Except for one problem with that theory.  The first batch of 90’s really won’t have all that far to go.  Sure, they’ll get some gear (in most cases from an alt that’s been hopping around on the Timeless Isle in preparation), perhaps even do a little raiding or PvP to feel out the mechanics.  On to Draenor?  Nope.  By all reports, players will receive their insta-90 coupon when they pre-purchase digitally.   Folks such as yours truly will have a fresh 90 before the expansion actually goes live.  Those are the people you’re targeting most with your kit(s).  Some of them will definitely want to be capped and others will want to be mostly done so they can hit the ground running when Warlords of Draenor does go live.

It’s definitely something that takes some time and effort to pull off, but the money is there to be made if you have the time, money, and patience for it.  I wouldn’t recommend making as many as you can between now and digital purchasing, unless you’re incredibly confident in all of the above.  Just one or two is plenty.  Once you sell one, make another.  However you choose to do it, there has never been a better opportunity to make it work than the one that is approaching.

Dark Phoenix. MINE!

Your pets serve a greater cause.
Your pets serve a greater cause…and it’s purple.

It shouldn’t have been that hard.  I was already more than halfway to Exalted with my Blade’s Edge guild.  So, more rep granting quests (such as Elders and dailies) and I would be there in no time.  When I got up this morning, I think I was actually about 75% of the way there.  So I figured I would knock off the Kalimdor Elders and see where that left me.  Turns out I missed a few.  It wasn’t a big deal, as there are plenty of ways to nab some quests.  I decided, for a change of pace, that I would head to the Isle of Quel’Danas and do those dailies.

I rounded them all up and handed them in…only to find those quests don’t actually grant any reputation outside of the Shattered Sun Offensive.  Hrmph.  So, off I went again.  This time I headed to the Darkmoon Faire and did the quests there.  When Saintvache was done there I was so close, yet so far.  So I circled and picked up a few more Elders and did some pet battle dailies along the way.

Must get rep. Must get rep.

At long last I was a single quest away and I had to head back and hand in a pet battle quest in Orgrimmar.  Huzzah!  Exalted.  Gimme my Dark Phoenix!…it’s not there.  Neither is the Scorpion.  Frustration begins to kick in and I inadvertently close the Guild Vendor window.  I whisper Repgrind for advice but she doesn’t know either.  Reopen the window and low and behold it’s there.  But I don’t have Artisan Riding, which is required.  Are you kidding me?  Off to the flying trainer I go…

I have flying, but need better flying for a flying mount. Just take the damn gold already.

Alright.  So, I’m Exalted.  I have Artisan Riding.  I…no longer have the gold on this toon.  Oh come on already!  Look at TitanPanel to figure out where my gold is.  Wonder why the hell my level 40 Warrior has 2,000 gold and proceed to shuffle most of it, and some from my banker, back to Saintavche.

Guild Rep?  Check.  Artisan Riding?  Check.  Money?  Check.  Hand it over.

Damn right.

The Pet Bank Thesis


I included it merely as something I wanted to do before the year was out, and yet it got the most attention: pet banking.

Now let me start out by saying it occurred to me to run this as a Consortium of sorts, involving other individuals (ones I would need to trust a great deal to even consider).  Whether it gets to that length is hard to say.  In the meantime, it will probably be just little old me.

So the premise involves taking a character and giving them their own guild and guild bank.  In plain terms, it’s a glorified bank alt.  But the difference between this one and any other bank alt you have…every toon you have will have access to this inventory.

You’re following along at this point, or still perhaps not seeing the clear picture and thus I’m happy to illuminate things for you further.  There are a plethora of pets in Azeroth that can be caged.  Caged can be sold.  As all your pets are shared by all your toons, that means any toon can cage any pet in your inventory.  On any server.

Funny thing about servers (and factions)…their economies vary as much as the population itself.  That means some servers have a better demand for certain pets while other servers have a plethora of a completely different pet at an absurdly low price.  So, I’ve decided to start capitalizing on that.

CageThe process is pretty straight forward.  I’ve decided I’m going to create a toon just for this.  I haven’t decided server yet, but it’s not too terribly important.  I’ll grab a moderately lavish pet from one of my main servers and cage it with the new toon.  That’ll give him/her the start up for signatures (though I imagine Real ID friends will be more than happy to help there) and bank tabs.  In no time at all, I will be set.

