Adventures In Levelling

I actually had some time to commit to Azeroth after supper today.  Junior Amateur gets his Diego, I get WoW.  The two almost balance out…if there were an in-game Gnome named Diego that I could gank I would call it even.  Where was I?  Right.  Window of opportunity.  So, with that I decided to get a couple of Hunter levels.

First thing I did was hit WoW Rare Spawns to see what rares I could find close to my level.  After all, let’s hear it for easy XP.  After studying the ones Euphyley had mapped out, I flew to Tarren Mill and went hunting for Big Samras.  The joy of being a Hunter, I could confirm he was passed out on his mountain edge.  A short time later, he was dead on his mountain edge.  I gained about a quarter of a level.

Then a funny thing happened.

…too big.
I like big butts….

The Hunter saw a giant black bear and went hopping after it.  No reason other than appropriate level.  After it was dead, there was a discovery.  It would seem said Hunter has a fascination with superior posteriors.  Imagine how crazy he went when he saw Yetimus.   You don’t have to imagine how dead he went.

Fortunately Mrs. Amateur helped me out and the Hunter had the horns.  While following Yetimus’ patrol though, I noticed another rare was spawned.  I then ran up the hill to erm, “visit,” said kitten Mom.  Hunter dinged again.

Then it was just a matter of taking the couple quests I had and handing them in.  Oh, look!  Achievement! 

All in all, not a bad half hour!

Mog My Toon: Wife Edition

Ok, now do Naeda or Claragh. 😀

That was the comment from Mrs. Amateur after I spiced up Cheetahdave’s Hunter the other day.  So, this morning while she was downstairs with the wee one, I’ve taken the time to do just that. Of course, me being me I couldn’t really do one or the other.  So let’s see what we were starting off with this time.

So we have a Gnome Warlock and a Night Elf Hunter.  Truth be told, I’ve been teasing the Mrs. for a little while now regarding her Hunter, but was happy that she asked me to do Claragh (the Warlock) as well.  I decided to start with the Gnome and the only suggestion I was given was she needed to look all innocent.  The kind that would walk right up to you and then melt your face off.  I believe that was a near spot on quote of what I was told.

So I set out for something very non-Warlock.  I snagged a few ideas beginning with the chestpiece, but wanted a helm that matched as well.  It actually didn’t take long before I had put together Robes of the Exalted from Stratholme and the Augural Shroud.

I was really pleased when Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders were a good fit, but the hand slot irked me.  Unless there is a set that’s restricted to Mage or Priest, there are no Cloth gloves that are white.  Some are nearly white with coloured tips, but that’s as close as you get.  After a bit of toying around I put together Belly Rubbers and Wristguards of Tranquil Thought.  I capped things off with Gnomish Rocket Boots (she is an Engineer).

But then I realized she had no belt on.  Gnome’s in a dress do not have a great belt location, let me tell you.  Getting this far, I was frustrated I might have to scrap the works, because of the belt and how out of place it was.  Then I came across the Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy, which made it look like something hemmed right into the dress and life was good again.

To complete the outfit, I realized in this case a staff wouldn’t look right.  So it was going to be dagger and off-hand.  Right away I decided on the Star-Heart Lamp, and then thought Fang of Oblivion offset it incredibly well and the look was complete.  What do you think?  Innocent?  Success?

Now when it came to Naeda, I didn’t even ask her what she wanted done.  For starters, my wife has had the bow from Prince Malchezaar for…well, a very very very long time.  So I was damn sure putting that to use.  I wanted something that also made the bow stand out (as it should).  When I came across Mail of Crimson Coins, I knew just how the whole outfit needed to look.

I added in the Pauldrons of the Deafening Gale but wasn’t completely happy with how they looked with the chest, but the Amber Filigreed Shirt fills in those concerns perfectly (and is better than the Ironforge Shirt because this one leaves the chest open).  Khan’s Gloves were also made for this build.

I had a number of options for the legs, actually.  But I went with Leggings of the Bloodless Knight, and added the very simplistic Talhide Lined-Boots for the feet, and then Fiery Chain Girdle for the waist.

Now the last couple outfits haven’t called for a cape, but for this I most assuredly wanted one.  I began to scroll through and see what would fit, and again I found the cape that belongs.  I couldn’t remember if Naeda had done the Thrall quest chain (and her armory cloak suggests that’s not the case), so Mantle of Fury is available for her to get and completes the look perfectly.

Here’s a shot of her from the back, showing off the Mantle of Fury properly.

