A Rare Post Of Many Things

Too Sickly…Even For Me

Both Mrs. Amateur and myself feel like we’re lying in a pool of plague.  For me it started Friday, while I think she picked it up from me and woke up to it today.  The good news is, the wee one has still gone to a festive family function so things are a bit quiet around here.  That actually gave me a bit of time to WoW it up all relaxed (as relaxed as one can be in such a fatigued state of blech).

Amidst my puttering, I was pleasantly surprised when Navimie showed up on her Runetotem Dwarf.  I thought she would have deleted it, to be honest, but it occurs to me you never know when she’ll need to see me in person.  Seems this was one of those occasions…


Yet another lovely Winter Veil gift!  I didn’t even know what it was to be honest, other than a pet of sorts.  I shall pet battle it post haste!  It’s a bit low for Outland, which is where I’m plying my trade at the moment.  My focus for pets is to get the Zone achievements for battle locations and taming locations.  If I can pick up a few rare pets along the way, then bonus for me.  Now, while Navi and I had met up I decided to do a flyover past Gnomeregan to see if the Fluxfire Feline was spawned.  No such luck, and I should’ve realized she would have long ago had it anyway.  We got to talking about it and Navi mentioned getting hers by starting a lowbie Gnome and it was right there in the start zone.  Well, I was later camping the location and decided I would return to Ironforge and hop on a Gnome I have sitting in said start zone to see if my luck was any better.  However, just as I was leaving the area I caught something on my map.  I doubled back and landed immediately.


Hot diggity damn!  Oh, and let me just say…completely random location.  The battle screenshot should illustrate that:


Yeah, see that dude hanging out behind my Spirit of Competition?  That’s Mekkatorque himself.  Oh, and bet your ass I would shiv him in a heartbeat if he had stepped towards that cat.  Also, note the health on the cat at this point, when I nearly screwed up and killed it…which I’m getting notoriously good at.  Fortunately, I came out of it cat intact.  Poor quality?  Don’t care.

Speaking of poor, I’m once again back on the subject of CRZ’s.  Once again, what could be great is nothing but a pain in the rear end.  My buddy Syrynx messaged me today.  He wanted a party invite, not to be run through something, but because he was tired of his PvE panda ending up in flagged zones over and over. I keep hearing how “oh this shouldn’t be happening.”  The bottom line is that it is and it needs to be fixed, or give the players the option to turn them off.

On the flipside, I tried to actually take advantage of CRZ’s and help Magik get the Let It Snow achievement.  Repgrind offered to bring her Orc DK so he could snowflake her.  I used my Horde toon on the same server as Magik to group up with Rep.  No problem.  Magik flies into the area and we’re nowhere to be seen.  They both go to Dalaran, nowhere to be seen.  Basically it lead me to giving up on even trying to figure out how the zones work anymore.

To cheer myself up, I added a couple more weeks to the LBR schedule after another fun run on Saturday night.  We were actually full for Karazhan!  No mount drop there or in Tempest Keep -but let’s be honest, to expect it two weeks in a row would be silly.  What?  Yes, I would be that kind of silly.

Getting back to the LBR schedule, though, I’ve put up an Alliance Molten Core run on the 30th.  To have a little festive hilarity, the Winter Veil Sweater must be worn for the run!  If you don’t have one from last year, I suspect we may see it under the tree on the 25th again this year.  Can’t wait to see the gaudy looks.  Feel free to transmog accordingly!

Also, there has been a tonne of praise for Mrs. Amateur and how awesome she is.  This?  I completely agree with.  However, it stems from the 12 Days of Winter Veil I’m running here on the blog.  Well, as awesome as Mrs. is…I have to claim credit on this one.  While I’m writing it from the recipient perspective (a la the classic song), I’m the one giving the gifts to her…and might I add, thoroughly enjoying this little creative nugget I put together.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to calm my throat with some cranberry tea and see about pet hunting some more.

Adventures In Levelling

I actually had some time to commit to Azeroth after supper today.  Junior Amateur gets his Diego, I get WoW.  The two almost balance out…if there were an in-game Gnome named Diego that I could gank I would call it even.  Where was I?  Right.  Window of opportunity.  So, with that I decided to get a couple of Hunter levels.

First thing I did was hit WoW Rare Spawns to see what rares I could find close to my level.  After all, let’s hear it for easy XP.  After studying the ones Euphyley had mapped out, I flew to Tarren Mill and went hunting for Big Samras.  The joy of being a Hunter, I could confirm he was passed out on his mountain edge.  A short time later, he was dead on his mountain edge.  I gained about a quarter of a level.

