Turns Out I’m Legendumb


The picture tells you all you need to know. Turns out they didn’t take my Legendary Weapons. Instead, when I transferred servers it was is if I had never gotten them. How did I come to this realization you ask? Oh, like all good ideas…I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was rolling over to go back to sleep it occurred to me I should see if I have my Dalaran hearth still and what happens if I used it.

Remember kids, I’m the same Azerothian who swam from Theramore Isle to Gadgetzan once just to get the flight path of the latter (this was during Burning Crusade). In short, I excel at doing things the hard way…



So here’s a fun little adventure, courtesy of playing on a private server. They launched a BfA one, and I (wisely) waited a bit for them to work on the main kinks in the system. Once done so, I took advantage of the opportunity they gave us to transfer our Legion server toons over. Imagine my surprise when I head into combat…empty handed!

Obviously they didn’t get the memo about us handing in our Legendary weapons. Instead they just walked in and picked them up, like some government suits or something. Needless to say, the first toon I made this discovery with was met with death quite quickly. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there were only a couple. I think I had six total. As you can see, our Death Knight friend here still hasn’t been helped out. He’s on the “to-do” list…right after my Druid finishes farming Draenor herbs so I can make him a staff to replace the ilevel 54 one he has…

That said, it’s mildly amusing in the interim to watch a Mage with a level 45 wand in hand. At least my Shaman’s 120 and geared appropriately. And my Paladin managed to find some stuff. Though it’s still in need of getting just a bit higher. But, c’est la vie when one lives the private life!

Legendary Amateurs: Book One, Chapter One

“Zarahi,” the Stormcrow interrupted her thoughts.”Your presence is requested in Moonglade.”

The Troll looked at the Druid flying in front of her with audacity. “Do I be knowin’ you?”

In that moment, the crow transformed from it’s slender fowl form into a large creature, bigger than Zarahi and adorned in Earthen tones of nature. An aura of wisdom poured off of him.

Zarahi caught herself. “Archdruid Runetotem! I be apologizin’ for my ignorance.”

The Tauren shook his head. “It’s quite alright. More importantly right now we are preparing a ritual of great importance. We need your assistance. Please accompany me back.”

Zarahi would never turn down a request from Hamuul Runetotem. She revered him more than any other Archdruid…even Malfurion. For whatever reason, thought Zarahi, many other students fawned over Shan’do Stormrage. But Zarahi always found Runetotem to be the one she looked up to. Stoic, reserved when need be, and a wealth of wisdom without all the fanfare. And when need be, as ferocious a defender as she had ever known. No, she would not decline him. With that, they were off to Moonglade, home of the Druids.

The Archdruid spoke as they flew. “I’m pleased you came with me on such short notice. We have a great undertaking here in the Moonglade that is about to begin, one in which you will play a key role.”

Zarahi was confused. She was a Warrior. She spent her efforts fighting at the front of the Horde; even in Draenor she was put in charge of a large outpost by Vol’jin himself. Now suddenly Hamuul Runetotem had plans for her? Despite her admiration for the Tauren, it was hard to believe. As they approached the glade, he finally began to elaborate.

“The Burning Legion has invaded Azeroth, but for us to defeat them we must strike quickly and unexpectedly. We have discovered a Dreamway. A means to travel through the Emerald Dream. We will be able to traverse vast distances of Azeroth with just a short walk through the Dream. We can even access the ancient home of all Druids, Val’sharrah. Malfurion is preparing the ritual to open the Dreamway. Please summon Zen’tabra and Naralex to his side. Only with our combined efforts can we hope to succeed.”

As she nodded and turned away, Zarahi was still all but dumbfounded. Naralex and Zen’tabra? These were Druids who belonged in the glade. They had purpose there. But Zarahi still did not understand what she was doing there at this moment. But off she went just the same.


Calling In A Favour

You know why I like Tauren so much?  Well, yes, they are the wisest race by far and think things through and…well, no.  It’s because I’m a Taurus actually.  Taurus folk have this pretty dominant trait, too.  It’s called being stubborn.  Take me for instance.  While the Mrs. nods vehemently with the last bit of info, my stubborn nature results in me often times doing things myself.  That strategy is often met with mixed results, I won’t lie.  Sure, I’ll help anyone…I’m terrible for asking for help though.  So this is kind of awkward.


See that spiffy Rogue up there?  Yeah, I love her outfit too.  By all means, take a moment to admire it.  It really is a thing of beauty.  Done?  Ok.  Well, for as awesome as that outfit is, the daggers are lacking.  Her Lhakaz’s Swiftblade daggers are nice.  These are the ones she needs to have.  It’ll take an eternity to get them on a good day, but the fact is I can’t even get going by myself.

This brings me to this coming Friday evening.  I am done work relatively earlier than usual, and within a short time will be able to put the Junior Amateur to bed.  Then, I envision taking Siori to Wyrmrest and visiting a certain Hag(ara).  I don’t even need to kill her…but I mean, while we’re there if something unfortunate should occur after she’s been sapped, who am I to argue.  Wait…I so did not mean that the way it came out.  Damn it.  Ok, so before this gets horribly out of hand…can I get some help getting a step further on my Legendary Daggers quest chain Friday night?

edit: I work until 8pm EST and probably won’t get the boy down until about 9 EST.

Shared Topic: Wanting What You Can’t Have

As I mentioned, dragonray had this week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth.

What is in game that you want, but you can’t have? Is there an animal you want to tame, a critter you want to collect, a tabard that has the perfect design for a transmog set etc etc.

