Hallow’s End Is Here

World Events and achievements might not be for everyone, but Hallow’s End is definitely one to consider putting time into if you’re not capped at 90.  Reason being, trick or treating is easy and it grants you XP.  Heck, it even grants guild rep.  Nothing like getting to Exalted even faster.  I started doing the trick or treating with Carrera, and at level 65, she was getting 6.6k experience (that’s with a single heirloom).  That worked out to about 3 quests to a bubble.  Sure, that suggests it will take a while, but for those who are out and about pet battling, you’re passing through half these areas anyway.  On Paramita, it worked out to 4% a quest without anything other than rest (she’s 35).  Personally, I still have my Recruit-A-Friend account active for another week or so.  The idea of triple the XP for these is definitely appealing.

Another reason to do them is if you do like achievements, especially titles.  This is the time of year to earn “The Hallowed.”  You can see in the picture what the achievements are that are required for the title.  Seeing that I only need a couple, I might try for it myself this year.  The nice thing about Tricks And Treats of Azeroth is that it only requires Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and Outland.  There are achievements for Northrend and Pandaria, but they’re not requisites for The Hallowed.

Perhaps you don’t want The Hallowed all that much but are keen on 310 flying speed for cheap?  Or you want the Violet Proto Drake.  Basically, “A Long Strange Trip” is you goal.  In that case, you need The Hallowed to complete the meta achievement.  I know that’s the case with Magik, and I’ll be doing what I can over the next two weeks to help him with that.

And there’s just the simple fact that it resembles Hallowe’en.  For many people, that’s reason enough to celebrate and take part.  Maybe off the Horseman once or twice (or as someone referred to him today, the Headless Lootman).  Get creative with the transmog’s and create a festive costume.  Regardless, the latest seasonal event is upon is and there’s certainly plenty of reasons to indulge in the goings-on.  Whatever your reason, hope you enjoy yourself.

Reputation Changes Are Coming

Property of BlizzPlanet

Remember a couple of months ago when I talked about the grinds for reputation, particularly as it pertained to recipe collecting on alts?  Well, it’s as if Blizzard actually read that post and decided there was some merit to it.  I was catching up on The Godmother’s latest thoughts when I came across her post about it.

Basically, once you have a character reach Revered with a faction, all toons on your Battle.net account begin earning double the reputation with that faction.  So if Fireflint is Revered with the Thorium Brotherhood, all of my other characters will earn double reputation while Fireflint himself earns double the rep as he goes from Revered to Exalted.

My thoughts?  Why the heck does Blizzard have a knack for giving players a partial gift?  That’s my knee jerk reaction.  It most certainly is an improvement, but could be a lot better still.  Thinking it through, though, I’m glad they’re making some type of effort -particularly for altoholics and those with several professions.  I’m sure there’s many Mists players who will appreciate this change and I know anyone who played during Burning Crusade and Wrath wish they could’ve had this for their shoulder enchants (Cataclysm to some degree as well).   It will also help with the Guild Achievement of 55 reps (presuming your toons are in various guilds).  Get it on one toon and you can get it faster on any other, which will only help your various guilds.

There’s one other thing to consider with this announcement and that’s the fact that there’s no mention about when they’ll be implementing this system.  Could be next week, could be January.  So while I want to applaud the idea, I think I’ll wait until it’s actually in effect.  Until then you can find me in the Dance Studio.

Pandas: Day One

If you’re reading this, you’re certainly among a select few at this point.  It’s as though something has pulled almost everyone away from blogging for some odd reason.  All kidding aside, the blog has taken a hit in views over the past 12 hours as everyone digests the new hotness in Azeroth.  As you can see in the picture, I started the day off (WAY TOO EARLY) grinding out the last bit of rep that Tumunzahar needed to be Exalted with the guild.

This was actually after I wanted to level Jewelcrafting.  Turns out you need the expansion to go from 525-600.  Stands to reason.  Though getting the gold for my JC panther will take more care on my part.  More flipping and relying on others it would seem.  But, in going for the guild rep this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cooking tokens were now merged (and yet, Jewelcrafting still gets shanked).  That will make getting the missing Dalaran recipes much faster.

I also began the process of evaluating Team Amateur.  What that basically means is going through, character by character and performing the following checklist:

  • Is the character remaining?
  • Do I have any plans for them if they are?
  • What is in their bags?
  • What is in their bank(s)?
  • How are their professions?
  • Again, do I have a reason to keep this character?