If I see a pet going for a decent rate on another server, I simply withdraw it from the bank and learn it.  Then sell on said server.  Use the money to buy other pets, learn them, and then cage them or sell them somewhere else.  In the early going I will use the money to round up more pets and the bank tabs.  Eventually?  Who knows.

So there’s the pet bank concept laid out.  I won’t play the game as hard as I used to play the Auction House itself, and I imagine I won’t have to either.  It’s just a matter of which servers/factions I want to focus on first.

Thankful And Other Thoughts

The success of this blog stems from this time last year, when I took part in the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving event put on by AmerPriest.  I even finished second in said contest, and have been humbled ever since.  I signed up for it again this year (the event, as I don’t believe there was a contest) but my mind was blank on what to write.  I knew something I was planning on doing, but I sure couldn’t write about that because it would spoil everything.  So I kind of played dumb when people asked about it, and the Thanksgiving event came and went. 

Remember when I posted about wanting to earn a fair amount of gold by Winter Veil?  No one ever asked me what it was for.  Actually, Magik did and I dodged the question rather well.  But other than that, people supported my effort but never questioned why I was trying to hoard it.  Well, try I did.  However, in six weeks or so I made less than 30 thousand gold.  So I knew I was never going to achieve my goal.  I was dejected, but was going to make the most of it anyway. 

So I’ve quietly gone about my business, nickel and diming wherever I could.  I acquired most of the things I needed in anticipation of Winter Veil when I would execute my plan.  Well, with all the talk of Thanksgiving this week, and some things I will get to in a moment, I began thinking about moving up said plan.  Low and behold yesterday came.  I looked at my Friends List prior to the Laid Back Raid and there were seven of the eight people on that I needed to talk to.  The only one missing was Healblade and while I knew he was coming to raid, I still e-mailed him and ninja’d my wife’s Facebook to message him there as well.  Fortunately as I was rounding up the others, he made it on.

First I had to get Navimie, Helke, Repgrind, and Tome to roll toons on Runetotem.  Then I had to say no DK’s, Worgen, or Pandas.  I needed something that didn’t have to sludge through a start zone considering I gave them zero notice.  They all obliged, and as we started to come together there were many questions I refused to answer.  Instead I had the Mages take everyone to Ironforge while I zipped to Shattrath quickly (because what I wanted wasn’t closer!).  I circled back and picked up Repgrind and we arrived at Bruuk’s Corner.  This is a significant location as it’s where I used to hold our guild Winter Veil parties. 

With everyone gathered, I began handing out a present to each one.  Once I was certain everyone had their gift, I allowed them to open them.  Now before I get to the what (and someone of you will know from reading other blogs), let me get to the why.  I hold friendship in very high regard.  Each of these people, and more, are incredibly important to me for their own reasons and it comes down to being who they are.  So, it was a short time after Mists launched that I got the idea to give my friends each a Jewelcrafted Panther Mount for Christmas/Winter Veil.

As I said, I decided to bump up the timeline.  Arv was supposed to be one of the recipients, but I found out he snagged them all at some point, and as such I was able to move on to another person.  That’s good because I was disappointed I couldn’t make one for each person that I wanted to.  Jai, Matty, Shoryl, and more were all people I really wanted to give this gift to and I couldn’t make it happen.  Yes, it disappoints me.  I could have pulled it off, but I refused to accept someone’s offer of gold (or buy it online) because I wanted to earn each of these my way.  It was more rewarding, but in the end I didn’t get to give to everyone. 

As it was, talking to a Jewelcrafter and saying I had the money and mats for eight panthers was enough to floor someone.  Heck, they thought with all those materials that I wanted the Black one.  Thank god there was no red stack of gems or my plan would have been foiled (I had them made 20 minutes before I rounded everyone up).  But everything did work out just fine in the end.  I would have liked to have celebrated with everyone for far longer, but there was a Laid Back Raid scheduled that some of us had to get to.

