Another 50

Nothing quite like exploratory ding sneaking up on you. After getting in good with Highmountain, I had Saintvache visit Suramar, since I wouldn’t mind a Nightborne. Once again failing to look up what is required bit me in the rump. I figured it would work the same as the Highmountain in that I needed to complete the initial group of quests. As you likely know, that’s not the case. But at this point, I’d now done two of the factions for “Uniting the Isles.” So it was off to Val’Ashar for some more samaritan work. It was while wandering about there the 50 happened. At this point, I’ll probably keep him up in that area to continue to unite the isles. That’s now the Paladin and Druid that are level capped for me. I think up next is someone on the Alliance side. The who is still up for debate.

Waking Up To 6.0

Patch 6.0 is now live and with it came many changes, but none more than the vast amount of visual ones.  Almost everyone I spoke to yesterday was headed straight for the Barber Shop to see what they had to work with.  Many weren’t keen on what they saw when they logged in, while others didn’t mind the initial look when things went live around 1:30 EST.  Personally, Tum was far more angry than I wanted.  To be honest, almost all of the dwarves are surly/angry looking.  Not that it doesn’t fit the race, because it most certainly does.  It’s just that it wouldn’t hurt to have one lighthearted option.  As you can see by this image, I did the best I could with what I had.

New Tum
Initial one on the left, new on the right.

I had to change Saintvache as well, as logging on to him I was blinded by an albino.  I just wish we had more hair options for the Tauren.  As for the rest of the team, I’ll check them in due time.

It wasn’t just character models that changed.  From what I saw last night and this morning, nothing sparkles anymore.  No quest items, no nodes. Nothing!  Instead, you’ll get a faint outline that gets stronger once you mouse over it.  Even characters gain an outline now (green for friendly, red for not) when targeted, though I’m sure there’s an option to turn it off.  Still, at a glance it took me a second to complete a couple of quests because I was looking for the shiny.

Action bars have obviously changed, with some spells removed and others simply changed.  But speaking of spells, they even look better visually.  The animations are fantastic, though I’ve only seen Paladin, Mage, and Warlock.  Once again, I’ll get to them in due time…or simply see them amidst my travels.

This isn’t even documenting some of the bigger changes that came with the patch either.  Things like the new level UBRS, the Iron Horde invasion (which I’ve started Horde side…so far so good), Garrisons, Premade Groups in the Dungeon Finder, all the class changes, etc.

With the game seeing an increase of over half a million players, this patch is well timed.  Many of the changes brought the game up to relatively modern standards and introduced a lot of things the players have been yearning for, for quite some time.  Will it translate to more than 7.4 million players and sustain them for a while this time?  Hard to say, but you can’t say the new expansion isn’t setting up to take a big swing at it.

30 Days (April) – Favourite Tier


When it comes down to Tier gear, I’m somewhat torn.  Quite frankly, the Tier 2 Paladin armor set is the most iconic set there is, as far as I’m concerned.  Whenever someone mentions the word “tier” it’s the first set I think of.  At the same time, I just love what the Priests got at Tier 5, the Avatar set.  So rather than just pick one, I’ll choose both.  And then funny enough, I’ll choose neither.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both sets of gear.  But the thing is, I’m just not a Tier gear kind of person.  I never have been.  Okay, I’ve wanted to complete some sets, but that’s more to feed my OCD and has nothing to do with how good or bad the outfit actually looks.  I was a campaigner for transmogrification before it had a name, and with good reason.  While Blizzard makes some nice sets, they also make some horrid ones.  Plus, just because the set looks nice doesn’t mean it looks good on my character or even fits that character.  These are among the many factors that see me making my own sets instead of using Tier gear.

It now occurs to me that this question may have been asking which set is/was the best in terms of skill.  Let’s face it, if that’s the question…I haven’t the foggiest idea and won’t pretend to.

30 Days (April) – First Class


I need to answer this one in two parts, because I consider myself to have two answers to it.  The first class I ever rolled was a Paladin, and he was Human.  Unfortunately, he hadn’t completed any quests before I got a message from the guys who got me to play in the first place; “Um, sorry.  The guild is Gnomes and Dwarves only.”  It took years for me to ever level a Paladin and I blame that moment.  I kid, of course…about the blame part anyway.

So having answered the question, it doesn’t really seem fair that a class I couldn’t even do a quest with would be my first.  That’s why I consider the class I rolled right after to really be my first.  My Priest.  I read up on the class (since my buddies needed a healer and I could at least take a shot based on my City of Villains experience), and WoWWiki said something to the effect of “if you can handle the blame for everything, then choose a healing priest.”  So I did.  He started Herbalism/Alchemy and took on all that the game had to offer.  He was Holy and had no trouble healing in the Deadmines, but got his butt kicked while wandering Ashenvale.

Prior to dual-specialization many people went Shadow and then at level cap flipped to Holy or Disc in order to heal.  My first class taught me what would be common for me in every character I made afterwards, and that is that there was no such thing as dual-spec or respeccing as far as I was concerned.  I took the spec I wanted out of the gate and I rode it to the finish.  In the case of what I consider to be my very first class, I’ve ridden 90 levels as Holy and spent a fair share of that time question.  But I’ve been in the dungeons, too.  Heck, Tum might’ve even healed you once or twice.

Darkside of the Toons


So, quite some time ago I picked up the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness during a Laid Back Raid.  I had always meant to make an outfit for it, complimenting it with the Crystal Spire of Karabor.  Today was to be that day.  All I needed was the legs and gloves and I was set.  Husband of Ysera’s Daughter happened to be on and made me some Vicious Ornate Pyrium Legguards and Boots.  I then hit the JP vendor for a set of Bladebreaker Gauntlets and was good to go.  Or, rather, I thought I was.  I realized I still needed the Wailing Nightbane Pauldrons from The Unforgiven in Stratholme.  Fortunately it only took killing him twice to get them.

