Outlandish Memories

Since we’re going back in time to visit Outland soon, I thought it would be good to think back on what it was like to go there in the modern version.  So here’s my take on some of the good and the bad.

The Dark Portal
Granted I didn’t actually go through the portal until a few months before Wrath launched, but it was still a pretty cool feeling the very first time.  When you’re talking about the exciting things in Outland, going through the door for the first time has to be among the list.  Even the Mannoroth fight kind of had me going “am I going to aggro that thing?!?!”

The Shaman And The Wolf
For this, you genuinely needed to play Horde.  There is a short quest chain in Terokkar Forest where the text tells the true story and the connection.  Malukaz explains a great deal over the three quests and it’s unfortunate the Alliance don’t get something similar.  I’m glad I got the chance to stumble across this one.

For whatever reason, I always found the zone relatively quick to go through, even if I don’t do poop quests.  But more importantly than that, the zone is gorgeous.  It’s like nothing I’ve seen, except for Avatar…but I think that movie ripped off half of Outland anyway.

Shadowmoon Valley
“What happens in Shadowmoon Valley, stays in Shadowmoon Valley.”  Actually, what happens in SMV is a lot of fun.  You have the Netherdrake Mount acquisition, and most important of all: Black Temple.  Let’s face it, the moment Illidan showed up in the trailer, people were clamoring for the chance to have that fight.  Sneaking in through the side lead to one of the better raid dungeons in the game (even if it’s a bit confusing to navigate some days).

Hellfire Penninsula
I’m tempted to find the person who programmed this zone and have then taken out and flogged.  As a plate wearing class, I did fine. Anything else and I spent way too much time fighting boars, because no matter where you went they seemed to have an aggro circle that was half the damn zone.  Even the quests themselves didn’t really do much for me.

This makes almost everyone’s list of best zones in the game.  Not just Outland, the game.  I swear it got the Avatar treatment as well, but that’s not necessarily the point here.  The waterfalls in the sky, the land itself, it’s just beautiful.  Some really good questing (I like working for the Ethereals, myself), and a few chains that really bring the lore together.  Of course, there’s the Nesingwary quests as well that you’ll either love or want to punch someone in the end.

Hellfire Ramparts
“Ramps” was a great introduction dungeon for Outland.  It was a straight forward process that had a 1-2 option for the last two bosses.  The way it was laid out, you had to be careful not to aggro another group nearby.  So proper pulls were in order, along with keeping an eye on well placed patrols.  To this day it’s a dungeon I enjoy, even though most times you run it now it’s “GO! GO! GO!.”

Shattrath City
There really wasn’t anything overwhelming about the city itself (aside from the Aldor plummet, which we’ve probably all done once).  Perhaps the He-Man reference was pretty amusing.  But it was the fact it was a neutral city is why I remember it fondly.  It was the first time Horde and Alliance pass one another in a city without one or the other dying.  Sure, we’ve had one every expansion since (save for Cataclysm…but it had a few neutral locations)…but it’s the original I’ll always remember.

What about yourself?  I’m sure there are some annoying things I forgot to include, and some wonderful things as well.  My list is items that jump out at me the most without going back and exploring again….which now that I’m back, I just might do.

Another Musings Post

I find myself with a great many thoughts on a great many things, but at the moment none of them amounts to a full post.  As such, you get another set of random ramblings this morning.

  • Got my soundtrack in to ALT:ernative.  60 minutes was just cruel.  Back in my cassette making day, 90 was the way to go.  As it was my original compilation was closer to 120 minutes.
  • Having mentioned “playlists” in my post the other day, I really see that coming to fruition either later this month or early in March.  Too many ideas already.
  • Stonetalon Mountains is my favourite Horde quest area thus far.  The quests are moderately fun, there’s a few really funny comments, and I knocked off levels ridiculously fast for not having BoA’s.
  • If you don’t understand why the Lovebird sells for more than a Chopper, you don’t understand economics at all.
  • Your situation is worse if you don’t understand it a month from now.
  • Claws of Nature hit Level 9 this week.
  • After we came up just shy Sunday night, I logged on and did two dailies Monday night.  Done and done.  Yay!
  • I want level 10 for cloaks.  Not good when I want character levels elsewhere.  I see a time issue, but it will happen.
  • Getting to level 10 will take a while.  I gave up trying to form a raid.
  • Even the night people said they were free, few ever actually are.
  • Twice in the last month I’ve set a record for site visits.  That’s an awesome feeling.
  • Checking the “what linked people here” and finding random forums talking about me is also an awesome feeling.
  • Raiding is 2011.  Transmogging is 2012.  Start profiting NOW.
  • Expect a detailed post on that in the coming days.
  • Hrm, I have been challenged.
  • I should really take Tumunzahar into the final HoT 5-man.  It’s the only one I’ve not done yet.
  • Why do I keep grouping with dps Shamans who refuse to drop totems?
  • Seriously, just because you’re not Resto does not mean it wouldn’t help even in a 5-man.
  • I have no idea how the Love Is In The Air dungeon fight works.  I just heal through it.  No one (short of the guide by Tome of the Ancients) has ever bothered explaining it.  All I know is I aggro huge when healing it.
  • Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats.  To learn or not to learn?  Money is the question.  Perfect recipe book is probably the answer.
  • No Mists of Pandaria this year?  I’m actually ok with that.  Folks who signed up for a year might not be as content and that’s understandable.
  • I wonder if we’ll get anything new between now and Mists…
  • I’ve never levelled a Paladin to 20.  Now I have one past 30 and he’s starting to pull me, with a sign that looks like a faint “8” and “5.”
  • Liouxpold is camped in Zangarmarsh.
  • He’s not coming out until he’s Exalted and has that damn Hippogryph.
  • He’s about halfway to Exalted.
  • I can only take so much Naga.
  • I miss when Hunter pets took off after what you shot at.  It’s a little thing I don’t understand why they changed (especially when they removed Aggressive pet behaviour setting from the game).
  • I have seen Loque’nahar 5 times roaming the wild but have yet to see another spirit beast.
  • I don’t think I want to go anywhere near his spawn point until I have an actual Beast Master hunter.
  • Speaking of which, Oddfodder now has a color changing crocodile named “Fido.”
  • This is why playing a character is more fun than just killing time on a toon.
  • I want those ampm cups, all of them.
  • I live in Canada.  This leads to a rather flawed hope.
Behold the generosity of The Godmother!