Then a funny thing happened.

…too big.
I like big butts….

The Hunter saw a giant black bear and went hopping after it.  No reason other than appropriate level.  After it was dead, there was a discovery.  It would seem said Hunter has a fascination with superior posteriors.  Imagine how crazy he went when he saw Yetimus.   You don’t have to imagine how dead he went.

Fortunately Mrs. Amateur helped me out and the Hunter had the horns.  While following Yetimus’ patrol though, I noticed another rare was spawned.  I then ran up the hill to erm, “visit,” said kitten Mom.  Hunter dinged again.

Then it was just a matter of taking the couple quests I had and handing them in.  Oh, look!  Achievement! 

All in all, not a bad half hour!

Shared Topic: Wanting What You Can’t Have

As I mentioned, dragonray had this week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth.

What is in game that you want, but you can’t have? Is there an animal you want to tame, a critter you want to collect, a tabard that has the perfect design for a transmog set etc etc.

What is it you want, but know you can’t get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I’d love to say I contemplated this for a lengthy period of time because I’m not greedy or anything like that and couldn’t decide.  However, it was actually a no-brainer.  Two things, and both are for Siori.  The first, is to continue the Fangs of the Father chain.  I still need to pickpocket Hagara and my schedule hasn’t allowed for that.  I love my rogue.  We now have a legendary that’s relatively easy to obtain and yet I can’t manage to make it happen.

The bigger one, I honestly believe doesn’t even exist on her server.  I think the programmer’s overlooked some weird glitch that removed it from the game.  I’ve spent nearly three full days in Deepholm and I have never seen Aeonaxx.  Haven’t even talked to someone who’s taken down the rare…or, again, even seen it.

I’ll see this out my front window before Aeonaxx exists on my server.

Despite my clear-cut bitterness, I really enjoyed this topic.  It’s interesting to see what folks have on their mind when it comes to the idea.  Some are quite simple, some are much more elaborate or difficult.  Heck, I debated the idea of a harmonious player base, but I didn’t want to be completely unrealistic in my answer.

Spirit Lure

Want to get yourself one of the rare spirit beasts of Azeroth?  There’s apparently a sure fire formula.  Take one Amateur, put him on a dwarf, and send him out into the Runtotem wilderness.  I’ve made it clear the amount of times I’ve encountered Lo’que with Tumunzahar (and in the same exact spawn point).  Well, I was at it again earlier this afternoon.

Fireflint is grinding out some experience to hit 75, and thus boost his blacksmithing (he’s almost 74).  As I was in Grizzly Hills I figured what the heck…may as well see where Arcturis spawns.  I thought it was North of Grizzlemaw, and I was in that area.  Instead, it’s right outside Amberpine Lodge.  Meh, I’m headed back that way anyhow, so let’s just take a peak.

Once again, Liouxpold isn’t Beast Mastery.  In fact, he isn’t even a good Hunter but that is my own fail for another day.  So, Mrs. Amateur is logging on as I admire the beast and I suggest she get on her Hunter who is unfortunately in Stormwind at the time (and no Mage or Dalaran hearth to work with).  It seemed to take an eternity.  But, much like when I tamed Lo’que for her, she made it!  That’s two Spirit Beasts for her now (*bow*).  Of course, if I ever go Beast Mastery with a Hunter high enough, I know that I am never going to see any of them.

Rave Rit Rares

Don’t let the title confuse you, just imagine Scooby Doo’s voice.  It was the best I could come up with for a catchy title.  If you don’t frequent WoW Rare Spawns (and shame on you if that’s the case), you might not know that Euphyley celebrated her one year blog anniversary last week.   I don’t recall how I first came across WRS but when I did I almost immediately added it to my blogroll.  It’s also my go-to for finding out what rares are in a zone, and I find if Euphyley hasn’t covered that area yet, I’m mildly disappointed.  She just does such a great job of explaining who’s in the zone and where.

To celebrate her momentous occasion, she tossed out a contest asking folks to share their favourite rare(s).  I’ll be honest, I wrote this post not to try and win the contest but because I thought it was a really good idea for discussion.  There’s so many Silver Dragons in the game, each one bringing something different to the table.

*Property of WoW Rare Spawns*

If I’m considering my favourite rares, the first thing I have to do is eliminate two specific ones from even being considered.  Zaricotl is best served original or extra-crispy.  That damn bird used to be significantly higher in level than the rest of the Badlands mobs.  While that’s clever on Blizzard’s part, my Rogue didn’t appreciate the glorified pelican coming up and one-shotting me.  I was so happy to have a level 70 (end game at the time) online that I could ask to come get revenge.  Thanks Nightwater!

