A Warlock And A Hunter Walk Into A Fire…

Cim and Lioux, clearly impressed with Ragnaros' great election speech.
Cim and Lioux, clearly impressed with Ragnaros’ great election speech.

I made good on my promise to take Lioux to the Isle of Thunder. Unfortunately I didn’t consider how undergeared he still would be. The third scenario clearly illustrated that for me, though, and so I decided to putter elsewhere. I realized I didn’t have any of the Tempest Keep pets as of yet so that seemed like a logical choice.  As I was talking to Tome at the time, I asked her if she wanted to go and so off the two of us went.

Four bosses in Tempest Keep and three of them have the chance to drop a pet.  Well, none of them did.  I had this great theory that Kael’thas was just in a really good move and was saving our luck for the Ashes of A’lar.  Yeah, theories aren’t always that practical.  I followed Tome’s notion that we should then head into Molten Core.  I hadn’t been there in a little while, probably once ever on Liouxpold, so I was game.  Once again we had pet opportunities…and one managed to drop.  We both happen to have the Ashstone Core, so even that wasn’t a huge victory.

But, can you measure fun by the RNG?  If you could, I would probably be miserable playing this game.  No, the fun was had when just two friends on a whim decided to go bounding off into some old content.  We didn’t find any pets or great drops that either of us needed, but we did find a good time together.  Just the way it should be.

Auld Lang Zerg

"Let all Ragnaros be expunged..."
“Let all Ragnaros be expunged…”

It was Laid Back Raid night again last night, as we headed into Molten Core.  As you can see, all who attended took part in the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater run -including a certain Amateur who had to zip back to Stormwind because his Warrior forgot his….

It was a great time as a few of us did the attunement run first, and then the run got underway.  In less than an hour, Ragnaros lay defeated and the choir burst into song…

“Deck the walls with Ragnaros, Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la.
On this night we owned this boss, Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la.
Drop us now your leet looots, Fa-la-la, La-la-la, La-la-la!

Yes, good times were had.  So good that we then trudged off to Blackwing Lair.  That was slightly more involved, as about two people were attuned.  In our infinite wisdom we ran everyone through before Tome‘s lock.  But, we were all inside and on our merry way to another successful dungeon.  Even Kamalia managed to join us early on!

Healblade/Flagsworth/Greatfather Huckle capped off the night by delivering pet presents to all the good girls and boys (who rolled high enough).  We certainly couldn’t ask for a better night than this for the final Laid Back Raid of 2012!

Get Your Motor Runnin…


That would be Oddfodder flying off one of the hills on his fancy new Goblin Trike.  Got Pésus to 20 this morning so that I could stroke that off my small to do list.  This morning yet I’ll also likely have my pet bank toon set up.  Depends if I work on that…or house cleaning.  I do have the transmog contest ready to post so it isn’t like I’ve been idle thus far.  Though, I will admit Carrera hasn’t had her experience bar move in the slightest.  I was too busy getting Horrux to 60 because I decided I wanted to take him into the Laid Back Raid later tonight.

Speaking of which, just a friendly little reminder for those attending that it is Gaudy Sweater Night in the Molten Core.  Nothing says fun like an ugly sweater and Horrux’s Skullflame Shield as far as I”m concerned.  Also note that we’ll be starting a little early.  Further to that, we can do an attunement run around 7pm EST for those who might need it.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to do a pass through Storm Peaks again.  I was there yesterday, found a skunk to fight, and proceeded to get my arse handed to me.  Two skunks in the battle resulted in way too much healing for the pet configuration I had.  As such, I still need a capture from there for my Northrend Tamer.

A Rare Post Of Many Things

Too Sickly…Even For Me

Both Mrs. Amateur and myself feel like we’re lying in a pool of plague.  For me it started Friday, while I think she picked it up from me and woke up to it today.  The good news is, the wee one has still gone to a festive family function so things are a bit quiet around here.  That actually gave me a bit of time to WoW it up all relaxed (as relaxed as one can be in such a fatigued state of blech).

Amidst my puttering, I was pleasantly surprised when Navimie showed up on her Runetotem Dwarf.  I thought she would have deleted it, to be honest, but it occurs to me you never know when she’ll need to see me in person.  Seems this was one of those occasions…


Yet another lovely Winter Veil gift!  I didn’t even know what it was to be honest, other than a pet of sorts.  I shall pet battle it post haste!  It’s a bit low for Outland, which is where I’m plying my trade at the moment.  My focus for pets is to get the Zone achievements for battle locations and taming locations.  If I can pick up a few rare pets along the way, then bonus for me.  Now, while Navi and I had met up I decided to do a flyover past Gnomeregan to see if the Fluxfire Feline was spawned.  No such luck, and I should’ve realized she would have long ago had it anyway.  We got to talking about it and Navi mentioned getting hers by starting a lowbie Gnome and it was right there in the start zone.  Well, I was later camping the location and decided I would return to Ironforge and hop on a Gnome I have sitting in said start zone to see if my luck was any better.  However, just as I was leaving the area I caught something on my map.  I doubled back and landed immediately.