It probably sounds silly to ask the question twice, but after evaluating that information it’s good to reconsider the idea.  It’s also odd to see what I have in some of these banks.  Now granted, I always advocate doing this type of thing before an expansion but as I am not partaking in said expansion…well, now seems as good a time as any.  So far Mortevache and Kinahta (Kirin Tor) are gone, but the latter was re-rolled some time ago on Blade’s Edge.  At least three more toons will be deleted and I think I’m going to move my 57 Warrior to another server.  More than anything, I want to get certain things to my Horde toons, such as Heirlooms (and yes, gold and transmog items).

Pet Battles.  Son of a bitch are they fun!  I mean, I kind of thought they would be.  I didn’t think I would be as into them as I am.  No, really.  Check the evidence:

I believe at this point I am 16-3.  I’ve seen some people say they’re hard.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been using the Spirit of Competition, but the only time I come close to losing is if I take on a level equivalent creature and forget to heal him up first.  Like I said, it’s fun.  I just need to figure out how to profit off of it.  I’ve certainly figured out ways to get some of the pets dirt cheap (seriously, I snagged a Red Dragonhawk Hatchling for a silver and Tome managed to get Willy for 11g).

Another pleasant surprise this morning was Draynee tipping me off that Pandas are available to anyone and everyone.  Mists or not.  Apparently the story goes, Blizzard didn’t want people inviting their friends to play WoW and those people getting irked at not being able to roll a Panda off the hop (this happened a fair bit in Cataclysm).  So I can make Pandas.  I hadn’t planned on making a Panda.  I hadn’t wanted to make a Panda.  Damnit…I’m making a Panda.

To Do List (No Buckets)

That’s Liouxpold making his way to Lower City, following the completion of his Netherdrake Rep.  I hadn’t done it before and I have to say it was really enjoyable -the lore of it was well done and tells us more about the Dragonflight.  Plus the “Booterang” is just hilarious.  Now that I’ve finished that, I still have a list of things I need to get done.  Not in a “before Mists arrives” sort of way, just things that need to get done.

  • Finish mailing out the Mogolympics prizes.
  • Get more links working on the Mogolympics site.  Pretty Fly Draenei offered to help and I think I did the right thing in accepting.  Too much burnout doing it on my own, but I’m too damn stubborn to ask for help.  Taurus much?
  • Post my guide to the Netherdrake Reputation grind
  • Post more of the upcoming Laid Back Raids.  At least this weekend’s is up now (much to the delight of Arvash, no doubt).
  • Add a few more header images to “flavour” up the site.
  • Get my other blog off the ground.  At least it has a name now -I think.
  • Execute my character purge in WoW.
  • Find out how people are doing in the 2012 challenge.
  • Start posting that other Mogging idea I touched on last week.
  • Update my blog roll

Hopefully now that I’ve posted this list, it’ll be easier to start knocking them off.  There’s no timeline -well, save for a couple of the items, so it’s not like there’s pressure.  Sure, there’s self-imposed “get that done” in my head, but no outside influence weighing on me.  Now that I’ve said that, time to have at some of it.

Reputation Precedes Me

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is repgrind.  No, not that Repgrind.  Grinding out reputation, specifically as it pertains to professions.  For those of us who have several alts on a server, with different professions, that means we likely have to grind a certain reputation several times over -just to get the recipes on each toon.  We need to improve our standing with them before they hand out the goods.  Well, makes sense to me.  But if my Hunter is Exalted with Honor Hold, why should it matter what he wants to buy from the Quartermaster?

My Hunter has a fine standing with a faction and while I can’t be absolute, there’s a good chance he gets along well with my Priest, my Shaman, my Rogue…you get the idea.  At the very least, he gets along with the ones of the same faction or the same guild.  You can probably see where I’m going with this already.  What if patterns were BoA, but in the same style as Heirlooms originally were?  In the beginning, Heirloom gear could only be sent to characters on the same account, on the same server, and of the same faction.  To me, this system could just as easily work for Quartermaster items (though today I’m focusing just on the Profession benefits).

