Out With The Old

When Wrath of the Lich King came out, had I not taken a break I would have had a very good chance at world first level 80 Rogue. I don’t say that as a means of bragging, because well…what’s there to brag about? I didn’t get the achievement. So why bring it up? Well, to illustrate just what I thought of the rogue class at one point. Siori was my main. I loved Combat and then its evolution into Outlaw. So after Saintvache hit 50, I decided she was the next out of the chute.

With the druid and paladin, I fell right back into old habits and rotations and took care of business. Imagine my surprise when that was not the case with my rogue. I got Slice ‘N’ Dice going and made sure poison was equipped and the other usual things. But overall it felt flat. I was incredibly underwhelmed and while I can’t quite put my finger on why, I do think the current state of combo finishers plays a large part. There were more to choose from when I last played. And I found them more affective. Now hitting your rotation is just as easy, but there’s no DoT’s anymore (that I can really see). Dispatch is there for dealing damage and Cheap Shot of course for stunning the target (when Kick just doesn’t do the trick). But overall I just felt I wasn’t putting out as much damage as I used to. It made me really keep an eye on what felt like a depleted survivability.

I did end up getting her to 50 though. How much play she’ll see from here out is up in the air at best. I feel like my Feral Druid does rogue better than rogue does, if that makes sense. Her biggest asset at this point is probably making Enchanting scrolls and opening lock boxes. Not exactly where I expected to be with my rogue if you had asked me a few years back. And if you’re curious, I did look at the other specs. While they might be more optimal, I wasn’t really feeling them all that much more than Outlaw. So, I suppose it is what it is. Perhaps at some point I dust her off again and suddenly the class clicks for me again, I don’t know. But for the short term, the boss is going to be doing her work from behind the desk instead of out in the field.

The Past Is Present

Siori sat at her desk, signing off on several papers that made their way in front of her.  Some were recruit applications (some of which did not get a signature), others supply orders for certain tasks.  A select few held details that only her and two other people would see or know about.  Today, however, this task was to be interrupted by a page.

“Yes Tobias, what is it?” As a guild leader and rogue she had a penchant for being calm, yet strictly to the point when need be.

“Well Miss Siori…um…well, it’s this.”

The young ones were always afraid to interrupt her.  It stemmed from a day she had received mail from her sister for the first time in months.  A girl came in excited to speak to her, and quickly ended up across a table with a dagger and a warning.  Okay, so she wasn’t always calm.

Siori took the envelope and noticed the wax seal immediately.  Rarely did she get sent anything in an envelope and when she did, his seal was never on it.  Hand written notes, signatures.  Even pseudonyms.  But in the years since Deathwing, she had only seen the seal once.  She disposed of Tobias and turned on her heels, envelope in hand.  Siori headed over to the closet, opened the door and then stuck a dagger point into a crack in the corner.  After two clicks, she pushed the back open to reveal a smaller room.  Making her way over to a chair and desk across from the cot, she slipped the dagger through the base of the envelope.  There was but a single piece of parchment in it.

“You made it clear to me that in the future you wished to remain on the sidelines.  You wanted to focus on the tactical side of things.  I vowed to not ask you to come back into the field and I’ve stuck to my word.  In the future, I will continue to do so.  But this isn’t the future.  This is the past, and we need you there.


Siori read the note over several times.  She then walked over to the candle and burned it.  The last act before she left the room, was taking her sword off the wall.


Shared Topic: Wanting What You Can’t Have

As I mentioned, dragonray had this week’s Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth.

What is in game that you want, but you can’t have? Is there an animal you want to tame, a critter you want to collect, a tabard that has the perfect design for a transmog set etc etc.

What is it you want, but know you can’t get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I’d love to say I contemplated this for a lengthy period of time because I’m not greedy or anything like that and couldn’t decide.  However, it was actually a no-brainer.  Two things, and both are for Siori.  The first, is to continue the Fangs of the Father chain.  I still need to pickpocket Hagara and my schedule hasn’t allowed for that.  I love my rogue.  We now have a legendary that’s relatively easy to obtain and yet I can’t manage to make it happen.

The bigger one, I honestly believe doesn’t even exist on her server.  I think the programmer’s overlooked some weird glitch that removed it from the game.  I’ve spent nearly three full days in Deepholm and I have never seen Aeonaxx.  Haven’t even talked to someone who’s taken down the rare…or, again, even seen it.

I’ll see this out my front window before Aeonaxx exists on my server.

Despite my clear-cut bitterness, I really enjoyed this topic.  It’s interesting to see what folks have on their mind when it comes to the idea.  Some are quite simple, some are much more elaborate or difficult.  Heck, I debated the idea of a harmonious player base, but I didn’t want to be completely unrealistic in my answer.