So there you have it.  Two more toons “pimped out” as my generation might say.   I say might, because I’ve lost track of whether it came before, during, or after my generation.  It’s not too terribly important.  What is, is that hopefully Mrs. Amateur is pleased with at least one of the two outfits (and truth be told I’m incredibly happy with the Hunter).

Mog My Toon: Guildmate Edition

Got an in-game message from a guildie this morning.

Maul is the UGLIEST mess of random gear you’ll ever see!  HELP!

So, after losing out on the Gurubashi Arena trinket, I set about helping out a friend.  Let’s see just how bad things are, shall we?  A trip to the armory, and punch in Maulissa…

Oh my.  Yes, I do believe I see a red flag on the transmogrification play.  *knuckle crack* Let’s see what we can do.  I hopped on Carrera so that I had the same body type to work with.  Off the bat, I remembered him saying he wanted Maulissa to eventually be using a crossbow.  I narrowed my ideas down to the Admantine Repeater or the Felglacier Bolter.

I started going through chestpieces to see if something jumped out at me, and would match up with either crossbow I had settled on.  After a short time, I came upon Chestguard of the Lasher.  Now the wheels started to turn.  However, I had to find some shoulders next, because they tend to be the lynchpin of success or failure.  This time around, there was success to be had courtesy of the Giantstalker’s Epaulets.  They gave the outfit a nice pop.

I looked at helms next, not too concerned if I didn’t find one.  He could always turn the helm off if nothing matched up very well.  Truth be told, I found several great helms but of course not in the colours I was seeking.  Still, I didn’t come away empty handed.  I went with the Stormhide Crown.  Simple, yet effective in this case.  The same could be said for the hands, as Gloves of Taut Grip were a quick match.

I had a few choices for the waist, but wanted something that connected back to the shoulders and I found that in the Imbued Infantry Belt.  All that was left at this point was the legs and feet.  It deviates a bit from the colour scheme, but in scrolling through pants on MogIt, the Ruthless Gladiator’s Chain Leggings just “popped” immediately.  I looked through the rest but nothing stood out nearly as much.  So, I topped the outfit off with Tsunami Boots (they don’t show on a Draenei) and our look was complete!

I thought about a cape, but the outfit is pretty stand alone in this case.  With what I’ve put together, there’s two Leatherworking pieces, one PvP, and a random drop.  Also, visits to Molten Core (1), Heroic Blood Furnace (1), and 10-man Ulduar (2) are required to put it all together.  Fortunately, I had planned at least one of those raids in July, so we’ll cross our fingers that the RNG works out in his favour!

Then again, for now I just hope he likes it!

Spirit Lure

Want to get yourself one of the rare spirit beasts of Azeroth?  There’s apparently a sure fire formula.  Take one Amateur, put him on a dwarf, and send him out into the Runtotem wilderness.  I’ve made it clear the amount of times I’ve encountered Lo’que with Tumunzahar (and in the same exact spawn point).  Well, I was at it again earlier this afternoon.

Fireflint is grinding out some experience to hit 75, and thus boost his blacksmithing (he’s almost 74).  As I was in Grizzly Hills I figured what the heck…may as well see where Arcturis spawns.  I thought it was North of Grizzlemaw, and I was in that area.  Instead, it’s right outside Amberpine Lodge.  Meh, I’m headed back that way anyhow, so let’s just take a peak.

Once again, Liouxpold isn’t Beast Mastery.  In fact, he isn’t even a good Hunter but that is my own fail for another day.  So, Mrs. Amateur is logging on as I admire the beast and I suggest she get on her Hunter who is unfortunately in Stormwind at the time (and no Mage or Dalaran hearth to work with).  It seemed to take an eternity.  But, much like when I tamed Lo’que for her, she made it!  That’s two Spirit Beasts for her now (*bow*).  Of course, if I ever go Beast Mastery with a Hunter high enough, I know that I am never going to see any of them.


Tonight after work I hopped on briefly, in cognito.  That basically means on my trial account because I wanted to fart around with MogIt without chatting with people.  In doing so, I created a character on a server (as opposed to where?  a napkin?), and as you can see from the picture it was a Night Elf.

In the picture, I count eleven toons.  This says nothing of the sheer number if I turned myself to the left or the right.  I was puttering around on MogIt for a good twenty minutes and while people left, more kept showing up.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw a start zone so populated, unless there was a specific reason, and in this instance it never came across as that was the case.  Though one has to wonder if there was a discount on Night Elf Hunters…

Speaking of Transmogrification, Neri announced her winners for May and is now running monthly contests.  You have until the end of June to enter the red carpet.  Sadly, my time spent on MogIt did not yield any solid ideas just yet.

