Once upon a time we used to lament over the idea of creating a character on a different server.  In that universe, there was no cross-realm grouping via Real ID.  Heck, “LFG” meant rounding up a group of 5 (or full raid) on your own server and some days that took time.  More importantly, though, we didn’t want to “start over,” even if it meant playing with friends on their server.  My how the times have changed.  We can now group with who we want, when we want, where we want.  Heirlooms finally live up to the Account term in BoA, so our newbies are swinging hard right out of the gate.  Thanks to connected realms, we can now join a guild that isn’t even on our server.  That creates a bigger opportunity that most seem to realize.

Being able to be part of a guild on a connected realm allows for something very obvious: the ability to move goods across multiple servers.  Or, in a grander scale, gold.  To the best of my knowledge, no one has really taken advantage of this feature as of yet but it seems the kind of thing that is only a matter of time.  While the realms probably don’t connect full circle with each other just yet, that map probably isn’t that far off.  That essentially means getting your goods and money to wherever it suits you.

Now obviously the key to this is the guild itself.  If you’re part of someone else’s guild than this feature may or may not work in your favour.  Your best bet is to check with an officer or guild master to see if they mind, as you probably don’t have gold access for starters.  Even your tab access might be minimal, or there’s no room for such things.  Of course, if you run the guild yourself then the point is moot.

If you aren’t part of one, things can get tricky.  Your options are to either join a guild, and present a sound reason as to why they should allow you to perform such tasks (offering money, pets, or something else might increase your chances), or make your own.  If you make your own, remember you need to pay for the first tab.  This is where it might not be all that viable, because if you have to create a bank tab on each server in the chain, it’s going to add up.  But the fact is, it can be done.

As I say, I am surprised no one seems to be really taking advantage of this.  It seems to be tailor made for gold farmers to make transactions, and really anyone who frequents the auction house because you can work two markets from the same guild bank.  That’s huge because the markets can drastically vary, as we’ve discussed here many times.  It’s crazy to think that a few short years ago you couldn’t even message a friend on a different server and now there’s a strong chance you’re in a guild on a different server and have opportunities that were never thought possible.

Faire-ly New Changes

The Darkmoon Faire ended for another month this past Saturday.  I managed to spend some time at the Faire last week…on Saturday.  It was just one of those weeks that included a brain fart the Faire was even going on.  Still, I made it with several toons and that’s what counts most.  In doing so, though, I noticed some changes.

Faire 01
I don’t remember creepy lady…

After the new welcome sign that genuinely feels like I’m violated just looking at it, it was off to the usual NPC’s.  I grabbed my profession quests and knocked them off and then headed straight to the Turtle Toss.  Let’s face it, it’s the only game at the Faire that is guaranteed to only take one token.  A moment later I was done, and…what’s this now?

Faire 02I get a present now?  No more tickets?  Upon opening the present it turns out you do still get a ticket.  Emphasis one.  So if you pump a whole pile of tickets into the cannon now (and the teleport back), you may waste that money on gaining a single ticket towards your heirloom, pet, or whatever it is you seek to buy at some point.  Now, the good news is that you can actually get a pet in these presents.  The chances, like everything else, are pretty slim.  Mine were actually worse than slim once I logged off Saintvache.  The two he got were two more than my other toons combined.

Faire 03I haven’t tried either one out just yet, though Mrs. Amateur says the Top Hat is fab-u-LOUS!  In the meantime I haven’t checked to see what else is possible from the presents but it’s definitely a big change to how things work.  Farming tickets just got a lot harder and will take a lot longer.  I’m not sure if it’s because pets and mounts are shared, and now heirlooms can be too, that they feel folks don’t need to be stockpiling the tickets as much.  If each toon focuses on something different to buy then you can still acquire things somewhat reasonably.  But for those that want things sooner than later, this will no doubt upset them.  I’m fortunate in that when I logged in, Saintvache had 89 tickets.  Once he picked up another ticket, I sauntered on over and got myself a monkey.  Named him Sallah (points if you get the reference).

Faire 04

I’m In Charge

Really, given yesterday’s news, you knew it was inevitable.


It actually took me a lot longer to get the guild active, much more so than I expected.  Turns out Kirin Tor (US) is dead and some folk there are just odd.  One guy turned me down, then said ok when I started advertising in general chat.  Another ran up and grouped with me after the same message…and then ran off.  Special thanks to Tome, as well as Zwingli who rolled a Troll to get me the last signature I needed.

