Pitching A Tent

A couple of weeks ago I talked about ways to fix the Professions in WoW.  Since then, a few other ideas have popped in and out of my head elaborating on that.  One in particular I would really love to see implemented, and it would make Leatherworkers quite popular.

Yep, it’s a tent.  First reaction is probably that tents seem kind of pointless, but hear me out.  Leatherworkers would have tents made from Medium Leather, Rugged Leather, Borean Leather, Savage Leather, and the base leather of Mists of Pandaria.  Looking at it closer, you’ll see there’s one for each stage/expansion in WoW except for Rugged Leather.

Breaking it down, it would work like this:

  • Medium Leather Tent: Works for levels 20-49.
  • Rugged Leather Tent: Works for levels 50-70.
  • Borean Leather Tent: Works for levels 70-80.
  • Savage Leather Tent: Works for levels 80-85.
  • ??? Leather Tent: Works for levels 85-90.

The idea, is the tent works like an inn.  Logging out while in a tent would give you rest xp, negating the need to visit a town or return to a city if you’re out questing and they would bind to a character after it was used the first time.  A Leatherworker using a tent would generate an extra 20% rest when using a tent, a nice bonus for making them for self use.

This would have been an even better idea when questing actually took time and we couldn’t fly everywhere in Azeroth, but I still think it’s practical in the current game without being game breaking.  When it comes to WoW, it’s sometimes the little things that people like best.

Repairing Professions

Courtesy of Battlefield Heroes

I’ve seen a number of comments and blog posts as of late talking about the current state of Professions in the game, and how they need to be fixed in general.  Quite honestly, I agree with this a great deal and have for a long time.  After giving it a great deal of thought, I’m happy to share a system that would be an improvement and actually encourage more people to have professions (I know too many people who have very few -if any, or of any level remotely close to their character level).

  1. Every Profession Has A Daily.  Indeed, this should be a no-brainer, and it’s probably the suggestion nearly everyone has made.  The Darkmoon Faire has given us a taste of this with quests for every profession, but it needs to be in the normal cities of Azeroth as well.
  2. Every City Has A Profession Daily.  That I still have to linger around Orgrimmar or Stormwind to do my Jewelcrafting daily irks me.  I don’t always like being in the main city and shouldn’t have to just for a quest (especially when the other cities have better cooking quests, too).
  3. Every Crafting Profession Should Have An Epic Recipe Quest.  I honestly don’t care whether the crafted item is BoE or BoP (ok, as an AH player the devil on my shoulder is shouting BoE), but a solid quest chain to get you a decent purple gear item would be unique and rewarding.
  4. The More Rare The Recipe, The More Skill Points You Gain. If you’ve been lucky enough to track down something like Mooncloth Leggings, then it should offer you more skill points than other Tailoring items of the same craft level.  Under the current system, many of the “multiple point” skillups actually cost the equivalent in mats.  That’s not how it should work.
  5. Fix The Weak Recipes. I don’t care if it’s a Wrath, Cata, BC, or old school recipe, every recipe should serve a purpose other than to Disenchant or get a skill point.  An uncommon or better crafted item should serve one of three purposes: great PvP option, better than quest PvE option, or awesome Transmogrification possibilities. 
  6. New Recipes Can Use Old Mats.  I saw this elsewhere (Grumpy Elf, I think) and agree completely.  Why couldn’t an Engineer craft a “Fire-Emblazoned Gold Plated Shotgun” as a weapon that required Volatile Fire, and some Gold Bars?  A Jewelcrafter could easily make a necklace with an Azerothian Diamond and an Ember Topaz.  You get the idea.  Keep old mats relevant for more than just leveling your profs past that particular expansion.
  7. Craftable Heirlooms. First off, these should not be easy to do.  Whether the mats list is huge, or hard to obtain, or you need be max level, or even some combination of all of them, work should be involved.  That said, the crafting professions should all be able to make a piece of gear that is BoA.  The higher the levels it works for (1-70 vs 1-85 at the moment), the harder it should be to make.  But at the same time, this would be nice for people with plenty of alts who don’t raid/brave LFR or dabble in any battlegrounds.  It gives them a way to access Heirlooms without compromising how they play the game.  They just don’t need to be quite as good as the current ones.

There’s seven things that I think are incredibly simple and any or all of them could be implemented and suddenly profs are worth having.  Blizzard improved Herbalism and Mining by granting experience from doing them (still not sure how to fix Skinning, mind you), while Fishing and Cooking have gotten a great deal of love as well (and encouraged me to Cook with a plethora of toons…Fishing still has me leery).  I imagine on a grander scale with the other professions getting improved that people would go back to doing them again or more often.  What are your thoughts?  If you could improve them, what would you do?

Monday Money Making: Don’t Fear Old Tricks

The Ghost of Auctions Past

World of Warcraft is a game which, for the most part, is evolving.  The content, the playerbase, and even the auction house.  But just because that is true, doesn’t mean abandoning what you know to have worked in the past.  Crowd Control is a great example of this, but Mondays are meant for gold so you’re wondering what I’m getting at.

