Running some of the Horde Garrison quests in Shadowmoon Valley on the weekend and I came across a rare spawn.

DemidosRight away the name sounded familiar, but to be honest I was drawing a blank as to why.  I didn’t really care because a rare is a rare.  A Human Mage and Nelf Druid had come strolling up and I figured the three of us could probably take it down.  That didn’t happen.  I have no idea where they went, or they died.  I quickly realized I couldn’t take it down on my own and sent out a message. Repgrind was in immediately, and Arv was close behind.  Unfortunately, we learned Arvash didn’t have the flight path to Shadowmoon Valley yet, being a fresh 100.  It was also around this time where I remembered what made Demidos special: the Servant of Demidos.

Rep and I decided to tackle him anyway and we got him down to about 10% before we died.  We learned his health pool climbs based on the number of people in the fight.  As we were rezzing, a Gnome got into the fight.  We fought hard and got him down.

RealityA nice little achievement there.  Now the key to the fight is easily your health.  Demidos has an ability that knocks your health down 25%.  Not total health, mind you.  Just current health.  So heavy top-up heals are not really a great idea in this fight.  If you can do some HoT’s then you’re in better shape.  I know my health sat below 35% for most of the fight.  But I just kept Rejuvenation active as much as I could.  Rep was busy on her end and we managed to take him down a second time on her server.  Unfortunately there was no loot the second time around.  I was disappointed because Repgrind had gotten a necklace that was of no use.  I wanted her to get the pet…same as I did!

SoDIncredibly ecstatic to have the Servant drop.  In briefly perusing the new Draenor pets, this was probably the one I wanted the most.  I definitely couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it in the loot.  I tried to carry that luck over and nab some raid pets.  Once again Tempest Keep and Karazhan offered me nothing.  But still, getting this guy made my weekend.  And I couldn’t have gotten it without Repgrind’s help!

That Poor Belf

Shhhh….pretend we’re Avon calling.

For this week’s Laid Back Raid, we had a solid turnout, including at least four new players with us -which was awesome in itself.  Don’t know if it was timing or if people just really don’t like Kael’thas all that much as I had scheduled Tempest Keep for the night.  We just blew through the place, not surprisingly.  I believe Liouxpold got a Leatherworking recipe out of it, but can’t recall for certain.  I know I saw a few need rolls for Mog items, so that always makes me happy.

With such a large group to tear through the place it was evident from the get go we would be hitting more than one raid on this night and my first suggestion was well received and we headed off to a certain Temple in Shadowmoon Valley.

Honestly, there were a fair number of achievements that went off at the end of that raid, which again made me happy.  Always nice to see people hit a raid for the first time.  I joked when we got to Illidan that he needed to drop a glaive, the bow, and his shield (hey, we got a glaive and shield one night, why not be a bit greedier?).  Well, he did drop one of those items, and I was quite happy.

Unfortunately now is the matter of building an outfit for him.  My first two designs involved Yogg-Saron (10N) or Freya (25N).  Barring some pug somewhere, Lioux’s not hitting Ulduar any time soon.  I have other toons that will go first.  Then again, should I really be working on Mog outfits when I’m in the middle of a Mog contest?