Ask The Amateur Some More

 Been a little while since we reached into the old mailbag to see what’s what. So, shall we?

With Mists of Pandaria coming I’m not sure who my main is anymore.  I love my Holy Priest and raid healing…but my Forsaken Warlock is a lot of fun now too!  What to do?

It depends on your approach with Mists.  Keep in mind, the raids require doing them in order to unlock the next and the first won’t be right away (if I understand correctly).  So getting your healer to 90 might not be as vital as you think.  Plus, if your Priest isn’t dual-spec’d into something that can hand out damage, it’s going to be tedious outside of dungeon healing.  If you want to explore the new land more than the new dungeons, I’d say the Warlock…and that’s coming from a guy who’s highest ‘Lock is 14.

With the Yak expected to be 120,000 gold I need to make some money fast, as it has become “my precious.”  Suggestions please!

This is where gathering professions are going to excel.  The first week people will be shooting for World First and server first.  Engineers, Alchemist, Scribes, and Blacksmiths who don’t have the proper gathering professions will be snatching the mats up left and right.  Jewelcrafters will be looking for Ore as well so they can max and work on new cuts.  As such, don’t even level when Mists launches.  Just go straight to farming and park a toon near an Auction House and mail the mats to them.  Also, Scribes can expect to rake in the gold in the early stages with all the new changes to Glyphs that are coming.  Druids alone have more fun Glyphs than you can count to.

I’m more of a solo player, but in an effort to improve on my gear I’ve tried to do a few random dungeons.  Needless to say, the experience was miserable.  You seem to have mixed results when you talk about dungeon groups, is there ANY way to make things more enjoyable?

Well, I’d ignore the idiots for starters.  One of the biggest positive moves I find is when I’m in a dungeon with a class/spec for the first time, I tell the group that right out of the gate.  Particularly as a tank or healer, and it’s rare that I have problems.  Having said that, the best groups you can possibly run with (and hey, I’m biased) are the Laid Back Raids that I organize one night a weekend, and Laid Back Dungeons that Shoryl puts together Wednesday nights.  It’s too casual for us to worry, and everyone is always more than happy to help.

I plan to roll a Troll Monk when the new expansion launches, as they’ve already got the Capoeira dance going.  I’m completely blank on a name though…help?

You mean besides Vudufu?  As cheesy as that one is, it popped into my head right away and I actually like it.  Put emphasis on the middle syllabel and it really could be a Troll name.  Even worse pun names could be Kigya and Bootadahead.  Those really bad ones aside, it depends what you’re looking for.  Obviously I wouldn’t recommend either on an RP server or if you’re playing a character rather than just a toon.  Spearfist is nickname-y and fits the Trolls, as might Frenzyfist.  Honestly, I like Vudufu.  Kick me 20g if you use it.

Posthumous started out really good but did you have to make him gay?

Alistair, is this you?  Last time I checked the calendar it was 2012, not 1912.  I didn’t “make” the character anything.  He loved someone.  It shouldn’t matter whether it was a man or a woman, the point was that he felt he found his soulmate.  I’m not about to explain the role of the Alistair character because I think part of it would be lost in this discussion.  If you choose to keep reading, so be it.  If the main character’s possible sexuality discerns you that much then I’m sorry for you.  I really am.

Quite the mixed bag this go around.  Positive or negative, I always appreciate you taking the time to write me.  If you’ve got a question, hit me up at

Thursday Thought Patterns

Another musings post if you will permit me.

  • Mists of Pandaria launches July September 25th.  The average response seemed to be “finally” from those I spoke with last night.  The next eight weeks should be interesting.
  • Laid Back Raids is updated through most of August.  I managed to get a few requests in there.
  • I wonder what LBR’s success will be like after Mists launch?  I can’t imagine it too different from what it is now.  Some will pass, some will come.
  • Others might just want a break from whatever Mists content they’re on.
  • Some will just want to take their Panda into old content.
  • Or their Monk.
  • I’m ashamed to admit I’ve considered rolling a Gnome Monk named Junkshot.
  • The deadline for the Mogolympics is coming Tuesday.  Then the real fun begins…so to speak.
  • I wonder if the other judges will speak to me when this is all over?
  • I need to put a confirmed section on the Mogolympics information page this weekend.
  • Posthumous isn’t on hiatus or anything.  The next chapter is in the works, but my time to dedicate to it has been sparse.
  • Yes, I’m writing it as I go.  I have a few key points in my head, but the rest is more like que sera sera.
  • Tome got Anzu a little while back.  Mrs. Amateur the Baron’s Reigns to drop.  Ratters had double mount luck recently.  Me? (NSFW)
  • Glad most people seem to understand my “not buying Mists philosophy.”
  • Someone else told me last night they’re in the exact same frame of mind (minus Guild Wars 2).
  • I think Blizzard needs to come through on this one.
  • Cataclysm wasn’t terrible, but it turned (quite?) a few people off.  Two in a row wouldn’t be good.
  • I expect them to have that in mind, and deliver a better expansion.
  • I expect games like Guild Wars 2 and Secret World to force them to knock one out of the park over the next year.
  • Working on another Transmog outfit for Tum.
  • Got everything but the shoulders.  The two options I’ve chosen are from Molten Core and Naxx.
  • I think I should have considered this before scheduling LBR this week…
  • I still want my Red Proto.
  • Tum’s the closest on that, as I think he needs about a half dozen achievements yet.
  • Speaking of mounts, I’m in the process of determining what land mounts and flying mounts each (eligible) character wants.
  • No good can come of it, but account-wide mounts might just make it easier.
  • Siori’s Exalted with the Cenarion Expedition and Liouxpold’s already got the puppy dog eyes going…which looks really creepy on a space goat.
  • I wonder if everyone who’s geared up in the last month feels a sense of “why did I do that?”
  • Not saying they should, it’s just an observation.
  • Once again, greens will replace epics in the first two days.
  • Am I seriously the only one who sees a problem with that?
  • Linear stats is still the way to go, far as I’m concerned.
  • Hrm…work break’s over.