As gold makers look to new ways of generating their income they find success in unique ways and opportunities but many drop what got them there in the first place.  A prime example of this is the Saronite Shuffle.  Saronite Ore is unqestionably more than it was when Northrend was the end game content because no one is really there to farm it.  But that also means the gems aren’t as common.  Now, the shuffle changes a bit in modern time depending on your server.  Some days Shadow Crystals are actually worth 3-4g so don’t just vendor them.  Plus, the blue gems are viable because Lich King epics are far too expensive and Cataclysm gems require higher ilevel gear to be able to use.  Do a little research, but I can almost guarantee you this is still quite profitable.

In fact, I’m going to take things a step further and look at an older money maker for every other crafting profession:

  • Alchemists. You’re raking in the money transmuting Truegold these days, but are you limiting yourself to just that?  From the Saronite Shuffle you can generate Eternals (Air/Fire), and goodness knows Arcanite Bars are worth much more than Arcane Crystals.
  • Blacksmiths.  Are you watching the price of (or farming) Silver, Truesilver, Cobalt, Adamantium, and Fel Iron?  Why not?  Enchanters are still being trained every day and they need Rods to get the job done.
  • Enchanting.  You pop on the auction house on occasion and check the price of green gear versus their disenchant value right? 
  • Engineering.  You’re still making the non-combat pets right?  
  • Inscription.  I’ll touch on it more next week, but Rogues Deck and Swords Deck are easy money.  Doesn’t matter if you buy the herbs or just the ink, or the individual cards because people made them to level their profession. 
  • Leatherworking.  Remember your under 40 twinks.  You have 4 classes seeking gear instead of just two.  Items like Deviate Scale Cloak and Barbaric Bracers are your friend. 
  • Tailoring.  Netherweave and Runecloth.  Netherweave Bags will always be a hot seller and Runecloth is usually dirt cheap.  Buy it up, make Headbands and then get them disenchanted for ridiculous profit.

Not one of the suggestions here is new.  In fact, I’ve even mentioned several of them in the past, but the thing is they still work.  If something used to work for you but the market dried up, depending how long it’s been why not go back and try it again?  There’s never any harm in trying and if it doesn’t work then you’re no worse off.  But when some of it does you’ll be smiling and counting your gold in yet another way.

Monday Money Making: Starting Out Continued

Last week I talked about getting your gold income flowing when you just start out.   In the seven days since, I’ve spent approximately a half hour on my new server and I now sit with 20g.  I still haven’t locked into a profession, but I’m leaning towards Enchanting for the very reason I discussed last week.  Some low level greens are incredibly cheap compared to the Enchanting materials they transform into.

A great way to increase your coin purse at this stage of the game, remain guildless.  Odds are this is a toon you’re going to play for a reason but at low level you’re not going to provide much to the guild and despite the bonuses to xp you can get from higher level guilds, below 20 you won’t notice a huge difference.  Instead, use this time to sign charters.  People are constantly advertising in trade chat, usually offering 2g-20g depending how desperate or impatient they get.

Now that I have a little bit of money, it’s time to hit one of the local pet vendors.  In this case, I bought two of each snake.  For starters, I have little bag space at this time and I really don’t want or need to flood the market.  It’s not like selection is limited.  Based on current reputation, each cost me 40s and I’m listed them at 2.99g.  I probably could go higher as these pets tend to average 4g based on my experience, but it goes back to every server being different.  It’s always more beneficial to determine what something will sell for rather than find out what it won’t sell for.  As a side note to this, so far I’ve found the Brown Rabbit Crate at Amberstill Ranch to be the starting region pet that seems to sell the best.

I mentioned rare spawn recipes at city vendors, but should also add in vendor materials.  Enchanting and Engineer vendors (among others) tend to have limited supply of certain items that their profession can make and it’s usually at a level close to or less than what they sell for on the Auction House.  I prefer to make a few trips and patiently build up a stack before I list some.  Depending on how you like to do things, you could also buy up items like Copper Rods and Vanishing Powder and list that.  As I said, it comes down to personal preference.  I also can’t discuss the success rate as it’s not something I’ve done.

Combine these few suggestions with the ones from last week and you should be able to develop a level of success that will set you on your path to a gold pool of your own satisfaction.

Monday Money Making: Transmogrification Means Expanding Your Profession Book

We’ve talked a lot about professions in the past and how some recipes like Spidersilk Boots, the Pet Bombling, and Enchant Weapon – Fiery Weapon are some must haves for easily generating gold.  I’ve always said any profession can make gold, and they can all do it equally well -you simply need to determine what sells on your server.  One of the keys to that is having a diverse recipe book.  Very soon, those professions that can make various types of gear and weapons are going to have another reason.  You might have heard of that little thing called Transmogrification.

One of the biggest knocks I’ve had against craftable gear is that a lot of the items are essentially useless for their level compared to what drops or is quest rewarded even.  In some cases, that’s still going to hold true.  However, if they fit a certain look someone is trying to establish, then they’ll be sought out.  If people are looking for something to be made, they tend to tip.  Don’t you want to be the one they’re giving their gold to?