However, you’ll notice in the picture Saintvache isn’t sporting a Mace.  That’s because of a very annoying transmog limitation.  You see, you cannot put a Main Hand item over a One Hand item that you’re holding in your main hand.  So, that idea went out the window (no 85 Maces on the AH either at the time).  So, his tanking look remains the same as it’s been for the past six months.  Instead, I took his healing gear and knowing he was holding a sword grabbed The Turning Tide from his bank.  The other pieces of the outfit are Bogslayer Breastplate, Gilded Thorium Cloak (which dropped last night during a Kara run with Ratshag, Helke, and a few more), Vicious Pyrium Belt, and Heroic Skullcap.  I used the Argent Crusade Tabard to cap it off.  Made him just a hint less of a Death Knight.  And yes, as I pointed out to Arvash this morning, in pure ass-backwardness my tank outfit is light and my healing outfit is dark.

Now I no sooner finished that and switched over to Larfleeze to see what the Runetotem Auction House had for me to discover (cheap Primordial Rubies was the answer), when I came across my first Jeweled Onyx Panther in-game.  Brezell barely sat still long enough for me to get the shot, but you can see it alright.  That’s what happens when you take the four colours and merge them.  So you’re looking at about 100-125 thousand gold there.  Sexy, but I like the four others better.  Speaking of which, I still haven’t seen a green one in-game.

Amateur Smash!…Self

This is me, in my own head.

For the first time in an incredibly long time today I did something I honestly didn’t even know was still in me.  I rage-quit WoW.  I was in the middle of an instance, and I literally shut the program down out of sheer frustration.  To make matters worse, it wasn’t anyone else.  It was me.   Folks tried to be reassuring, and I appreciate it.  But I’m just struggling with (what I consider the basics of) healing as a Paladin.

On one hand, I can’t keep up with the tank’s health dropping.  If I pull that off successfully, I’m running out of mana.  In the past, with both my Shaman and Priest, I’ve figured out the problem either on my own or through research.  With the Paladin class, that just doesn’t seem to be happening.  I’m doing most of the things I’ve been told (a few have come up since my moment of rage), but I still struggle.  Thanks to Myth, I’ve got some solid enough gear that it shouldn’t be as much of an issue (minus of course my inability to land a second healing trinket).  But I’m struggling on trash. 

I need to thank both Matty and Repgrind for their patience and advice this afternoon as they became who I reached out to in order to try and figure it out, once the frustration settled a little.  It’s not that I want it to be easy, I just like to be able to correct myself.  With every other class (save maybe Rogue), I can usually get it right.  Heck, even tanking as a Paladin I grasped without much trouble (more than any other tanking class, honestly).  And I like healing.  I really do.  I wasn’t bothered when I was asked about being a Holy Paladin to raid.  I just didn’t think I’d ever be as frustrated with myself as I am.

I think part of the issue is flipping the switch at 85.  If I rolled a new Paladin and from level 10 on was Holy, I would probably learn the class and role much better and more easily.  I’d learn the spells as I get them and become accustomed to when and how to use them.  Going Holy at 85 and trying to tackle it all is tough for how my brain is wired.

Then there’s the matter of how long I’d be raid healing anyway.  For starters, my schedule to raid now isn’t all that great (much as I would like to with Myth).   Come Mists, I’ll be of no use for progression because I’m not buying the expansion.  So they’ll get to 90 and start out and it won’t be me healing them.  Frankly, this hasn’t factored into how I have approached the task at hand but it makes me wonder if maybe it should.  If I had the time, perhaps I’d roll another Paladin as Holy just to learn it as I go.  But the truth is, by the time I do that, half the guild will probably be 87 or 88.  I’d learn just in time for it to be of zero use.

So, instead, I keep hopping on Saintvache and going Holy and think I’m getting it.  Then invariably it’s clear that I’m not.  If I could find the solution, I know it wouldn’t bother me nearly as much.  Then again, perhaps things just went wrong on a day where I’m tired.  Who can say for sure?

Dance, Tauren, Dance

Indeed, Saintvache hit 85 this afternoon.  Gotta love an old-fashioned exploration ding!  Much like Kamalia last month, I now have more end level characters than I did when I came into the expansion.  Granted, three isn’t all that many.  But when you’re a proverbial Octopus reaching into various cookie jars, it’s still something.  More importantly, it’s my first level capped Horde.  Heck, it’s the first non-Death Knight-Horde I got past level 40 (yes, that will change).

Once I started getting down to the final four bars, it was exciting.  After doing some of the red dragonflight cut scene quests in Twilight Highlands/Grim Batol, I noticed I needed about three thousand experience, so I took to the sky and a short time later…


With limited time before I had to carry on with the rest of my day, I made my way to the Justice Points Vendor and immediately bought my first epic.  I figure trinkets might be hard to come by via drop, so I bought the Singed Plume of Aviana.  The reason being, I’ll be healing far more than tanking when I run things (finally) with Myth, so I figured it was a good step in the right direction.  I then equipped the healing set I had built thus far…

…and quickly realized how Illidan-awful his outfit is.  Next step: design a transmog set.  You know, had I been thinking this through, I would have had Rhianous do that instead of Elcombe.  Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.  I’m looking forward to doing the Thrall chain now, as well as Molten Front.  Yes…I realize how sick that sounds, but I actually like the Front.  Regardless, I’m going to enjoy my freshly minted 85.