Thought Bubbles


If each of those bubbles was a thought, there probably still wouldn’t be nearly enough in the picture.  People ask me where I’ve been as of late, and I can’t say it didn’t come without fair warning that I’d grow quiet.  Some suspected I had sent my laptop off for repairs, but that’s not the case.  It remains wired to a television upstairs, which actually works alright.  It’s just near impossible some days to read the chat window.

I’ve been asked a little bit on my thoughts about 5.2 and I’ll try to articulate a post when I actually care.  That harshness isn’t directed at Blizzard or the content or anything like that…I just…well my interest in a lot of things lately (including WoW) is there one moment and gone for many more a heartbeat later.  So when WoW’s not of interest, it can be hard to want to even write about it.  So aside from the Transmog Contest, I really haven’t had much to say for some time now.

It’s weird.  One moment I want to race change my Worgen Warrior to a Pandaren, and the next I’m ready to cancel my subscription.  I haven’t, and in the near future I won’t.  There are times when I very much want to hop into Azeroth, and so I’m not turning my back on it.  I’m sure a few of you have seen me pop on here and there for moments at a time…and yet I never logged in for the Darkmoon Faire last week and aside from the first two days, completely skipped the Lunar Festival.

That brings me to Laid Back Raids.  With everything going on (and yes, I know exactly why the things I’ve talked about are the way they are), by the time an LBR comes around, I can be completely exhausted.  I’ve pushed through it most nights, but it takes more effort not to (unfairly) snap on people over trivial comments or matters that come with booting through a raid.  Trust me, for those wondering, you never genuinely bother me in the slightest.  As the ex always tells us, “it’s not you, it’s me.”  That’s the case.

But, LBR is important.  It’s a tonne of fun and there are always people up for it on some level.  As such, I’m continuing to schedule them and will even show up I’m sure.  My appearances are just going to be sporadic for a little while (much like my WoWing in general).  With that in mind, I asked both Healblade and Repgrind if they would be contacts and both graciously accepted.  Their contact information is on the LBR page, and I can’t thank the two of them enough for looking after things in my absence, especially when the two of them can almost always be counted on to be in attendance and bring both wisdom and laughs.  Kinda suits the LBR model (not that I ever bestowed much wisdom).

I’m trying to work on more chapters of Posthumous.  Yesterday’s was honestly written ages ago, but I kept forgetting to pull the image from my computer.  Yes, I’m obsessive like that.  I couldn’t publish it without that little raptor image.  I’ll see what I can do about posting more soon.  It’s a matter of getting the writing bug and the time to dedicate to writing it.

Saw an article that Trivial Pursuit is putting out a WoW edition later this year.  That’s exciting.  Combines two things I happen to enjoy a lot, and Mrs. Amateur is a trivia addict (and an Illidan damn wealth of knowledge to boot).  I can see it ending up in our collection in no time…barring an elaborate price tag.  Personally, I’d like to see them replace the pie with a generic character that has spots for Legendary weapons instead of pie slices.  That would be sweet.

Speaking of Legendaries…I think I got the quest that starts Tarecgosa’s Staff with Tum.  I doubt I’ll get past that first part, much like Siori’s daggers.  I know folks were willing to help me, but if I’m not on much…let alone when others are, it’s kinda hard to complete.  But, I’m ok with that.

I guess ok is probably the best way to sum things up all around.

Twilight Drakes Gleaming

From Tome of the Ancient

With my plans thoroughly set in stone for last night, I did my best to get into Azeroth for a few hours before in order to follow up on an idea I had Saturday night.  I had asked folks about doing two OS25 runs for Tyledres and Magik so they could get their Twilight Drake mount.  Well, when time came, we ended up starting out with two runs alright, one for Magik and one for my other guildmate Grexinimi.  Tyledres wasn’t on at the time.  So, sent out the word and we had a group of about eight people, including Tome and Repgrind.