Rollin’ With The Gnomes

Was a good week for my Shaman Carrera, that concluded a few moments ago.

Oddly enough, both my Shamans hit key levels the past few days, Carrera getting 50 as you can see and Egwydorian is now 30.  As I want Loremaster on her, each zone takes a bit longer than it needs to.  But, getting back to Carrera you can see that she hit Exalted with a rep.  As an Engineer, it was just natural for her:

I’ll have to work on her outfit yet, as it looks somewhat strange on the Peep.  That it passes right through the robe is somewhat odd looking as well.  In all fairness, as she’s riding it looks like a smokestack out her tush.  Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to do the Winterspring daily on my Hunter for my next mount.

Need Roll – 88

After much technical difficulty this week, I find myself with a nice new laptop. Things got up and running just in time to run a couple of randoms with Carrera as she grinds Gnomer rep for her “Peep.” She’s now about half way to Exalted, after visits to Dire Maul and Stratholme. For the most part, times were good though I had a tank who liked to pull everything despite being a bit under-geared. I’m amazed how people still underestimate Dire Maul, I really am. What I’m truly amazed at is the fact people are rolling on everything now. Saw a Rogue roll on Blue Plate gear, a Tauren Warrior roll on Healing Cloth, and a Hunter roll against me on Mail gloves that had Spirit & Intelligence.

With a little digging, I’ve found people seem to be carefree about “ninja” rolling on lower levels. They seem to think people won’t care because they’ll be three levels higher tomorrow. Whether that is actually the case or not, people still need to actually be able to do their part. Some folks are also twinks. They don’t necessarily plan to be three levels higher. They might want to stay at the level they’re at. But most importantly of all, there’s common sense and courtesy. Then again, I’ve heard people more and more frustrated over antics such as this. Is it new players who don’t know better? Is it new players that don’t care? Is it old players that don’t care? It could also be there’s the same amount of ignorance that always existed, only we’re more exposed to them via the random dungeon finder.

What do you think? Is there a reason there seems to be more “jerks” than before and have you encountered many?

A Month?

I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t posted in over three weeks.  That certainly wasn’t my intention upon announcing my return.  In truth, I’ve not played World of Warcraft as much as I might have liked.  With a little one in the house, it gets harder to keep one eye on Azeroth and one on him.

In the 26 days since you last heard from me, Egwydorian (pictured above) has gotten to level 25.  I’ve discovered in the Wetlands the old raptor nest area is now an archaelogical site, complete with living fossils.  A nice little change.  I continue to adjust to playing an Elemental Shaman after having Carrera in the Restoration tree.  Alas, she’s not seen any action in quite some time.

My Warrior Levache remains at level 10.  I finally got the urge to go crazy again with him, and discovered a giant wall where the road out of Thunder Bluff used to be.  It’s little things like that I am enjoying again.  Surprises, as it were.

As well, Clawmantle is now level 8 and in Stormglen.  This will be the third Worgen I’ve run through the start zone, so I know it well and I have managed to avoid any real near death experiences.  At least he has already passed Xelkrik’s point of expiration.

So yes, in the time I have I seem to be spending it puttering around on my lower level characters.  I did, early in the month, burn through Uldum on Siori.  I really enjoy that zone, and everything about it.  I believe she has just a few quests left to knock off in it.  She’s also getting close to 85 so the two might go hand in hand.

Twenty Days of World of Warcraft Day Fourteen: Healin’ Tankin’ or Nukin’

Thou Shall Not Die

If you’re keeping tabs, you know this one’s easy for me.  I love healing.   I remember back when I started playing WoW, I did a little bit of digging on the different roles.  To this day I recall a line about “having thick skin because it will inevitably be your fault.”  I laughed at the time, but it really is true.  I remain undaunted, however.

Whether it’s Heroics and endgame with Tumunzahar, or in the mid-levels with my Shaman Carrera, I love the challenge.  While there’s strategy to be had on most fights, there’s not a rotation like there is with other roles.  You can stay ahead of the curve, and react as best you can when needed to.  Some use macros, and others addons.  I’m a barebones healer.  Let me adjust my UI to include all my spells and I’m good to go.  I love telling that to raid groups after they compliment me. 

In Lich King, our role was somewhat reduced.  The tank rounded everything up and the dps just burned it all down.  With Cataclysm, however, things hit hard.  Also, the roundup doesn’t work anymore.  Of course that means if someone makes a mistake, it’s usually our workload that increases until the group gets things settled down again.  It can get frustrating, but often times there are few things better than defeating a boss after some near deaths that were avoided simply by some timely healing spells.