More Moggings

I realized today that after finally updating Siori’s outfit, I never shared it. In making it, I actually started with the White Mask and the chestpiece and went from there.  It definitely feels like a Night Elf Rogue, and more importantly it feels like “Siori.”  Aside from perhaps a contest, this will probably now remain her go to outfit…though I’d like to get her the Fangs of the Father as the final piece(s).  As usual, the full contents of her outfit can be found on her page.

Not to be outdone on my own server (Runetotem-US), I found a great looking Death Knight just inside the Trade District Auction House last weekend.  Decimation was working a great blue theme that really impressed me.  Sure, he had taken four components of the Sanctified Scourgelord set (shoulders, chest, legs, hands), but he complimented it incredibly well.  Going the extra mile to make the tabard suit the outfit is always something I appreciate (when it works, rather than as an excuse), and the Tabard of the Lightbringer is a perfect fit.  Very well done and definitely feels “DK.”  As of this writing he’s sporting a purple theme that’s also well done.  You can see it at his armory page.

Cataclysm Report Card: Classes

I bounced around a few blogs before I came across the subject of Tree Heals Go Woosh asking a few questions about the changes to their character(s) from pre-4.0 to now.  In the spirit of Saz, I’m going to look at it from the two characters I’ve maxed and considered my main toons for quite some time (and also pick and choose the questions I’m answering).

Do you feel that your class is better (in that it is more fun to play, more effective, etc.) now than it was at the end of Wrath?  Do you feel that your class is better now than it was at the beginning of Cataclysm?

Rogue: As a whole, I think it’s definitely better than it was.  The one beef I still have regarding the class is that when we were doing great dps in Burning Crusade people cried foul and instead of pulling the class back a bit, they jacked everyone else.  Still, I am not confident taking my Rogue into anything other than regular 5-mans.  I can harass a bit in PvP, but otherwise I just feel out of my element in a team environment.  I’m confident in my CC abilities, but hitting the high dps marks, I don’t know.

Priests: I think it’s on par in terms of fun compared to pre-4.0 (I’m talking Holy by the way).  Is it easier than when Cataclysm launched?  Absolutely!  No one could understand how Chakras worked and many people (self included) didn’t realize how nerfed Flash Heal became.  Once we as players got it sorted out and Blizzard made the appropriate adjustments, Holy Priesting life was good again.  I do still miss mp5 to some degree though.

Did you switch mains during Cataclysm?  If so, why did you make that choice?

No, I’ve treated my toons the same.  My Rogue was always for hammering away the new quest content, and then I rock & roll healing instances with my Priest.  I love healing…I hate questing as a healer and refuse to dual spec.  If anything, though, I’ve learned to tank in Cataclysm (no end game yet) and find I do enjoy it.  That Tauren Paladin is climbing the ranks of character love insanely fast.

What were your class’/spec’s strengths throughout Cataclysm?  What were its weaknesses?

Combat: The spec continues to be aces for leveling.  I think in terms of PvP and endgame, the other specs offer better alternatives for success.  To me that’s quite alright as that means each spec offers something for someone and that’s a huge success.  What I consider a “weakness” of the spec is the amount of CC I can perform with the role.  In an era where people still measure ability by the dps charts, the role has a number of interrupts and stuns that can make fights easier but at the loss of some damage.

Holy: Weakness?  It’s hard for me to say because I don’t have any other type of healer at an endgame to compare to.  But I find I’m not as deep mana wise as I used to be, though I’ve worked on better management of that.  Strengths?  The two healing Chakras are great, Leap of Faith occasionally teaches lazy dps to move, and Blizzard made us Lightwell healers popular again.

How, if at all, did Cataclysm’s revamp of the talent trees affect your class?  Did you feel that these were changes for the better or for worse?

Rogue: When Cataclysm launched, I immediately dual-specced for the first time on Siori.  I kept Combat because I was familiar with it, but I quickly realized Assassination looked much more appealing for damage output.  The removal of weapon specialization hurt the overall combat talent tree in my opinion as each offered a unique way to play the class.

Priest: Once again, Holy just took getting used to.  As I said, Chakra’s made a huge difference, and creating a Lightwell friendly environment was a boon.  I used it pre-Cata but many players weren’t used to it unless they ran with me with something resembling regularity.

Did your class experience any significant changes or additions to its lore during this expansion?  If so, how did you feel about those changes?

Rogue: The big thing people are going to talk about post-Cataclysm for Rogues was our Fangs of the Father.  The class specific legendary is still a “want” for me.  The only other major thing was Mathias Shaw’s heavy leadership in a portion of Twilight Highlands.  I liked it, to be honest.  It beat him just sitting in Stormwind not really doing anything.

Priest: Lore wise?  Well, two of the original races became Priests: Tauren and Gnomes.  One makes sense to me, the other not so much.  In that order.  I’m sure there’s something involving Priests that I’m brainfarting on in terms of lore, but there was nothing really stand-outish for me this expansion.  Let’s face it, the expansion was incredibly Shaman and Druid heavy and I’m quite fine with that.  Burning Crusade felt like a darkness vs. light battle to me and Lich King was all about Death Knights and Paladins (for proper reasons).  Every class gets/will get their turn in the main spotlight and there’s enough lesser light sprinkled throughout that I’m ok with it.