Grex got the mount on the first run and it was about this time Magik thought he was absolutely cursed based on the number of times he has been in there and never gotten it.  Well, the second run shut him up (and I was genuinely happy for him).  It was about this time Tyledres logged on, so that left her, Tome, and the Grown-Up Gamer himself as in need.  A friend of mine, Cain, joined in at this point as well.  We burned it down in no time at all and sure enough, I got to see Tome’s new mount as we waited to start summoning the next batch of alts.

I only have three alliance alts above 80, so my help for the night had finished up.  It was coincidentally close to 8 at this point and I had other plans in mind anyway.  I know there was one more run, but I haven’t heard who got the fourth mount.  It’s funny the reaction many of us bloggers get, or even friends get, when others find out we don’t have the mount yet.  It just goes that way.

I mean, until I actually checked last night, who would’ve thought the AMATEUR doesn’t actually have the mount?  Oh, and no, I didn’t roll on it last night either.  The night was about helping others.  I’ll get mine in due time.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Yoggin…

I won’t lie.  For selfish reasons, this weekend and next I scheduled Laid Back Raids for Saturday night and I never know how that is going to turn out.  Some folks have plans and some simply don’t notice.  With Algalon on the schedule for the Alliance last night, I knew for sure that Healblade was out. After that was a crap shoot

We ended up with about seven of us, eight when Zwingli was able to join us early on and then again for the final two bosses.  In 10-man, that was serious zerg.  Well, except for the fact that I wanted an awesome screenshot of Algalon, but instead targeted him and interrupted his little constellation speech.  We wiped when I think he removed the entire floor.  No fight, just more of a “how dare you” as we all died.  So we regrouped and hoped that didn’t happen again.  Well, us Claws of Nature folk…despite “thinking” we were within the platform for the fight, were in fact not.  But at least I got to watch them whoop the star-crossed boss.


I think if you look close you can see Repgrind’s Mage getting off a spell.  I can’t remember if we still had two alive at that point…I know Magik was dead beside me.  I was fine with dying, but disappointed I didn’t get the shoulders to complete Liouxpold’s current transmog.  However, I did win the roll for Avalanche when it dropped from Hodir. It would seem after years of being a crossbow only guy, Liouxpold is turning into quite the bow collector.  Which is probably good.  Man did I get heckled on his behalf last night.  No Guild Page, not Exalted with my own guild, no Cold Weather Flying, “Turn off aspect of the pack,””turn it off again please”…yeesh, it was never ending!

The good news was that we rolled on and I had forgotten Magik had never finished Ulduar, in fact Cat Lady was as far as he had gotten (back when it was current).  So to be able to show him the whole place was great.  To be able to down Yogg-Saron at the end was perfect as well.


Also during the raid, Magik, Mrs, and myself got a pleasant surprise as one of our other guildies (Grexinimi) was on and kinda doing his own thing…


So, needless to say when the raid was over…Magik went straight to Stormwind, while Mrs. and I switched to toons that were Exalted with the guild and we were all proud owners of Dark Phoenix pets.  Magik and I captured the moment…that prissy Hunter Naeda was too good for us, I guess.


4th And Repgrind…


There’s the latest Laid Back Raid crew, sort of.  That was the third run of the night and after we were done the schedule Horde-side Sanctums.  I found out Repgrind still needed the OS-25 mount and after not landing it Horde side I felt it my friendly duty to get it.  I should mention Kamalia got hers when everything came up Kamalia in the Horde run.  Heh.  So, we all jumped to blue and yellow after knocking off Halion and made sure Repgrind got one as well.  Sarth was absent from the group photo because the bear had an itchy skinning finger…

Not a bad way to celebrate one’s fourth blogging anniversary.  I would have to go back and check, but it’s not the anniversary of my first post I know that.  However, WordPress was kind enough to tell me that I created my account on this day in 2009.  It sucks because I had been hoping to do another contest to celebrate but I thought it was another month away!  So yeah, in the meantime…have some cake.

Just Another Shaman Sunday

So it was Laid Back Raid night again last night, with a quick trip through Burning Crusade again.  However, late in the afternoon I was puttering around on my Shaman, Carrera, when I noticed something.  I was at about 68 1/2.  If I moved my butt, she could go to the LBR!  I figured a run through Utgarde would give me a quick boost, so I queued to heal…and got Durnholde Keep…three times.  I don’t think I’ve ever done the Thrall one more than once in LFD.  The good news, if there was any, was that I did manage to hit 69 before supper.

