Ok, NOW Touch The Tail

This is a post that is ridiculously long overdue.  I meant to put it up after the generosity of others resulted in me having Mists of Pandaria and subsequently rolling a Female Pandaren.  One day I tinkered around with the /flirt and /silly and subsequently laughed like hell.  Seriously, these are the best in the game, and I have been meaning to share them for a long time (on the presumption that many haven’t rolled one, or hung around with one long enough to hear these).

There’s one or two that didn’t make the final cut, or at the very least this video was the first I heard of it. But nearly all are in the game and I just can’t stop laughing at them. Also, sorry that the creator repeated a couple.

Pandas: Day One

If you’re reading this, you’re certainly among a select few at this point.  It’s as though something has pulled almost everyone away from blogging for some odd reason.  All kidding aside, the blog has taken a hit in views over the past 12 hours as everyone digests the new hotness in Azeroth.  As you can see in the picture, I started the day off (WAY TOO EARLY) grinding out the last bit of rep that Tumunzahar needed to be Exalted with the guild.

This was actually after I wanted to level Jewelcrafting.  Turns out you need the expansion to go from 525-600.  Stands to reason.  Though getting the gold for my JC panther will take more care on my part.  More flipping and relying on others it would seem.  But, in going for the guild rep this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cooking tokens were now merged (and yet, Jewelcrafting still gets shanked).  That will make getting the missing Dalaran recipes much faster.

I also began the process of evaluating Team Amateur.  What that basically means is going through, character by character and performing the following checklist:

  • Is the character remaining?
  • Do I have any plans for them if they are?
  • What is in their bags?
  • What is in their bank(s)?
  • How are their professions?
  • Again, do I have a reason to keep this character?

It probably sounds silly to ask the question twice, but after evaluating that information it’s good to reconsider the idea.  It’s also odd to see what I have in some of these banks.  Now granted, I always advocate doing this type of thing before an expansion but as I am not partaking in said expansion…well, now seems as good a time as any.  So far Mortevache and Kinahta (Kirin Tor) are gone, but the latter was re-rolled some time ago on Blade’s Edge.  At least three more toons will be deleted and I think I’m going to move my 57 Warrior to another server.  More than anything, I want to get certain things to my Horde toons, such as Heirlooms (and yes, gold and transmog items).

Pet Battles.  Son of a bitch are they fun!  I mean, I kind of thought they would be.  I didn’t think I would be as into them as I am.  No, really.  Check the evidence:

I believe at this point I am 16-3.  I’ve seen some people say they’re hard.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been using the Spirit of Competition, but the only time I come close to losing is if I take on a level equivalent creature and forget to heal him up first.  Like I said, it’s fun.  I just need to figure out how to profit off of it.  I’ve certainly figured out ways to get some of the pets dirt cheap (seriously, I snagged a Red Dragonhawk Hatchling for a silver and Tome managed to get Willy for 11g).

Another pleasant surprise this morning was Draynee tipping me off that Pandas are available to anyone and everyone.  Mists or not.  Apparently the story goes, Blizzard didn’t want people inviting their friends to play WoW and those people getting irked at not being able to roll a Panda off the hop (this happened a fair bit in Cataclysm).  So I can make Pandas.  I hadn’t planned on making a Panda.  I hadn’t wanted to make a Panda.  Damnit…I’m making a Panda.


Bounced around the WoWsphere today?  If not, you might’ve missed this news that came out today:

Yes, that is the racial mount for the Pandaren, hence today’s post title.  It’s not my reaction, but I think I’ve made it clear that not much in the upcoming expansion has elicited much excitement from me.  However I’m also not about to dispute fact and logic when it pertains to the general masses.

I’ll say this much, it’s certainly better than the Goblin and Worgen mounts…

Friday Top 5: Races

Azeroth has many races scattered about the lands (and Outland), with more to arrive on Pandaria.  Today’s Top 5 looks at my personal favourites…which was not quite as easy as I expected it to be.