Hot diggity damn!  Oh, and let me just say…completely random location.  The battle screenshot should illustrate that:


Yeah, see that dude hanging out behind my Spirit of Competition?  That’s Mekkatorque himself.  Oh, and bet your ass I would shiv him in a heartbeat if he had stepped towards that cat.  Also, note the health on the cat at this point, when I nearly screwed up and killed it…which I’m getting notoriously good at.  Fortunately, I came out of it cat intact.  Poor quality?  Don’t care.

Speaking of poor, I’m once again back on the subject of CRZ’s.  Once again, what could be great is nothing but a pain in the rear end.  My buddy Syrynx messaged me today.  He wanted a party invite, not to be run through something, but because he was tired of his PvE panda ending up in flagged zones over and over. I keep hearing how “oh this shouldn’t be happening.”  The bottom line is that it is and it needs to be fixed, or give the players the option to turn them off.

On the flipside, I tried to actually take advantage of CRZ’s and help Magik get the Let It Snow achievement.  Repgrind offered to bring her Orc DK so he could snowflake her.  I used my Horde toon on the same server as Magik to group up with Rep.  No problem.  Magik flies into the area and we’re nowhere to be seen.  They both go to Dalaran, nowhere to be seen.  Basically it lead me to giving up on even trying to figure out how the zones work anymore.

To cheer myself up, I added a couple more weeks to the LBR schedule after another fun run on Saturday night.  We were actually full for Karazhan!  No mount drop there or in Tempest Keep -but let’s be honest, to expect it two weeks in a row would be silly.  What?  Yes, I would be that kind of silly.

Getting back to the LBR schedule, though, I’ve put up an Alliance Molten Core run on the 30th.  To have a little festive hilarity, the Winter Veil Sweater must be worn for the run!  If you don’t have one from last year, I suspect we may see it under the tree on the 25th again this year.  Can’t wait to see the gaudy looks.  Feel free to transmog accordingly!

Also, there has been a tonne of praise for Mrs. Amateur and how awesome she is.  This?  I completely agree with.  However, it stems from the 12 Days of Winter Veil I’m running here on the blog.  Well, as awesome as Mrs. is…I have to claim credit on this one.  While I’m writing it from the recipient perspective (a la the classic song), I’m the one giving the gifts to her…and might I add, thoroughly enjoying this little creative nugget I put together.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to calm my throat with some cranberry tea and see about pet hunting some more.

A Cloudy Day Is No Match For A Sunny Disposition

Down, But Still Smiling

Last night was the latest in the series of Laid Back Raids.  The plan was to tackle Molten Core and then move on to Blackwing Lair in the time available.  Alas, best laid plans do not always come to fruition.  As we congregated for Molten Core, I had decided to take my Death Knight, Fireflint, in hopes of a lovely new two handed weapon (perusing the loot tables showed me plenty of options) and inspire a flashier transmogrification.  On this night I would be joined by Mrs. Amateur’s level 80 Warlock (great for summoning), Shoryl‘s level 56 Shaman, and Navimie(!) with her 75 Mage.  Around the same time we realized I was the only one attuned, Matty and her 70 Druid joined in.

By the time the ladies were attuned it was on the latter side of 8:30, and we knew we had to tread somewhat carefully, and that Blackwing Lair would be another day.  Our little Shaman may have walked into every room with the drums pounding and trumpets blaring.  The minions loved turning her into a little pinata, despite our best efforts otherwise.  About a half hour into our venture a guildmate came on, Magik.  He grabbed his 85 Prot Pally and we summoned him into the fray just in time to clear Magmadar.   After that, Navimie had to go about her daily life and she bid us fond farewell.

A short time later, Matty also had to part ways.  We downed Garr and sure enough had Mage and Druid Tier gear drop.  It stands to reason of course.  Truth be told, I didn’t take my Rogue because I thought a different guildmate would be joining us. In total, 4 Rogue items dropped.  Meanwhile, we had Warlock Bracers and a Paladin Belt.  I think that was it for those of us stil in.  At least Shoryl got two Tier pieces for her Shaman.  Speaking of Shoryl, it was after Garr that she decided she was switching toons.  I think she felt bad for being a giant sponge in the room.  At the same time, our guildmate was also leaving.  I think Game of Thrones + a slower run had him just not interested on this night.

So if you’re keeping track it was now myself on the DK, Mrs. Amateur and her Warlock, and now Shoryl on her 85 Pally.  We burned through the rest of the Core with limited issue that I can think of.  Alas, Ragnaros himself didn’t offer anything up to any of us. It capped off the night about right.  Not to say we didn’t get anything out of the run.  Not in the slightest.  I think, and it’s honestly inevitable, it was just one of those nights.  There weren’t too many of us and only a few were really into it.  Rather than continue with the group, get frustrated and possibly pass that on to others, they simply decided to remove themselves from the run.  I’m sure I’ll have a night where that happens.  It didn’t stop the remaining three from channeling the Flintstones and having a gay old time.  🙂

Claragh, Fireflint, and Gurdrid, standing tall at the end.

Some nights things go perfectly, and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes we have a near-full raid and others we’re left with just a few.  But no matter what, we keep on going each week.  Speaking of which, hopefully folks come to slay some dragons this coming weekend when we seek out Malygos and Sartharion!