With achievements account-wide in less than 10 days, there’s zero reason to get Exalted with “that one toon” any longer -save for sentimental reasons.  You can obtain it with any particular one for the achievement.  Once you’ve done so, there’s less reason to do it again…especially with Head Enchants disappearing in Mists.  Devil’s Advocate suggests well, if you really want the Quartermaster items, you should be willing to do the work to get them.  That’s true.  But we’re entering an expansion with more emphasis on casual playing and situations where people don’t have large periods of time.  This is one of those things that could be done quite easily, without impacting the rest of the game.

Sure, my reasons are partly selfish.  I won’t deny that.  But I also can’t really argue against what makes it a good idea.  Mounts are now accoun twide, and pets are as well (let’s not notpick which ones right now, as it impacts this discussion very little).  Some Quartermasters have an item or two that’s BoA as it is.  This is a complete change that simply makes sense.

Why Visit Elders

We’re a couple of days in now, and I find myself visiting a few Elders here and there with my plethora of characters.  For one, the Lunar Festival is my favourite in-game holiday (which I’ve discussed before).  But also, because for the ones that are easily accessible for my toons, it’s pretty easy experience.  That’s not the only reason to do the Lunar Festival event though.

Achievements: Whether you’re going for the grandest of the World Event ones, or you simply want as many achievements as possible, visiting the elders in the various zones will get you points in each.  There’s also some fireworks achievements as well.

The “Elder” Title: This could fall under achievements, but perhaps all you want is the title and the achievements are just a secondary.  Myself, I have this on Siori but have debated this year on getting it for Tumunzahar.

Experience: As I mentioned, the Elders are easy xp.  You get to them, complete the quest of finding them, and reap the rewards.  There’s far more you could have to do in order to level.  Heck, it’s something easy to do while you’re in queue.

Guild: Whether you’re looking to kick some experience to your guild, or improve your rep with them, you can get both from doing these.  Again, there are far worse ways to go about it.

Rep: If you seek more reputations, the Lunar Festival improves your standing with the Cenarion Circle.  If you’ve got any non-gathering professions on your toon, there’s a good chance you can find a recipe (or more) you’re missing.

Lanterns: Alliance have the Lunar Lantern and the Horde have the Festival Lantern.  Each one requires 50 Coins of Ancestry (which you receive from each Elder you visit).  If you’re a pet collector, you’re probably all over both by now.  If you’re looking to make some gold, they seem to be 10k on their own faction and double that on the opposing faction.  Again, server amount may vary.  But at this point, it’s not important.  Don’t sell now.  Think about it for a second.  The Lunar Festival concludes and then how do people get the Lanterns?  They can’t for an entire year.  It’s no different from the Winter Veil pets.  They’ll be worth the most a few months from now, so just stash them away if you can visit enough Elders.

If the Lunar Festival wasn’t for you before, there may be a reason or two here for you to indulge now.  Of course, if you’re among The 2012 participants, your toons should definitely be hitting up any nearby Elders for the xp.  Speaking of which, wanted to welcome Effraeti to the challenge now as well, bringing us to eight.

Enjoy your adventures in Azeroth today, as next Tuesday we can expect a normal full day of maintenance.

Hunting Season (Week)

That’s Logard, the “Raptor King.”  Well, it’s hard to be a king at level 35 but he is on his way.  I remember rolling him with a bunch of WoW Ladies members during Wrath and I knew I wanted Creamsickle as his first pet.  Then he snagged a couple of the hatchling pets and I got the idea of what he would be.  As you can see, he also has the Troll Tabard to ensure his mount collection as well. 

I bring him up today as he garnered a couple of levels yesterday, continuing my week of Hunter love.  Liouxpold got to 80, and his two immediate goals are a belt from the Black Knight (try hitting LFD for any specific Heroic Wrath dungeon and see what the wait is like) for a new transmog outfit, and also the Cenarion Expedition rep for the Hippogryph (I get tired of Coilfang).

As I mentioned, Logard got his levels in between housework yesterday.  It’s not much, but these days every little bit counts.  I also took some time to give his Leatherworking and Enchanting a little boost as they were atrocious at best. 

Oddfodder rounded out my Hunter activity for the week.  As you can see by the banner, his Engineering is high enough to make the Flying Tiger Goggles.  He’s sitting at level 15 now, but 20 is on my radar as that’s the level I need to tame the pet I want for him. 

Hrm, I just realized my poor Dwarf Keylgard hasn’t been touched though.  *ahem* Excuse me, I have to go log in for a few minutes…