To Do List (No Buckets)

That’s Liouxpold making his way to Lower City, following the completion of his Netherdrake Rep.  I hadn’t done it before and I have to say it was really enjoyable -the lore of it was well done and tells us more about the Dragonflight.  Plus the “Booterang” is just hilarious.  Now that I’ve finished that, I still have a list of things I need to get done.  Not in a “before Mists arrives” sort of way, just things that need to get done.

  • Finish mailing out the Mogolympics prizes.
  • Get more links working on the Mogolympics site.  Pretty Fly Draenei offered to help and I think I did the right thing in accepting.  Too much burnout doing it on my own, but I’m too damn stubborn to ask for help.  Taurus much?
  • Post my guide to the Netherdrake Reputation grind
  • Post more of the upcoming Laid Back Raids.  At least this weekend’s is up now (much to the delight of Arvash, no doubt).
  • Add a few more header images to “flavour” up the site.
  • Get my other blog off the ground.  At least it has a name now -I think.
  • Execute my character purge in WoW.
  • Find out how people are doing in the 2012 challenge.
  • Start posting that other Mogging idea I touched on last week.
  • Update my blog roll

Hopefully now that I’ve posted this list, it’ll be easier to start knocking them off.  There’s no timeline -well, save for a couple of the items, so it’s not like there’s pressure.  Sure, there’s self-imposed “get that done” in my head, but no outside influence weighing on me.  Now that I’ve said that, time to have at some of it.

Thank You

Now that it’s all said and done, and my eyes aren’t crossed, I can get to the important part.  This was a lot of work, but even more fun to have done.  To all the participants, thank you for simply putting your work out there.  The closing ceremonies covered much of my thought on the subject but it’s very important just the same to recognize the amount of effort not only in making the outfits, but for putting them out there to be scrutinized and scored and viewed by all.  We all take pride in what we do, so I know how hard that can be to do, especially when there’s a good chance others aren’t going to see the work in the same way. 

To the promotions department, your efforts were appreciated.  I didn’t pay anyone to advertise the competition, nor did I have any grandeur that people would plug it left and right -WoWInsider was a welcomed surprise as well.  But to those who blogged about it, talked about, and tweeted it…Navi, Dragonray, Twisted Nether…just everyone (gotta stop or I’ll feel bad if I miss any of you), thanks so much.  That we had as much interest as we did I attribute to all of your efforts more so than anything I did.

The Azerothian Humane Society.  You requested anonymity in regards to your generous support and I’ve maintained it.  You know who you are and so do I.  But I at least want to take the time to thank you for offering up the very generous prizes.  I had some ideas in mind and when you brought forth your offer, it was nice to be able to come up with just a bit more.  I still look back on the conversation we had with awe and humbleness.

My fellow judges.  You must have relished the e-mail titled “The Last One.”  For the past six weeks I’ve pummeled your Inbox and Real ID with message after message after message.  You never once took me to task, questioned me, or told me off.  I recognize and appreciate not only the work you did, but the patience to endure all that I put you through.

Speaking of patience, I saved the most important for last.  My wife.  In the last month, to say nothing of the last week or so, I’ve been buried at the computer far more often than I would have liked.  Some quick math today tells me I spent close to 100 hours from the entry deadline until now working on this.  That’s over four full days.  Never once did you point out any responsibilities that were lacking.  Never once did you say “can you come away from that.”  You just encouraged me the whole way.  To some, it might not seem like a big deal, but I know how consumed I was while working on this and to have that support unconditional was pretty awesome. 

If you’re looking on from the outside, I hope it doesn’t seem like this contest could have been that involving.  It means that it was executed properly from start to finish.  But I can say with all honesty, it was far more involving than what I expected when I thought it up back in March.  It was far more work than what I expected, though I openly admit to self-creating a good portion of that.  Yes, Matty, this is where you can say “told you so.”  I really didn’t realize just what we were in for when I officially announced the contest in July. 

But I wouldn’t change any of it for all the gold in Azeroth.  It was a tonne of fun, and something I hope you all enjoyed being a part of.

Thanks again,
JD Kenada

Mogolympics – Closing Ceremonies

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome!  On behalf of Exodar and many other nations here, thank you for joining us.  My name is Carrera, and I will be closing out the games for you tonight.   And if you whistle like that again, your backside will require amputation to remove my hoof.

To start the proceedings this evening, we have four very special awards to hand out.  After all was said and done, and the judges had cast their votes on every single outfit, they were then asked to pick one in particular -or, their Judge’s Choice.  All four had the same response: how the heck do I pick just one???  So, each approached it from the perspective of the outfits that most impressed them, but failed to make it to the podium this year.  What better time to hand out these awards than during our closing ceremonies?

“It was really difficult to pick just one outfit for Judge’s Choice.  There were over 400 outfits to choose from, many of them just amazing.  I finally decided to limit myself to my top picks for each event, as long as that top pick didn’t actually win a medal.  It was still a tough choice, but I decided on Freestyle entry 28!  (I still have no idea who created which outfit.  Darn anonymity!)  I love this outfit.  I tend to go for outfits that are brightly colored or visually dramatic in some way because I want my characters to stand out, so I love the high contrast gold and black here.  I also like the limited color palette and how all the golds match each other in color and lustre.  The way the shield seems to pick up the design from the legs is fantastic.  Oh, and the model is a female Tauren, which is about the most awesome thing ever.  I love how the black of the outfit blends into the black of her fur.  It makes me want to roll a black-furred female Tauren Paladin/Warrior just so I can recreate this look.” -Khizzara

Congratulations Sunreavers. With your selection comes a Purple Puffer loot pet!