*Property of Warcraft Mounts*

Also making the naughty list is Aeonaxx.  I’m now over 64 hours of camping Deepholm without so much as even seeing that dang dragon.  Shoryl felt like she had taunted me by mounting onto hers last weekend, but there was no hardship.  I’m just bitter I’ve never even seen the bloody thing in its natural environment.  At least I’ve seen the Time-Lost Proto.  Truth be told, I probably had a shot at it but was on Siori and didn’t like the look of it for her.  It figures now that I want Aeonaxx for her, it’s nowhere to be found.

So what rares do I actually like?

Well, I don’t know if I like her…but she sure likes me.  Loque’nahar.  I’ve helped 3 people tame that cat and killed her now seven times on my own.  Twice I just shook my head and flew off.  Same place.  Every time.  And on Tumunzahar.  But despite this type of relationship, Loque’s still a beautiful specimen and one of my favourites.  I have five Hunters, and only one is Beast Mastery.  Should one of the others (except Liouxpold) ever get to a high enough level, I might consider the spec just to have this as their pet.

The Scarlet Interrogator.  This one makes the list because I’ve only encountered him once in the Western Plaguelands and I laughed my arse off.  It was only because his dialogue showed up on my screen that I targeted him to see where (and who) he was.  Then I found out he was a silver dragon and went about killing him.  Good times were had.  I still consider using “FOR THE SANDWICH!” as my battle cry.  Well, for one or two characters.

Ressan The Needler has a place in my heart now as well.  I briefly felt the same about Bane, but then I outlevelled him and The Needler is much closer to Brill.  I had a great system: log in, scamper off, kill the giant bat-thing for half a level’s xp and then log out again in the Brill Inn.  I think I’ve managed to get about four levels that way.  I can still go pick him off for some xp if my heart desires.  The Hunter isn’t that far along yet.

Speaking of Hunters, it’s my second ever Hunter pet that tops my list of favourite rares.  I wish I could even tell you why.  Something about the first time I’d even heard of it, and then saw a picture, I was all excited.  I wanted it.  Didn’t matter at a higher level I could get the same skin much more easily.  I wanted the exact bird.  Never did see it while questing in Westfall with Liouxpold.  Then one day I’m traversing the area with my Draenei Shaman and I spot this mammoth.  I flew offline and switched toons, then proceeded to frantically fly to Sentinel Hill.  After that I had to book it halfway across the zone (old flight paths, and not nearly as many at the time) back to where it had spawned and pray to Illidan he was still there.  Two deaths later, I had tamed Vultros.  Still have him to this day…and every so often I get some mook who asks me “why did you name your pet after a rare spawn?”

So there you have it.  The rares as they taste to an Amateur.  There’s so many more I could’ve listed and for a number of reasons, but I thought I’d try to keep it relatively to the point.  I’m looking forward to what others have to say on the subject.  I’ve read a few already and enjoy that, like myself, many rares seem to mark locations on a road trip down memory lane.

Tone Loque

Tumzunahar: Hey Rusty, look!  It’s Lock ‘n’ Hock!

Loque’nahar: Oh shit, not again…

Tumunzahar: What be yer problem?

Loque’nahar: I am a spirit beast.  A once in a lifetime encounter.  Hunters alone spend weeks and months for a mere glimpse of me. 

Tumunzahar: Aye.

Loque’nahar:…and how many times have I seen you now?

Tumunzahar: Erm…this be five, I reckon’

Loque’nahar:  Yes, five.  In that time you’ve killed me twice, once had a friend kill me, and once actually found a Hunter for me.

Tumunzahar: In mah defense, yer in the same bloody spot every time.

Loque’nahar: …

Tumunzahar: OI!  Any Hunter types around?

Hunter: I am.

Tumunzahar: Are ye lookin fer the spirit kitty?

Hunter: Nope.  Killing Mammoths for meat.

Tumunzahar: …

Loque’nahar: You’re going to kill me again, aren’t you.

Tumunzahar: Thinkin’ about it.  Me friend Liouxpold ain’t big on exotic beasties so dunno what me options are.

Loque’nahar: There’s the easy one of simply leaving me alone.

Tumunzahar: Wait a sec!  Ah know someone!

Loque’nahar: This can’t end well…


Loque’nahar: I should’ve let him kill me…