Many people aren’t going to go through the time to track down rare drops or reputation related recipes like the Flarecore Robe.  Even the ones that will use their profession to generate some gold are going to focus on end game epics.  There’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m certainly encouraging that when I say expand your book, but a key to making gold is offering something others aren’t.  Even advertising on your server’s forum can help with this.  Yes, it will encourage other people to do the same but there are a number of factors that you should consider before that deters you.  People may not have the recipes you do which means tracking them down, but also the number of players that use the forums is not as large as you might think.

If you are looking to flush out your recipes, the best thing I can suggest is to go download Ackis.  I’ve talked about it before, as it is an easy addon to use.  Once installed you merely open your profession book and run a scan, which takes seconds to complete.  It will show you what recipes you’re still missing, as well as how to obtain them.  If they’re a drop you’ll find out what mobs they drop from (unless it’s a World Drop), as well as coordinates on where they are.  Another addon to consider is MogIt.  It isn’t designed for professions, but you can make it work for you with a bit of digging.  Find a piece of gear you like the look of and see what it is.  Many have more than one skin and if someone wants the look of something like Skyshroud Leggings, you can save them farming for it by offering to make Runecloth Pants.  They’re the exact same and saving them time will result in more money for you.

So it might be a good idea to start visiting those Quartermasters, hitting some instances for those BoP recipes (that are BoE gear, of course), and keeping an eye on the auction house for folks simply looking to get rid of the recipes that you’ll end up profiting from.  But you’ll want to get a head start, as Patch 4.3 is likely less than a month away now.  People will want their transmog gear, and there’s some holiday coming where they’ll want to do some shopping for others, too.

Monday Money Making: Getting Right To The Core

Ever since Cataclysm hit I’ve noticed a major increase in the drop rate on two particular items.  Actually, that’s not necessarily true but I definitely see far more of them on the Auction House.  They would be Fiery Core and Lava Core.Both items drop from Molten Core.  Perhaps with all the emphasis on Firelands and even going back into Blackrock Mountain folks are running MC for fun.  I can’t say, but whatever the reason these used to be 40g.  Now they’re usually under 10g.  Personally, I wait until they’re listed for around 4g or less before I buy them up by the handful.  You see, they’re great for Reputation with the Thorium Brotherhood.

I know, I know…reputation grinds are nasty.  But hear me out on this one.  For starters, the Thorium Brotherhood is a reputation a number of people tend to pass by.   One of the few reasons to even bother is if you’re a recipe collector, as there are several for the core professions.  A couple of them do well when crafted.  The enchantments do very well.  Obviously it varies from server to server, but I guarantee you there’s at least one or two on the list that you can make a good bit of cash off of (keep in mind every recipe is BoP, so no flipping them).

So what does this have to do with Lava Core and Fiery Core?  As I mentioned, you can hand them in for reputation to the Quartermaster, Lokhtos.  He’s what turns most people away from grinding any reputation, as he’s located in a little room in the back of the Grim Guzzler in BRD.

Our friend here will take your Cores at a mere 2000 rep each. More depending on what level your guild is. That means once you hit Friendly, less than 20 will get you to Exalted!  You don’t even have to go grind out a bunch of quests or hand in 100’s of something.  Less than two dozen and you’re done and you can find them at the expense of someone dumping them on the Auction House.

Keep in mind, as well that a couple of the items he sells are in limited supply.  So you may not necessarily be able to grab all the recipes you need in one fell swoop should someone else have recently visited him for the same purpose.  Regardless, you can probably get two stacks of Lava Core/Fiery Core from your Auction House for under 100g.  Another twenty minutes to visit this guy and you’ll have at least one recipe (more if you’re an Enchanter) that will make that back in less than a week.  Plus, if you don’t have 100g to invest then you probably aren’t reading this.


Good (Enchanting) Friday

In the past I’ve commented on folks who shoot for achievements, or collect mounts and pets.  I’ve stated it’s not really for me, but kudos to them.  It’s one of the beauties of WoW and its ability to adhere to a diverse set of interests.  That said, when it comes to my Professions I’m of a completely different mindset.  Profession recipes turn me into a Pokemaster on crack.

Long I’ve searched for a way to track which recipes I need.  Crafter’s Tome does a decent job, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  In the past, I tried Ackis but it wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Puttering about this morning, I went back to said addon and am I ever glad I did.  You can look up its functionality in the link, but I’ll sum it up quickly by saying that in game you can open your skill window and scan it to find out what you need and where to get it.  Amen!

So, it turns out according to Ackis, Siori needed 84 recipes to complete Enchanting.  First off, she isn’t at 525 yet, so there’s some I can get just via the trainer.  The two from Ulduar will be slightly more difficult as I’ve never been there.  Still, I quick hopped to the Auction House this afternoon and found two World Drop ones that I needed for less than 10g each.  I then decided to head off to Shadowmoon Valley to try and get Enchant Cloak: Greater Arcane Resistance.  Ackis told me it’s BoP from Eclipsion Archmages.

As you can see by the picture in this post, I succeeded.  I think it took less than 20 kills to obtain it, so I was quite happy.  Up next, a few Magister’s Terrace runs to get the 3 I need there.  Suffice to say, the countdown is on.