And Now For Something Totally Different

I’ve been waiting with breath held for this one. Unfortunately it isn’t World of Warcraft related. Instead, I’m going to use this time on my own blog to promote my own venture. Along with several friends, we’ve decided to run our new Dungeons & Dragons campaign (with yours truly as the Dungeon Master) as a podcast! If you have the time, please give a listen and let me know what you think. Admittedly there were a few audio hiccups in the first episode but hopefully that doesn’t deter you. If you have a podcast service, just look up Echoes of Ages!

Slip of the Tongue?

Slip up…or something we don’t know?

That was the important snippet from a conversation I had on Sunday with Navimie.  Actually, it may have been Saturday night my time.  Darn zones.  The background of that moment was her telling me she had another podcast interview coming up despite not feeling well.

I had hoped to listen live, but was unfamiliar with Girls Gone WoW (other than knowing the name) so I did not realize there wasn’t a listen live option, at least not one that I could see.  The good news, is that the interview is now up.  Also, now having listened to the show, I can say that it’s quite enjoyable and entertaining. Of course, being Canadian I find it to be a regular buffet of accents in a good way.  Listen for yourself here.