Friday Top 5: Mists of Pandaria

*property of WoWInsider*

I’ll openly admit the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot to draw in my interest.  I can recognize the appeal for the general player base in regard to a number of things, it just hasn’t been for me.  But, that doesn’t mean it’s all bad in my eyes.  There are a few things I’m looking forward to and today’s Top 5 looks at what I look forward to the most about Mists of Pandaria:

5. Daily Quests No Longer Capped
News of this only came out a short time ago (or at least I didn’t hear about it until yesterday). You’re no longer limited to 25 daily quests. Part of the reason is the vast number of dailies that is apparently going to be available at level 90. Choice is good. At the same time, I like being able to do profession dailies, Molten Front for certain toons, Isle of Quel’Danas, and more…to say nothing of any world event that might be going on, or reputation based ones. That’s for someone who’s particular in what they want to do. Achievement folks must be loving this news as it gives them a chance to do more, faster.

4. The Monk
This is the one class I felt was missing from the game when folks brought up the question. We’ve seen them in a number of locations (Scarlet Monastery and Trial of the Champion, for example) and it makes sense that at some point the Horde and Alliance would have a few. Not sure that I agree with having them for all the pre-Cataclysm races but c’est la vie.

3. The Jewelcrafting Mount(s)
No, I wasn’t a huge Voltron fan and I don’t plan to get them all. However, there were a couple of skins that I very much went gaga over (no Bad Romance). I’m sure they’ll be right up there with the Chopper in terms of cost and effort to make, and we’ll no doubt have to have Exalted with a certain faction first. Even still, them is some sexy cats.

2. Black Market Auction House
My God how people have lamented over this (at least in the posts and discussions I have been involved with). Some have gone so far as to say this is Blizzard encouraging you to buy gold instead of going out and getting it. Let me just say that’s silly. Look at the ridiculous amount of money people have right now. Quest rewards and mob drops alone make it easy to make gold without even trying. The amount increases every expansion, so you do the math. This is going to be a great opportunity to snag some incredibly rare stuff -for a price. Old Naxx gear and some of the rare mounts seem to be the key items thus far. Personally, I hope it’s limited release of each and a great touch would be either BoP or making certain you can only buy one item per day, otherwise you’ll have people like myself who will flip it on the standard auction house for a ridiculous amount of profit.

1. The Lore
While I’m sure I will enjoy the details of the new continent, it’s the existing Azeroth we know about that I’m giddy for. Garrosh being a boss and Theramore getting sacked are pretty common knowledge at this point. But it’s the details that I can’t wait to see and hear. Blizzard is putting more emphasis on war between the two factions these days and from that come some really great stories. As much as I like Thrall, this expansion was honestly too much of the Shaman for me and I’m looking forward to someone else getting the spotlight. Blizzard does lore incredibly well and as such I can’t wait for what’s next.

See?  Mists isn’t all bad to me.  There’s other things that appeal to me (Hunter Stampede!) as well, despite the fact I’ve not been excited about Farmville, Pokemon, or even Pandas.  I’d like to think the difference between myself and other negative folk is that I’m not against any of the decisions Blizzard has made, save for perhaps the Talent Trees but I will discuss that at a later time (and again, I do understand the basis for it).  The things I’ve listed, I’m definitely happy about.  What about yourself?  What elements are you most excited about?

Pandas No, Fu Yes

So, the question was asked this week over at WoWInsider whether people would be playing the new Monk class when Mists of Pandaria arrive.  To my understanding, this is going to be a base class and thus will not require actually purchasing the expansion (unlike Death Knights, which require Wrath of the Lich King).  If that is the case, then I am in the “will play” category.

No, I’m not reserving the name Omi (no matter how tempted a bald Gnome Monk would be), but I do think the class will be fun.  A class without an auto-attack is a nice change, though I’m notorious for removing it from my action bar and then while waiting for my appropriate non-mana bar to recharge in PvP I get screwed.  Apparently Monks are so focused on their attacks that each is done with careful purpose.  I can buy that. 

The Monk will be a healer/tank/dps class, and at this stage I’m not certain which role I would choose with mine.  It will probably depend on how each plays.  I love healing, but I picture the Monk more as a melee class “throwing down” and being able to withstand spells (and dodging/blocking) more than the type that heal.  This could also be based on my Dungeons & Dragons experience.  Then again, not wanting to heal as a Monk might be based on too much Kung Fu: The Legend Continues growing up.

When I stop to really think about the class, I get the angel and devil on my shoulders (not BoA).  The angel tells me to hold off on playing the class, as with its introduction you can expect constant hotfixes and changes to the abilities to get it in line with the other classes.  The devil on my shoulder points to the same thing, but instead just screams “FACEROLL EM ALL!!!!” 

Whether I wait or not, I will definitely try the class out.  Not sure what race, though.  Honestly, I just don’t see myself as a Tauren or Draenei Monk.  The Tauren just don’t strike me as the type, while the Draenei certainly have the devoutness to pull it off.  Come to think of it, a Forsaken could be fun.  I just picture them doing a kick and from their shin down soars across my screen (and yes, I can somehow ignore the logistics of an Undead Monk).  Better yet, a Gnome Monk named Karma.  Yeah, that one definitely works.