Winter Veil Comes Early For Alts

I had originally planned to try and get a new chapter of Posthumous up, but work was too crazy for that and I didn’t have the energy by the time I got home.  More importantly something came about in-game that I wanted to talk about.  I first heard it from Zwingli, and then had it confirmed on WoW Insider: you can now send account bound items to other servers.

This makes me a happy Amateur.  From the first day “Bind On Account” items were introduced I felt they were anything but.  Heck, remember when you couldn’t even send them to the opposing faction on the same server?  To get to where we are today is a great boon for the game.  As my title suggests, this is a huge boost for alts.  You don’t mind levelling on a new server because the process can be sped up with just a quick mail or two.  As it is, I’m scattered across roughly half a dozen servers and I can imagine there are people spread much wider than I am.  To be able to now grab an heirloom with a toon that has more than enough resources to do so, and send it to another on a distant server just feels like that oh so sweet gift on Winter Veil morning.

If you want to send something, just type in the character name and the server that toon is on, such as Semblance-Fenris.  Instantly, account bound item is transferred.  Will we see other future items become transferable?  That’s hard to say.  Account bound items work because they’re like pets and mounts were.  It’s easy to make it happen because they’re basically attached to the signature of your account rather than one character.  Either way, I’m going to bask in the glory of this news…just as soon as I figure out where all my BoA’s are located.

The A In BoA

It’s been a year and a half since I talked about Heirlooms and wondering when Blizzard is actually going to make the “A” in the term BoA mean something.  As it stands, we have a number of ways to obtain Heirloom items in the game, but they are limited to the server we get them on.  Once upon a time, I bought into the difficulty of making the items available to other servers.  You simply can’t mail to another server.
That makes complete sense to me, which is why I suggested obtaining them the same way we used to get pets.  When you created a character, there it was in your mailbox.  But let’s face it, that doesn’t even happen because of the new UI for pets and mounts.  There’s two sides to that coin, though.  Those UI’s show us now more than ever Blizzard should be able to remove the realm limit on an heirloom.
If I log onto Saintvache, his mount UI shows all the mounts available.  That means the Alliance specific ones that I have earned are not there for him to use.  The Magic Carpet is, but if I try to use it then I get the message I do not meet the requirements to do so.  So, how is it the game can tell what mounts I qualify for, but not what account bound gear pieces are available to me?
It makes complete sense now.  You could easily have a tab in your personal bank, for example, that has a UI identical to the pet one.  A list of the Heirlooms you’ve acquired, and the ones you haven’t are greyed out.  Your Priest wants to equip the Plate shoulders, you get a proficiency error.
I hate to rag on Blizzard some more, but this is a long overdue feature.  Players rejoiced when the gear was introduced, and then raised proverbial hell when it was limited to server and faction.  When the faction nonsense was removed, people were happier.  At the time we were told of the difficulties involved in moving the items from one server to another.  I buy that.  But thanks to features the company introduced on their own, it’s clear we don’t need to move the items to make it work.  It’s just a matter of whether the developers decide to actually do it.

Friday Top 5: Transmog Maces (1H)

Friday’s here, so it’s time to continue our look at some of the best ‘Mogging gear in all of Azeroth.  This is part two of my look at maces, as last week I discussed the best two-handed “clubs.”  Today it’s the single-hand variety.  Before we take a look at the list though, several candidates for this list had to be removed (such as the Spider Splatter Mace) because according to WoWhead, they can’t be transmogrified (shenanigans Blizzard!). 

5. The Cruel Hand of Timmy is one of four weapons with this particular skin.  The easiest to obtain would be from the quest to kill Durn: The Hungerer in Nagrand (he’s been nerfed), but after that it’s probably old Timmy’s Hand in Stratholme.  It’s not an overpower mace in appearance, but great if you’ve got a Necromancer type look going or like the Twilight Cultist gear.  Also, I picked this one (though there are similar skins) because the idea of clubbing someone’s skull in with another skull mildly amuses me.  Yes, I’m an odd sort.

4. Scepter of the False Prophet makes the list for uniqueness.  It honestly looks more like a short staff than a mace.  It’s also one of those items that just doesn’t have anything else in game that compares to it.  Definitely more of a Priest or Druid type “Mace” but depending on your Transmog look it could work with anything.  Unfortunately, you have to kill C’thun and hope it drops.

3. There are several items with this model, but most players can probably get the Devout Aurastone Hammer the easiest.  Whether it’s Justice Points, Champion’s Seals, or Darkmoon Tickets, the Heirloom hammer can be snagged quite simply compared to hoping it will drop in Molten Core or The Blood Furnace.  This is my personal favourite Mace for Tumunzahar, as I love the animation that is a flame of light so to speak.