Mrs. Amateur tap dancing on Ingvar while I watch from a safe distance.

Immediately after, the lovely Mrs. offered to run me through Utgarde Keep.  With the dungeon quests and two BoA’s on, I got a little more than half my level.  Alas, I also ran out of rested experience in the process.  But, we ran it again.  I got another fair-sized chunk of my level but the clock was starting to tick.  So I got wise and ran back to town and started grabbing quests.  The Mrs. was right beside me, killing anything that came near me and so about 20 minutes before raid time, I had a freshly pressed 70!  Unfortunately, no one told me it was Mage night…


Seriously, that’s a fair number.  I think out of nine or ten people, we had four Mages.  Didn’t upset me too much, because Sweet Illidan was the mail dropping left and right.  Some good, some meh…heck I even got an epic trinket that was an upgrade.

We took down Mags and Gruul in no time, and Serpentshrine Cavern took a little longer only because we did a full clear.  Figured it never hurt for the chance at nice looking BC gear.  Then Lady Vashj herself took her sweet time as her minions didn’t want to drop the orbs.  But, you can only delay the inevitable so long…

Triumphant once more…Grexinimi, Flagsworth, the Amateurs, Helke, Kamalia, Tome and Magik.

Another fun night was certainly had.  There were several lovely pieces of gear in what was the last official LBR visit to the BC era for a little while, as you can see by the updated Raid Schedule.

Of Darkness And Deadlines

If only all demons were this easy...
If only all demons were this easy…

So things were pretty quiet around here this past week, and my in-game avatars were silent as well.  I’ve been pretty busy, and the weekend wasn’t the best.  Those who made LBR last night (which I hear went amazing) had the pleasure of me putting the raid together and then abruptly logging off.  I’m genuinely sorry to those folk, but this was one night where even raiding with some amazing people wasn’t going to improve things.  So I still made sure things got put together (though I apparently missed Repgrind in the process *facepalm*).  That’s the third LBR I’ve not attended since we started them.  I’d still like that number to be perfect, but I can actually see it going up.  But I’ll be sure to get it going even if I don’t plan on staying and I’m fortunate to have Huckle/Flagsworth who’s got many of the same contacts now and picks up the reigns in my absence (along with the regular folk who LBR is second nature to).

Now, because things have been quiet here I haven’t really talked about the contest since I launched it last week.  The deadline is tomorrow and it looks like we’ll be staying under the 20 mark…though last minute entries could surprise me.  I won’t commit to anything obviously before the deadline passes, but I will post the entries Wednesday.  I will also announce the results for the first round on Thursday as well as the details of Round Two at that time.  If you’ve entered, I apologize for not replying.  Truth be told, I’ve only looked at one entry and that was via stumbling upon it on someone’s blog.  I will send out confirmations tomorrow.

Auld Lang Zerg

"Let all Ragnaros be expunged..."
“Let all Ragnaros be expunged…”

It was Laid Back Raid night again last night, as we headed into Molten Core.  As you can see, all who attended took part in the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater run -including a certain Amateur who had to zip back to Stormwind because his Warrior forgot his….

It was a great time as a few of us did the attunement run first, and then the run got underway.  In less than an hour, Ragnaros lay defeated and the choir burst into song…

“Deck the walls with Ragnaros, Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la.
On this night we owned this boss, Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la.
Drop us now your leet looots, Fa-la-la, La-la-la, La-la-la!

Yes, good times were had.  So good that we then trudged off to Blackwing Lair.  That was slightly more involved, as about two people were attuned.  In our infinite wisdom we ran everyone through before Tome‘s lock.  But, we were all inside and on our merry way to another successful dungeon.  Even Kamalia managed to join us early on!

Healblade/Flagsworth/Greatfather Huckle capped off the night by delivering pet presents to all the good girls and boys (who rolled high enough).  We certainly couldn’t ask for a better night than this for the final Laid Back Raid of 2012!