Second Ring Of The Circus


So that’s what he looks like!

I hate to say it, but until yesterday, I’d never seen the Ley-Guardian. I’ve lamented my PuG adventures, though I’ve neglected to mention the lack of success I’ve had in The Oculus. On the few occasions I’ve gotten together in a group, we always died on Mage-Lord_Urom.

In fact, even in yesterday’s run it looked inevitable. The DK tank we had seemed to be content to tank him on his Frost Bomb. As a Rogue, you can imagine how much use I was with that strategy. Well, after we wiped, I pointed out that wouldn’t work. I got the impression this was the first time the tank had challenged the Mage, so there was still hope. She decided to tank him in the opposite direction, and I told the ranged dps to stay ahead of the FB rather than follow behind it. This proved to be much more successful.

As I had taken the healing drake, it was off to Eregos himself. The stage is epic the first time you go up there. The fight itself was a serious let down. I was on Emerald, so I was healing. I cast a total of four heals before the fight was over: two on the tank, and two on dps (separate Amber drakes).

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the dragon fighting (which Northrend just continues to deliver over and over in various forms) and the only chance I’ll have at instance healing any time soon. Still, I guess after all the struggle to get to Eregos, I guess I wanted a bit more.