Firelands was interesting.  It didn’t occur to me the zone would look very much like it did amidst all those bloody dailies.  I’m also glad for the folks that came along, because I never would have known where to go.  We had a few wipes, but we pressed on.  It was nice to have content that had its challenges, but we perservered in such a casual manner.  I again have to thank Arv and others who provided great leadership with each fight.  Alas, we were not entirely successful on this night.  Despite many efforts, we were bested by Ragnaros himself.  The mechanics of that fight are still pretty tough.  But he can rest assured we will be back. 

I had dying down to an art form.

I had a great time in there, but the truth is…I didn’t want to go in the first place.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to Firelands, I didn’t want to do LBR or really even be on WoW.  I haven’t for some time.  I kind of just go through the motions off and on.  Up until now, very few people knew that I am suffering from serious depression at best, more likely it’s bipolar.  Don’t know for sure, because I’ve not yet had the referral processed for proper analysis (long wait around these parts).  But needless to say, it has diminished my interest in a number of things and one of those is WoW.  For a long time I’ve been logging on just to get those panthers made.  Add in my video display issues when I have been wanting to play, and my time has been slim. 

Christmas is coming.  That’s a busy time for me, and I will also be sending my laptop away for repair at some point.  Combined with my mindswings and it’s hard to say when I’ll want to be on or what I will want to do.  I like LBR runs, because all of the people involved are great to be around and do cheer me up.  At the same time I have to recognize there will be a period where I’ll simply be offline and not able to run them.  Whether someone else is able to take over in my absence or not will be determined before I take off.  But I will be taking what I’m terming a sporadical.  It’s not a full sabbatical but my appearances will be much more, well, sporadic. 

I also recognize with the holidays coming, it would have been harder to get all those people together as I was able to in that instant last night.  It was important to me to be able to have them all together at the same time, because that’s just how I am.  I know there was some concern I was doing it because it was my swan song, and in some ways this post might suggest that, but that’s not the case and nor was it the plan.  These mounts were always meant to be a Christmas gift to great people.  Nothing more, nothing less. 

I’ve just had a lot going on mentally as of late and that’s becoming a focus for me because it’s gotten worse in the last month and in ways I’m becoming much more concerned about it.  I’m taking the appropriate actions of course, with counselling and meds and a strong network of support.  So that’s why I moved up the date, why you haven’t necessarily seen me online as often, and most certainly why I haven’t been posting or commenting nearly as much.  I just haven’t had it in me, and when my laptop goes on repair vacation it will be even more so.

To those I gave the cats to, I’m going to reiterate just how important each of you are to me and how awesome you’ve been just being you and this is a small way for me to say thank you.  To others, I wish I could have fully shared that thanks.  But if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re one of those people and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.



So, yeah, I haven’t been the most active of bloggers as of late and you’ll have to forgive me for that.  There’s a few factors playing into that.  The medication I started taking two weeks ago just destroyed my sleeping at night (so the time of day it’s taken has now changed), and that was leaving me barely awake to be a dad, let alone blog post.  Also, my laptop video display went kerput (we’re thinking faulty wire at this point) and thus I have to HDMI to a tv in order to use it.  Otherwise I slip on Mrs. Amateur’s, but that’s no good for the blog as all my good screenshots are currently on the other one (and moving them over is not something that popped into my head all that fast).

I haven’t had a chance to talk about all the stuff coming with 5.1.  There are several items from the data that’s been made available so far that deserve their own post, to say nothing of just all the items in general (ugh…no more Thrall already).  I haven’t discussed some of the gold making tips I’ve put to use lately that are pretty straightforward and easy.  Nor have I done any of the transmog stuff I wanted to.  But hey, at least I managed to update Laid Back Raids for several weeks again!

Tied in with this has been my lack of gameplay as well.  Sure, some of you see me with great regularity, but you might have noticed the duration of those logins aren’t all that long lately.  I’ve focused primarily on one particular task and because it’s important to me to meet that goal, I haven’t been doing much else.  Plus, I just have other things going on (relating to the previously mentioned medication) that I haven’t really been all that “Azeroth here I come.” 