Is your class easier or harder for a fresh 85 to learn now than it was at the end of Wrath?  Is this a good or a bad thing?

Rogue: Honestly, I think Rogues are one of the harder classes to get good at.  You can get by easy enough, but to be really good at it takes practice.  I’ve seen some hit 85 that look natural.  I’ve seen some at 85 that make me think another class might’ve suited that player better.  If a character tries to learn Subtlety at 85, I feel for them.  That’s a curve, but a rewarding curve.

Priest: If you level as a healer, you’ll have no problem as a healer.  I find it’s the people who level dps and then switch at 85 who have the most difficult with the class at that level.  There’s so many options Priests have in terms of healing and debuffs and the Chakras and bubbles that you need to learn what works and you also have to mana manage well to be successful.

Overall, do you enjoy the playstyle of your class more now, at the end of Cataclysm, than you did prior to patch 4.0 at the end of Wrath?  Why or why not?

Rogue: Again, I still enjoy playing the class as much as I did at the end of Wrath, I just don’t have the confidence to be a raid dps with it.  I’d have to do a lot of research and put in a tonne of practice before I felt “good” about that role again.

Priest: Healing in general is just plain fun.  When the success or fail of a raid can depend on the one role that doesn’t really have a rotation (at least certainly not compared to dps and “build aggro” of a tank), I love it.  The Priest remains my favourite class and I don’t think Cataclysm swayed me in a less or more direction.

To Arms: A Chronology

Just to shake it up this morning, I decided to do a pair of Battlegrounds and journal my tribulations. Keep in mind I’m a level 13 Rogue, with no BoA’s and only a couple of low level Enchants.  I’m by no means twinked.  Onward I go in the name of battle!

  • 0:27 Queue for Warsong Gulch
  • 0:29 Warsong Gulch begins
  • 0:29 Head for Flag
  • 0:31 grab Alliance Flag, receive solid heals on run back
  • 0:34 mates snag our Flag back and I cap.
  • 0:36 return our Flag
  • 0:38 grab Alliance Flag for attempted win
  • 0:38 dead four seconds later.  Seems they decided to defend finally.
  • 0:39 escort a flag run, but they caught up to us
  • 0:39 took on another Rogue one level higher and meaner than I
  • 0:41 got our flag back from the level 10.  I fear no lowbie!
  • 0:44 went into their tunnel…oh hey, there’s four of them.
  • 0:44 waited to rez
  • 0:45 ganked two Hunters in their flag room
  • 0:45 grabbed flag, but their Rogue got me again
  • 0:50 we cap
  • 68 Honorable Kills, 4 Deaths, 10 Killing Blows, 2 Flag Returns, 1 Flag Capture

You know, it only stands to reason that when I “document” the battleground, everything goes fine.  There was great communication, people worked as a team, and there was success 3-0.  It really goes to show that when people actually work together, bg success isn’t too hard to obtain.

  • 0:54 Queue for Warsong Gulch
  • 0:54 cringe at Warlock with 140 health at level 14.
  • 0:54 jaw drop at level 10 Priest with 800 health.
  • 0:57 get it started, sap a Paladin going for flag, then gank him
  • 0:59 decide to go for Flag
  • 0:01 die after running past four other teammates…none of which though to turn around and run beside me.
  • 0:03 Kill Rogue plaguing our casters
  • 0:05 Go for Flag
  • 0:06 die with Flag in our tunnel >_<…yet again, not an ally in sight…passed plenty
  • 0:07 died again
  • 0:07 ganked near graveyard
  • 0:09 decide to go 1 on 1 with level 14 Rogue…oh he has nice gear.  I inspect this while dead
  • 0:10 Others are going for flag, decide to farm honor with a couple teammates
  • 0:13 cap 3-0
  • 81 Honorable Kills, 5 Deaths, 5 Killing Blows

This battleground, while just as successful, was far more frustrating as a flag carrier. Both times I got the flag I passed teammates who just kept right on going.  Dying in our tunnel was the more annoying of the two, as any help likely would’ve resulted in a capture.  Fortunately we had a couple people drop group and the new ones that came in decided communication is a good thing and they worked together to get our final two captures.


Armory Info

Outfit #1
Head: Ranger Hat
Shoulders: Furious Gladiator’s Leather Spaulders
Chest: Flamestrider Robes
Belt: Cutthroat’s Belt
Gloves: Red Whelp Gloves

Outfit #2

Head: Mask of the Unforgiven
Shoulders: Ravenwing Pauldrons
Back: Well Oiled Cloak
Chest: Boneshredder Jerkin
Hands: Gloves of the “Pure”
Waist: Cutthroat’s Belt
Legs: Vicious Wyrmhide Legs
Feet: Expedition Boots
Hands: Lhakaz’s Swiftblade