2. The Crystal Spire of Karabor is a Mace I’d never seen before, but the blue and ebon combination caught my eye immediately.  Not only does it look great, those spikes suggest you’ll be turning your target into a meat grinder victim upon impact.  Relatively speaking, you should be able to nab the Spire more easily than some items…so long as it drops.  You can get it from Illidan and usually the only thing people have on reserve is the Glaives. 

1. The Bloodskull Destroyer.  There’s a couple Maces with this skin, but this one’s the biggest and quite frankly there’s times where size matters.  The molten hot look is always a personal favourite, but the skull face on the head is one of those intimidating extra touches that suggest to me when wielded the hammer would look akin to a flaming skull as it’s swung at a target.  Visit Old Hillsbrad Foothills and kill the first boss, Lieutenant Drake, to wield this bad boy.

There you have it, five ways to bludgeon your opponents to death and look good doing it.  I tried to include a list that suited both melee and caster folk, and I think there’s a nice balance here.  So depending on what look you’re going for you might find something here for you, and if not there are certainly plenty more viable choices in the Mace category.  I know I had to take a long look at things before I could narrow this list down from 10.  Until next week!

Plague Infected Thoughts

First off, this pic is long overdue…

The picture was taken on the 8th, when us five officers were finally all on at the same time.  I had given those bad boys to each of them as a Christmas/Winter Veil present.  Each one of them deserved it too, just for being their awesome selves.  ‘Course, I think I literally had to say that to each of them after they opened them (none were on to open at the same time, so I sent them via mail).

Now, begging your pardon, but I find the plague of the New Year never vacated my body, but in fact has come back for an uninvited stay.  Lucky me.  With that in mind, I’ll limit today’s post to some random thoughts as I sip the nectar that is Neocitrin.

  • We have another member of the 2012 Challenge, as Reluctant Raider signed up over the weekend.  The more the merrier I say.
  • After all, it proves I’m not insane (or at least, not alone).
  •  Every once in a while, I actually consider selling some of the gold I’ve acquired in the game.  If the price was better, I don’t know…
  • I have these considerations usually about the time I need money, oddly enough.
  • I’m afraid of getting banned.
  • This would be one of those slow periods in levelling.  I’ll make up for it, I’m sure.  I just can’t focus with the plague.
  • Too much Mog, not enough toons.
  • Seriously, I get ridiculous ideas and need to sort of mentally store them (and the gear somewhere) until I decide I want to swap my gear.  Problem is, I like what a number of toons have and the other can’t get the damn belt from Black Knight!!! (…and breathe)
  • For the life of me I can’t put together an outfit I’m really happy with for my Mage.  Might be because he’s 65, I don’t honestly know.
  • Why do people go to a battleground to farm honor and then bitch that the rest of the team fails at winning?
  • How did both my wife and I do Ulduar two weeks apart, her with more people and me in hours less time?
  • Liouxpold swears at me every time I log on and have to ride my land mount around Hyjal.
  • I tell him get a belt, I’ll get him a Hippogryph.
  • We swear at each other some more.
  • Why is it any range can go over any range weapon, but I can’t replace my Rogue’s stein with a sword?
  • Legendaries should not be used for mogging, or able to be mogged.  I said it, I stand by it, and I’m proud of it.  Go Blizz on that one.
  • ChinPokeWoW seems to be growing in popularity as some details came out.  Honestly, it doesn’t do anything for me except at this stage I’m not planning to store much in the way of non-combat pets going into the expansion.  Sounds like you can level `em and sell them.
  • That’ll screw with the auction house for a while.
  • Are all the auctioneers gone to Star Wars?
  • Seriously, where’d they go???
  • When I schedule guild events, I need to remember to set the time.  There’s a reason people don’t sign up for midnight…or show up for 7:30 as such.  My bad, ride your chopper…nothing to see here.
  • Why do blogs that interest me go quiet almost as soon as I add them to my blog roll?  Seems one out of five is a keeper.
  • If you’re one of the five, it’s honestly because you’re awesome.
  • Heroics are fun when you have laid back folk and people willing to learn and follow direction.
  • Heroics suck when you lack any of the above.
  • When are my BoA’s going to be just that?  I mean, we’ve moved from BoFoSoA’s, which literally got the F out.  Get rid of the S.
  • I was always told the F word and S word were bad.  Now I know why.
  • I should level my Death Knight three levels just so I can level his blacksmithing to 525.  Again, focus is an issue.
  • Speaking of focus, *cough* *hack* *die*…there goes mine.