It’s not going to get much better mind you.  I realized today that I missed out on an awesome Guild Wars 2 Hallowe’en Event and was sad face panda because of it.  However, there’s a new…I don’t even know if event is the word I would use…well, I guess I’ll have to.  There’s a weekend event coming next weekend that’s only going to happen once.  It’s apparently going to introduce a new island to the game, and evolve some aspects of the world a bit in-game as well (this is something I’ve long though MMO’s should do by the way).  I’m intrigued by that and as such will be putting in some time in Tyria.  I’ll still be hopping on WoW, but only to do specific things (like LBR!) I would imagine.  That’s the short term plan.  The way things are going, that might change by this time tomorrow.

In closing, the Cinder Kitten looks amazing and I plan to snag three, given the proceeds go to Sandy The Storm victims.  One’s for me and one is for the Mrs.  Of course that begs the question, what are my plans for the third one?  Stay tuned…

The 150,000 Post

One hundred fifty thousand.

As of this moment it means two things.  The first is that is how much gold I’d like to generate between now and around the start of Winter Veil.  Considering I probably make that in a year and that I’m not bouncing around Pandaria, that’s going to be a bit tricky.  Still, I think I can pull it off and I am using all the servers I’m on to my advantage.  I just wish the items I find cheap were on the server that I could maximize them on.   Still, I’ve set my goal and perhaps now that it’s in writing I’ll be more efficient with trying to meet it.

Also applicable here is one hundred fifty thousand web hits to the blog.  That number is darn near staggering to me.  I can remember being surprised when I was a tenth of that.  My transmog posts continue to draw in the most attention, particularly axes and polearms.  That those three pages in particular account for over 25% of the visits tells me I should do more on those items in particular.  But, the beauty of things is that I continue to just do my own thing.  I write what strikes my fancy and people keep dropping in to see what that might be, or to use me as a reference point based on something I’ve long ago written.  It’s flattering as all get out and I thank you for it.  Who knows what I’ll come up with for the next one hundred and fifty thousand visits.

The Threshold Caravan

Talking a bit more about gold today and it’s something I should have hit on a week ago, or even earlier.  For many items right now, there is a threshold.  Basically your crafting materials and crafted goods.  Over about the next month or so, that threshold is going to change significantly.  But before I get into that, let’s determine just what the threshold is that I’m talking about.

Pandas and Monks.

What do I mean?  Two weeks ago, thousands of pandas and monks were created.  Recruit a Friend and Racial changes aside, about 90% were started at level one.  Many have a profession or two.  Let’s just say half for the sake of argument.  That still means thousands of toons are out there working on their professions.  Sure, some will wait…but there are plenty of new gatherers and disenchanters out there.  As such, the market is getting flooded.  Why? Because these characters are getting their points and dumping the excess (or possibly even just trying for a quick buck off them).  This is our threshold.  The median level of those new characters as it relates to their professions and what they can do with them.

No doubt on your server the price of Copper Ore and Strange Dust, for example, has been relatively cheap.  It’s probably starting to return to pre-Mists levels now or in the coming days.  If you caught it, you could have purchased a tonne and started to slowly put it back into the market for a reasonable profit.  I managed to do so, to a small degree.  It actually made me harken back to when I had three bank alt guilds.  I could have used the space again on my main server.  But the point to be made here, is as those low level materials have resumed their normal values, the next tier has dropped.  You can probably see where this is going.

The caravan is moving through the levels and materials.  As a seller, even as a buyer, you need to recognize where that caravan currently is on your Auction House.  If you catch it as it’s coming through, you’re going to get barrels of goods for an incredible price.  You don’t even have to remove it from your mailbox, it will sit there for 30 days (about the time it’ll be worth plenty more, coincidentally).  But if you do, hang on to it.  Whether you use some of it for your own skills or to profit elsewhere, or simply just hold the line, you will be rewarded.  You just need to show a little patience.

This also means, keep an eye out when you’re selling.  Items could be listed incredibly lower than usual, and you’re cutting yourself short if you list your goods at this time as well.  Take a look at other items in that range.  If Fel Iron Ore looks low, and Fel Iron Bars look low, check the price of some of the Outland Herbs.  You’ll get an idea of where things are at.  To get a better picture, check the current price on mats that come before and after that tier.  If they’re cheap as well it could just be a change in the market.  But if they’re normal, than you can tell what’s going on rather easily.

The market will fluctuate regularly, but not as diversely as it is now as a result of this leveling boom.  It’s in your financial interest to take advantage of it.