“This was difficult and easy paradoxically. When judging the events and the multitudes of entrants, for me, I had to work to narrow it down and create a matrix to strive for fairness and balance as much as possible. But this entrant doesn’t really fit in the Olympics athletism, and she’s not shown with a cycle, or any of the extra attention to details that many contestants put forth. But, this was one of the first entrants I just thought to myself, “Yeah! If this rock-and-roll grandma were a character in a story, she is someone I would love to know!” I just dig her style. She reminds me of the grandmother in Napolean Dynamite–a strong lady who doesn’t take any gruff, and goes riding on the dunes with her much-younger boyfriend. Sexiness is a state of mind, and that is cool indeed.” –Matty

Congratulations Argent Crusade! With your selection comes a Nightsaber Cub loot pet!

“Okay, I had fainted when I read this but they finally brought me around, lol! Pick another! I have about 30 favorites! But I went back and looked closely at my perfect 10’s.  Okay, you can see I was heavily influenced by Catwynn on this one. Went back and forth between this and another contestant but, yep, human male archer number 6!” –Tome of the Ancient

Congratulations Stormpike! With your selection comes a Gregarious Grell loot pet!

“To pick one outfit out of over 450 is an insurmountable task.  You could ask me a dozen times to do this and there’s a good chance I’d have a different answer every time.  But, after looking through all the entries again I remembered something about this outfit.  When I first saw it, my jaw dropped.  The colours immediately jumped out at me.  It was an amazing blend and used a staff I wouldn’t dream of building an outfit around (it wasn’t the only one either).  I scored it a perfect ten and remember my genuine surprise when it didn’t win a medal.” -JD Kenada

Congratulations Bilgewater Cartel! With your selection comes a Sand Scarab loot pet!

Also, we have the award for the highest score of the entire Transmogolympic Games.  With a score just a half point shy of perfection, Lower City’s Fencing competitor won this award with a whopping 39.5!!!  Remember to celebrate this incredible accomplishment with your new Nightsaber Cub!

Before we hand out the medals, there’s one more award we’d like to take the time to hand out.  Organizers explained this award would be given way back when the games began.  To understand how this winner was chosen, we’re going to try to explain the formula.  Each event, points were handed out not based on score, but based on position in the standings.  So, a person who finished first received 47 points for that event and a person in forty-seventh received a single point.  We then tallied the combined points of all nine events.  It was possible to not win a medal, but finish first in this particular award.  In the end, the winner of this award was one of the Gold medal winners during the games (and a silver).  This faction only finished outside the top twenty once, and finished in the top five three times.  That defines consistency, and as such the Argent Dawn deserves to be recognized for that effort!  Congratulations!

An auspicious performance of this magnitude deserves to be rewarded, and our friends at the local pet rescue have responded in kind.  On behalf of them, I would like to present you with a Gregarious Grell, Purple Puff, Sand Scarab, and Nightsaber Cub!

*round of applause*

Of course, that brings us to our final recognition.  I need to pause for a moment just to recognize all forty seven participants we had.  Each brought amazing and unique ideas to the table.  Each outfit more stunning than the previous one, and so incredibly difficult to judge.  When the qualifying started two months ago no one really knew what to expect.  That you were only half of the original entries should give you reason to hold your heads high -completing the outfits in the span of time was not an easy task and none of you cut corners.  You all delivered.  It’s because of that, that we wanted each and every one of the athletes recognized for all to see, and to share those outfits with anyone and everyone.  So please join me in the reveal of the Transmogolympic Games official website.

…now then, there is the final matter.  With so many entries and nine events, the games were a challenge.  Several factions picked up more than one medal though.  But one not only picked up a couple of medals, they won gold twice and even added a bronze medal to ensure they stood tallest in the end.  To ensure, they owned the podium.  For that very reason, it puts a big smile on my face to congratulate Lower City as the winner of the inaugural Transmogolympic Games!

2012 Mogolympics Winner

With the victory at the games, you will receive an Owned! Loot Card where you can carry on your celebration by planting flags over fallen enemies on the battlefield, reminding them no one messes with the Transmoggers!

…well, that concludes the first ever Transmogolympic Games.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our extensive coverage this year, and we once again applaud all the participants and organizers for a great event.  See you again.  Good night.

Tides of War Cover Model

Yeah, I feel a lot like Jaina this week.  Not necessarily drowning, but definitely some pressure of a lot of things going on.  I did manage to get the patch installed on my main computer, turns out I just had to update my Windows Emulator (I run on Linux, you may recall) and then things went much more smoothly.  It was finding the right place to do that which lead to a bit of difficulty.  So at least I have piece of mind that fight is over.

I logged on for a few minutes yesterday and amid greetings folks were asking me my thoughts on the changes and while I would love to share them -I can’t.  I’ve posted some Glyphs and I chose my 5 talents for Tumunzahar.  That’s all the time I’ve had.  Well, not entirely true.  I logged on to most of my characters to combine my mounts and pets.  I do like the Mount UI by the way.  Oh, I’m also getting Glyph of Confession as soon as I have time.

I haven’t done anything else because I simply haven’t had the time.  This week was back to work and it’s prep for the kids as they return to school on Tuesday, so there’s a bit of running around.  I have dinner company coming tonight, and am still not done the bathroom or the bedroom. 

Then there’s Mogolympics.  I have to thank my fellow judges again, as the final three events are being shared by them for posting.  As I think the events I posted averaged out to about 8 hours of work each, I’m glad they’ve picked up the final ones.  Of course, the flipside of that is I have the closing ceremonies to do.  I had hoped to have that in much better shape than I do, but I digress there is only so much time in a day…or a week, as it were.  I’m hoping for a worst case scenario of getting that posted on Monday. 

Hope everyone else is delving into the new features, or maybe enjoying Guild Wars 2’s official release.  Either way, I look forward to both myself.  Just a few more hurdles to leap first.