#WoWScreenshot A Day Feb 02 “Favourite” and 03 “Something Orange”

KittiesTo this day, I think this remains my favourite moment in World of Warcraft.  Rounding up a bunch of friends randomly (well, as far as they knew) and handing out a Winter Veil present to each of them.  As you can guess by the back row, it was the Jewelcrafting Panthers. Alas, those who rolled alts on Runetotem obviously weren’t able to mount up with the rest.  It was something important to me that is really hard to describe.  Knowing how much each one appreciated it certainly helped.  I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I just wish I had planned it sooner so that I could have amassed more gold to get a few more made.

TaeFlameThis shot is of Mrs. Amateur’s Mage, Taelainne.  I had her call down the flame as one of three covers I did for her dice case (the other two were, of course, Arcane and Frost), to match the dice inside.

I Got Bonked

The other night I came out of Violet Hold, where Mrs. Amateur, Magik, and myself had been working on a Red Proto achievement, and I found myself turned into a rabbit.  Admittedly, it confused the hell out of me.  Not like I was flagged or anything like that.

Then I checked my mail a couple of days later and the above was in there.  What the heck?  Let’s inspect this further…

Interesting.  I didn’t even know this existed.  I don’t even know how long it’s been around.  But it’s amusing as can be, to be honest.  It’s one of those things that unless it happens (like it did to yours truly), you might never know it was out there.  Those are the kind of Easter Eggs I always welcome in a game such as WoW. 

Now, the source of this mischief is Minigob Manabonk himself.  Other than having the tag of “The Mischievous Mage” I can’t tell you a darn thing about him…other than he’s a weird ass looking dude…

She Made Elcombe Cool

Rhuanious was tagged by me for Mog Busting, and I set her to work on making my Mage Elcombe look more “frosty.”  In the end, she came up with three possible outfits for him.  The first one isn’t too shabby, though for whatever reason, the Glacier Robe isn’t my cup of tea…despite the fact it’s very much a great Frost Robe.

I really like the outfit based around the Fur Covered Robe.  Elcombe’s a handsome fella and likes to show off that charming face of his.  The usage of the brown tones isn’t something I would have thought of.  And, yes, Frostguard is a great idea.

Despite the fact she added it in last, I’m really digging the third outfit.  The Abjurer’s Hood actually impresses me, again despite the idea of Elcombe usually showing off his face.  The Vestments of the Aldor is a great piece and greatly complimented by the remainder of the outfit.  I do believe I’ve found a goal to shoot for.

Thanks again Rhuanious, who I did put on the spot a bit.  She turned out three wonderful outfits and my Mage will have something to go for now.  In the meantime, he’ll play the part of a suave Swashbuckler.

You can get the full transmog at Elcombe’s page, and for the full details of the three Frost outfits, visit Rhuanious’ page.

Old Yeller

When you play characters that can only die once, you tend to have some narrow escapes.  Popping out of cat form to heal myself and pop back in is almost second nature to me.  However, cat form isn’t much use in the taking back of Gilneas.  Or so I thought.

That’s right, my Worgen Druid died taking back the city.  I don’t even know how it happened.  Might’ve been a glitched Forsaken fighter for all I know, but the end result was pretty darn clear:

R.I.P. Clawmantle. Total time played: 2 hrs, 56 min, 7 sec

While I’m definitely disappointed to lose him, I take some comfort in the fact that I did far better than I had with Xelkirk.  Level 12 isn’t ooh and ahh, but it’s better than 7.  At least I got a spec and talent points.

I move on to character number five in the project, and once again back to the Horde.  This time, I’ve rolled my first female toon.  Meet Nasani, the Blood Elf Mage.