5. Dwarves
The stout and hearty dwarves are one of the oldest races in the world. Their creation is well documented in a number of locations, including Uldaman and Halls of Stone. Just as in other fiction, the dwarves are a stubborn lot…though the stereotype is offset by much of the trouble Brann Bronzebeard tends to unearth.  Despite chasing his butt all over Azeroth and unearthing the negative history of the Titans and Old Gods, they still win me over…guess I’m as loyal as they are.

4. Dragonkin
Probably not much of a surprise here if you know my penchant for dragons. However, I went with the slightly more humanoid version (yes, I know dragons can take on humanoid forms, you know what I mean). I’m rather fond of Blizzard’s two main designs (two legs or four) as the latter is something different from most of what I’ve come upon in fantasy.

3. Ethereals
They just look cool. It didn’t hurt that they were all about the money either. Well, the key ones were. Money and gems (the Outland faction was called “The Consortium” for a reason. These days, it would appear the Alliance and Horde found some freelance ethereals with some fancy technology as they brought about Void Storage and Transmogrification (which still screams Gnome to me, if not for the whole never getting into Orgrimmar).

2. Vrykul
Ok, this is where the Amateur gets a bit neanderthal to some. Sure, when we landed on Howling Fjorde (Alliance), the males were a beastly lot charging upon the Vanguarde. We encounter a few different versions throughout Northrend, including the Utgarde instances and Storm Peaks…but it’s all moot. The Vrykul make the list for the sole reason I just find the female versions to be attractive, particularly the ice ones. It’s as simple as that.

1. Tauren
I’ve made it no secret the Tauren are my favourite race. Back when I did “20 Days of WoW” I came right out and said it. My explanation was: “At one point I rolled one of every class they had. I think it could be their ability to be gentle, yet violent and their respect for the lands and resources around them. They’re wise and think things through. Then again, it could just have to do with me falling under the Taurus Zodiac sign.”

So those are my five.  I had to debate on a couple as I’m also quite fond of the Naga and Tol’vir.  What about you?  What races are you most fond of in Azeroth?

Transmog By Race Part III: Gnomes

Welcome to the third instalment of my outfits for each race, based on their class and roles I envision them in.  Today, we’re off to Gnomeregan.

Part I: Dwarves
Part II: Tauren

Gnomes actually have the least amount of class options, even after getting the Priest class in Cataclysm.  Despite their technical dependencies I managed to create a few outfits that weren’t reliant on said technology.

Starting with the Priest, I just couldn’t get a feel for them healing or being even remotely disciplined.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a focus to build the devices they create, but otherwise they come across as a frantic type of race.  So that left Shadow, which I had no problem with.  I went with the approach of a “Shadow Mage.”

Gnome Rogues are a much easier lot to deal with, since they’re pretty straightforward.  Using their size to their advantage, Gnomes can stealth about like nobody’s business.  But, with their technology, they could also prove quite useful in the dungeon just as I pictured the dwarf doing.  So, for the Rogue we have two outfits.  Again, the first is your standard “assassin” or “thief” type of Rogue.

The second Rogue is the trap disabling, dungeon delver.  The key for me was the Twinblade weapon as at a glance it could pass for a set of cutters.

I had zero difficulty buying into Gnomes as Mages.  Being Masters of the Arcane is easy enough to grasp, and I would think the Gnomes wiser lot that might lack the Engineering prowess would wield Magic instead.  This Gnome falls under that (and thus isn’t spec specific).

As we’ve established in the series, Warriors come in all shapes and sizes and things are no different for the Gnomes.  When all was said and done, I came up with a trio of Warriors from the Peacebloom-sized race.  The first is a result of the Gnomeregan technical capacity, playing on the Engineering ability of them.

The second Warrior plays off the Gnome a bit again.  I pictured having that Warrior with you that you could feed a tonne of coffee beans to, throw him in the middle of the fray and just watch him go haywire (no Dance Desire).  I was really pleased with the colours this combination ended up with.