What is it you want, but know you can’t get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I’d love to say I contemplated this for a lengthy period of time because I’m not greedy or anything like that and couldn’t decide.  However, it was actually a no-brainer.  Two things, and both are for Siori.  The first, is to continue the Fangs of the Father chain.  I still need to pickpocket Hagara and my schedule hasn’t allowed for that.  I love my rogue.  We now have a legendary that’s relatively easy to obtain and yet I can’t manage to make it happen.

The bigger one, I honestly believe doesn’t even exist on her server.  I think the programmer’s overlooked some weird glitch that removed it from the game.  I’ve spent nearly three full days in Deepholm and I have never seen Aeonaxx.  Haven’t even talked to someone who’s taken down the rare…or, again, even seen it.

I’ll see this out my front window before Aeonaxx exists on my server.

Despite my clear-cut bitterness, I really enjoyed this topic.  It’s interesting to see what folks have on their mind when it comes to the idea.  Some are quite simple, some are much more elaborate or difficult.  Heck, I debated the idea of a harmonious player base, but I didn’t want to be completely unrealistic in my answer.

Earthmother’s Day

For those of you who have not only brought children into the world, but to any ladies who have been a pillar in raising them, I wish you the absolute best for today.  To my wife, you are the most amazing mother my son could ever hope for.  To my Godmother and Grandmother, I owe you more than I could ever show you.


Yesterday was an interesting day in the world (of Warcraft).  I tacked another level onto Fireflint in the hopes that I might actually hit 75 yet during this expansion and then jack his blacksmithing.  I also tried boosting Saintvache prior to the funraids scheduled for the night but not enough experience to hit 83 and no significant gear.  So I just made do with what I had.

Speaking of making do, it was just Jai, Kamalia, and myself when the time rolled around so needless to say we did not traverse Obsidian Sanctum.  Instead, we merely waited a bit and then Mrs. Amateur and a Shaman healer friend of Jai joined us and we took down Magtheridon.  Let me tell you, that was insane.  We just kept getting add after add after add after add after add after add…and then Mags triggered and we had more of the same until he finally died.  There was some amazing healing I don’t mind telling you.

Saintvache flanked by Ysera’s Daughter and Skadoosh, with Boomchicken Kamalia in the background.

It was about this point I got a whisper from my guild leader asking if I wanted to hit any Northrend raids.  I said we were going to Gruul’s and that’s when things started to pick up (not that we weren’t having fun to begin with). Ysera’s Daughter joined in at this point along with Paliclaus and a few more folks from Myth.  Gruul got burned down something fierce.  The talk of Northrend resumed but I pointed out Mrs. Amateur couldn’t go and that maybe we should first do Illidan.

Oh hey, look at that.  I’d love to say that was the best part of the run, just hanging with people (including Khizzara, who came out just before we started) and having a grand time.  But it gets incredibly better.  You see, the Amateur has done Illidan a fair bit on Alliance side.  But never, not once, have I seen half the gear drop.  No bow.  No shield.  Certainly no Glaive.  Even Paliclaus laments how he’s never seen the shield drop.

Yep, the Bulwark of Azzinoth dropped.  Needless to say, there was much rejoicing on that one.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow.  This happened moments after our guild leader picked up the cloak he needed for his Taragosa transmog as well.  So everything was coming up “Millhouse” or “Myth” in this case.  Actually, it was just an epic loot drop.  We had all gasped at the same time because we got more than just the shield.  We got a glaive.  We were even talking about how great it would look with Mrs. Amateur’s transmog outfit on her Death Knight prior to it dropping.  So, yeah, there was much excitement.  She edged out a fellow Mythian to get her new weapon (which was also a genuine upgrade at her level).  As you can guess, and I’ve suggested, incredibly happy for both of them.  For me, it was amazing just seeing those items drop for a change.  The only item I’ve yet to see is the bow now.

After that, it was agreed that we were Naxxramas bound.  We did the 25-man version with 11 people so plenty of achievements were to be had, though we missed out on the positive polarity one at Thaddius.  Honestly, I was just happy I didn’t die…and for the first time EVER I didn’t screw up the safety dance!  I credit Paliclaus and just chasing him around the fight.  Still, it’s definitely a small miracle.

When the night concluded, I was amazed at how much Tier gear was in my bags.  I didn’t even bother sorting it all.  I might do that later today.  You know, when I make up for the horrible act of missing most of Tome on the Twisted Nether podcast last night.  Amidst all the excitement, it completely slipped my mind.  Fortunately, Navimie came on and gave me a proper tongue-in-cheek scolding before I caught the final 20 minutes.   It’s something I really wanted to hear, and will be certain to do so.  Also, Tome sounds exactly like I thought (surprisingly).  Or at least really close.  Also, we knew she’d do fine contrary to her post earlier yesterday.

Finally, I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of tweaking around here again.  I discovered this theme a few weeks ago and the change was in the works.  I was going to flip things around my birthday next weekend but I wanted to get the Raiding link up.  I also went through every post and updated all my categories.  Over 300 posts later, I’m still amazed that Matty went back and read them all.  It was flattering to say the least.  So now all that’s left is a few more minor housekeeping details (like checking the formatting of every previous post) and possibly a new header.  Otherwise I’m quite happy with it compared to the other theme.  It feels more organized to me and less wasted space -two issues I had with my old theme.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear Mrs. Amateur got out of her Mother’s Day bath.  Wonder if the brie and fruit is all gone…