Rave Rit Rares

Don’t let the title confuse you, just imagine Scooby Doo’s voice.  It was the best I could come up with for a catchy title.  If you don’t frequent WoW Rare Spawns (and shame on you if that’s the case), you might not know that Euphyley celebrated her one year blog anniversary last week.   I don’t recall how I first came across WRS but when I did I almost immediately added it to my blogroll.  It’s also my go-to for finding out what rares are in a zone, and I find if Euphyley hasn’t covered that area yet, I’m mildly disappointed.  She just does such a great job of explaining who’s in the zone and where.

To celebrate her momentous occasion, she tossed out a contest asking folks to share their favourite rare(s).  I’ll be honest, I wrote this post not to try and win the contest but because I thought it was a really good idea for discussion.  There’s so many Silver Dragons in the game, each one bringing something different to the table.

*Property of WoW Rare Spawns*

If I’m considering my favourite rares, the first thing I have to do is eliminate two specific ones from even being considered.  Zaricotl is best served original or extra-crispy.  That damn bird used to be significantly higher in level than the rest of the Badlands mobs.  While that’s clever on Blizzard’s part, my Rogue didn’t appreciate the glorified pelican coming up and one-shotting me.  I was so happy to have a level 70 (end game at the time) online that I could ask to come get revenge.  Thanks Nightwater!

*Property of Warcraft Mounts*

Also making the naughty list is Aeonaxx.  I’m now over 64 hours of camping Deepholm without so much as even seeing that dang dragon.  Shoryl felt like she had taunted me by mounting onto hers last weekend, but there was no hardship.  I’m just bitter I’ve never even seen the bloody thing in its natural environment.  At least I’ve seen the Time-Lost Proto.  Truth be told, I probably had a shot at it but was on Siori and didn’t like the look of it for her.  It figures now that I want Aeonaxx for her, it’s nowhere to be found.

So what rares do I actually like?

Well, I don’t know if I like her…but she sure likes me.  Loque’nahar.  I’ve helped 3 people tame that cat and killed her now seven times on my own.  Twice I just shook my head and flew off.  Same place.  Every time.  And on Tumunzahar.  But despite this type of relationship, Loque’s still a beautiful specimen and one of my favourites.  I have five Hunters, and only one is Beast Mastery.  Should one of the others (except Liouxpold) ever get to a high enough level, I might consider the spec just to have this as their pet.

The Scarlet Interrogator.  This one makes the list because I’ve only encountered him once in the Western Plaguelands and I laughed my arse off.  It was only because his dialogue showed up on my screen that I targeted him to see where (and who) he was.  Then I found out he was a silver dragon and went about killing him.  Good times were had.  I still consider using “FOR THE SANDWICH!” as my battle cry.  Well, for one or two characters.

Ressan The Needler has a place in my heart now as well.  I briefly felt the same about Bane, but then I outlevelled him and The Needler is much closer to Brill.  I had a great system: log in, scamper off, kill the giant bat-thing for half a level’s xp and then log out again in the Brill Inn.  I think I’ve managed to get about four levels that way.  I can still go pick him off for some xp if my heart desires.  The Hunter isn’t that far along yet.

Speaking of Hunters, it’s my second ever Hunter pet that tops my list of favourite rares.  I wish I could even tell you why.  Something about the first time I’d even heard of it, and then saw a picture, I was all excited.  I wanted it.  Didn’t matter at a higher level I could get the same skin much more easily.  I wanted the exact bird.  Never did see it while questing in Westfall with Liouxpold.  Then one day I’m traversing the area with my Draenei Shaman and I spot this mammoth.  I flew offline and switched toons, then proceeded to frantically fly to Sentinel Hill.  After that I had to book it halfway across the zone (old flight paths, and not nearly as many at the time) back to where it had spawned and pray to Illidan he was still there.  Two deaths later, I had tamed Vultros.  Still have him to this day…and every so often I get some mook who asks me “why did you name your pet after a rare spawn?”

So there you have it.  The rares as they taste to an Amateur.  There’s so many more I could’ve listed and for a number of reasons, but I thought I’d try to keep it relatively to the point.  I’m looking forward to what others have to say on the subject.  I’ve read a few already and enjoy that, like myself, many rares seem to mark locations on a road trip down memory lane.