Finally, for all the grief players give Gnomes (and the other races of Azeroth), I honestly believe if Varian sent out the call for aid, the Gnomes would answer.  In a time of war, there would be a choice few that would step forward and suit up for Stormwind.  Of course, the armor would still be a little bit big.

Last, but not least…Warlocks.  There’s a reason Gnomes aren’t Hunters.  They’d be lunch for 90% of any pet that could be tamed.  Yet, I’m intrigued with how they could possibly control demons.  In pondering that simple concept, I came up with two possibilities.  Either they imprisoned them or they weren’t real in the first place.  The first option meant I needed to go a little darker for a Gnome.  Also, I thought back to the interrogation quest in Borean Tundra, except with Demonic flavour.

The second Warlock possibility is the demons they summon simply aren’t real.  That means they aren’t Warlocks, but Illusionists.  This outfit, I very much enjoyed building and before you ask -the book model in her hand was very much deliberate.

Despite having but five classes, I still managed to put together nine interesting outfits.  I’m really happy with how each one turned out.  When I started, I expected several looks that relied much more heavily on Engineering.  That it didn’t go that way was a pleasant surprise.  We’ll have to see what surprises come about in part four when I present the tattered garments of the Forsaken.

Transmog By Race Part II: Tauren

Welcome to the second part of my series, suiting up each race based on the classes available to them and the roles that I envision them in.  As promised, today I’m tackling my favourite race in the game: the Tauren.

Part I: Dwarves

Having a half-dozen classes available to them (again I’m only using the Death Knight with the Forsaken), the nomadic race offers everything except Warlocks, Mages, and Rogues…none of which should be a surprise when you think about it logistically.

In gameplay, Paladins are new to Taurens (being just over a year of availability) but I picture them as Warriors who are simply more devoted to the sun than their brethren, that’s all.  They also strike me as more of a defensive type, protecting others.  So, when I designed my Sunwalker I kept all of those things in mind and here you have the end result.

The other new class for the Tauren was the Priest.  Now, I had a tough time with the Priest because I believe primarily that the healers within the race are the Shamans and Druids.  But, seeing the Paladins as slightly more devoted, I looked at the Priests as being more disciplined in their mind and body at a slight sacrifice to their mental devotion to the Earth Mother.  I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for an outfit, and then I stumbled upon the chestpiece.  After that, it was easy.

Tauren Hunters don’t strike me as nearly as diverse as, say, their Dwarven counterparts.  You’ll have a hard time convincing me they would ever hunt game purely for the sport.  Hunters to me embody the whole “Circle of Life” Mufasa was talking about.  They kill only what they need to and don’t waste a scrap, embodying the “take only what you need” and knowing in the end they’ll return it all to the earth.  So from that standpoint, my Hunter needed an outfit that suggested being made entirely from scratch without being extravagant.

Hamuul Runetotem has shown that regardless of what a Druid looks like, they can be as diverse as two different days on two different sides of the world.  So at first I aimed to create multiple outfits for the spec (not Lunar/Solar as Go Mog Yourself so beautifully did), but then decided just a single outfit would do the job.

Like other races, Tauren Warriors fit many roles and archetypes.  I decided on creating two of my own.  This one wasn’t what I started out making, but it slowly came together.  Also, I thought a Gladiator would be something a bit different but still likely for a Tauren.

The other Warrior I decided on was someone more decorated.  I refer to them as a Chieftain’s Warrior, but the idea would be someone who excelled in battle to the point the tribe decorated them rewardingly.

I saved what I considered the race’s prime class until the end.  The Shaman sums up everything about the Tauren, slightly more than Druids (in my opinion) and I started out with two designs in mind but ended up with three.  The first is what I would consider another type of Warrior, but heavily Elements based (Enhancement anyone?).  Unfortunately, MogIt wouldn’t let me preview the axe in both hands.

