Meme: The Sixth

Farfenoogin.  The trouble with people getting to know you, is they’ll slap a tag on your back.  If you’re someone like me, you play tag.  Thus, I present my involvement in the latest meme.  The Godmother was the one to tag me in this Game of Sixes.

The Rules.

  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

Now, like a few other folks, I don’t have six folders.  Though, in fairness I am looking to add subfolders to my Screenshot collection on the external Hard Drive.  For this, though, I stuck with the shots that are currently on the laptop.  And what did I find?

Durotar DDR? I got nothing...

So here’s what I can surmise from the picture:

  • It’s Schadde.
  • I’m in Durotar.
  • I’m talking with someone regarding the sequel to The Broken Doll.
  • She might have Cow Bell Fever at that point.
  • I’m focused on someone in a completely different direction.

Easiest way to explain this screen shot is my Autorun is next to my screenshot button.  I get a lot of these and apparently haven’t deleted all of them.  On that note, let’s see what these six folks have going:

Yup, if you take part, you have to bring six people down with you.  Heh.  Hopefully some of these make more sense than mine does.