Second is the outfit I never planned on until I saw the mask.  I immediately got the idea for a Sage or Oracle type of Shaman.  A visionary like the precogs in Minority Report.  The trick was making the outfit like I envisioned it.  I think the final result gives off the exact feeling I wanted when I thought it out.

The final outfit I came up with was for a Tauren Elder.  I wanted something that suggested wise, but with that something that wasn’t extravagant.  Someone who would pass on wisdom would no doubt suggest elaborate wasn’t necessary to share knowledge.

A total of nine outfits for my favourite race.  I can see at least one of my toons ending up in one of them as well once they attain high enough level.  Now, I wasn’t sure which race I was going to tackle in part three but I had intended on going with another Horde one.  That is, until someone started chirping away.  So, needless to say I will be doing a Gnomeregan role call in the coming days.

Races And Praise

Oddly enough, a week later and I’m writing another “thanks” post.  Right off the hop, special thanks to Kuroma for her guest post yesterday.  Seriously, I’d be ticked if that happened to me. I can sort of see how it would go down (group continues after someone leaves and then that split second where they start the fight and your queue window pops up)…but still.

Thank you Blizzard.  I love Transmogrification, and as I said on Tuesday I’m actually excited about a great many things Patch 4.3 has brought us.  I imagine it will take me most of the month just to get a real feel for all of it.

Thank you to all of you who’ve started following the Amateur!  Based on site stats, many of you have come from either a Transmogrification Search or one of my fellow bloggers.  I hope you like what you see and continue to follow the site.  I’ll do my best to maintain the qualities that make me worth your time.

Speaking of doing my best, I was incredibly pleased with my entry into the Thanksgiving Event last week -though I wish I could’ve made the video.  Having said that, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would get the response that it did.  All the kind words were very humbling, to say nothing of being awarded second place by the judges!  Words cannot describe how all of that feels.

Speaking of that event, I thanked her on her own website but for some reason I didn’t see it make it through the cracks of the internet and appear online.  As such, I’m going to formally thank Amerence for her brilliant idea.  It was such a wonderful thing to be part of, to say nothing of her generosity of prizing the event.  I was introduced to so many new blogs, and as I mentioned a moment ago many new bloggers were introduced to me.  So, very much a humble thank you Amerence.

Now, the Thanksgiving Event was the shared topic on Blog Azeroth last week.  This week an interesting one was posed by Mia and I’d like to tackle that now.  What would I make as a playable race? 

The Quilboar are simple enough that I don’t have to get fancy or creative, and because I’m not on the WoW development team I don’t even have to look at it from a logistics standpoint (though safe bet they’d never join the Horde).

So, first question is what would the racials be?  I’d give them two; a 10% armor boost (Thick Skinned), and Gore (a melee attack with their tusks, creating a bleed effect for 10 seconds…would have a cooldown similar to Tauren Stomp).

The classes would be pretty easy actually, since we’ve seen them in action enough to have an idea of what they’re capable of.  So I’d go with Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.  While I might not have to worry about logistics, the other classes just don’t make sense.  Priest might be the only one, but I’d say the Shaman fits them better.

I thought a brilliant start zone would be a phased version of one of the Razorfen instances…the one without the Lich at the end (sorry, I’m notorius for confusing them). As a Quilboar Hero you’d do your thing early on, and then reach a point where your questgiver sends you to one of two NPC’s.  Depending on which one you chose, you’d head off to defend the place from an attacking party…one NPC would result in a Horde party attacking, and the other an Alliance party.  After you succeeded, they’d praise you something fierce and you’d get your “Get Out Of Phased Zone Free” card.

Again, I can’t really see how a Neutral race would work in World of Warcraft in this day and age as there is an immense emphasis on conflict (perhaps 2-3 races would be implemented together?) between the Horde and Alliance, but if it happened I could see the Quilboar getting involved and becoming playable in a logistical manner.  What do you think?