30 Days (April) -An Old God

I know there are several Old Gods of Azeroth, and while we don’t even know about all of them there are a few that we’ve gone up against as heroes.  To me, none is greater than Yogg-Saron.

I remember when the trailer launched.  Man, did I have goosebumps.  The Lich King was always the end boss of the expansion, but Yogg-Saron played a fine secondary threat.  As the developers themselves have said, though, it’s too bad the connection between the two could not have been better established in the game.  Heck, it took me long enough to draw the connection between the Old God and Saronite (for which I felt silly).  “Yoggie” as I called him, was to the Lich King what Kil’jaeden was to Illidan.  Granted, their focus and introduction were very different circumstances.

What intrigued me more about Yogg-Saron was the historical aspect.  It’s a fact the guardians in Ulduar were supposed to keep watch on him, but he unraveled that pretty well beginning with Loken.  Along those lines, it’s believed the Old God was responsible for several major incidents including King Llane killing Garona Halforcen and the corruption of Vordrassil.  The theory on that one is that the trees roots grew too deep and got too close to Yogg-Saron’s prison.  Evidence to support this is the Furbolgs that moved into the long deserted tree and went nuts in the process.

Yogg-Saron comes off as a dormant threat until Ulduar.  But the truth is, it feels more like the Old God just sat and waited, biding time and manipulating where it could so be done.  Even the Scourge curse his name.  When you’re more evil than the bad guys, that tells you more than enough.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Yoggin…

I won’t lie.  For selfish reasons, this weekend and next I scheduled Laid Back Raids for Saturday night and I never know how that is going to turn out.  Some folks have plans and some simply don’t notice.  With Algalon on the schedule for the Alliance last night, I knew for sure that Healblade was out. After that was a crap shoot

We ended up with about seven of us, eight when Zwingli was able to join us early on and then again for the final two bosses.  In 10-man, that was serious zerg.  Well, except for the fact that I wanted an awesome screenshot of Algalon, but instead targeted him and interrupted his little constellation speech.  We wiped when I think he removed the entire floor.  No fight, just more of a “how dare you” as we all died.  So we regrouped and hoped that didn’t happen again.  Well, us Claws of Nature folk…despite “thinking” we were within the platform for the fight, were in fact not.  But at least I got to watch them whoop the star-crossed boss.


I think if you look close you can see Repgrind’s Mage getting off a spell.  I can’t remember if we still had two alive at that point…I know Magik was dead beside me.  I was fine with dying, but disappointed I didn’t get the shoulders to complete Liouxpold’s current transmog.  However, I did win the roll for Avalanche when it dropped from Hodir. It would seem after years of being a crossbow only guy, Liouxpold is turning into quite the bow collector.  Which is probably good.  Man did I get heckled on his behalf last night.  No Guild Page, not Exalted with my own guild, no Cold Weather Flying, “Turn off aspect of the pack,””turn it off again please”…yeesh, it was never ending!

The good news was that we rolled on and I had forgotten Magik had never finished Ulduar, in fact Cat Lady was as far as he had gotten (back when it was current).  So to be able to show him the whole place was great.  To be able to down Yogg-Saron at the end was perfect as well.


Also during the raid, Magik, Mrs, and myself got a pleasant surprise as one of our other guildies (Grexinimi) was on and kinda doing his own thing…


So, needless to say when the raid was over…Magik went straight to Stormwind, while Mrs. and I switched to toons that were Exalted with the guild and we were all proud owners of Dark Phoenix pets.  Magik and I captured the moment…that prissy Hunter Naeda was too good for us, I guess.


LBR Ulduar

Last night was another Laid Back Raid, with an early start time as we dove into Ulduar.  The last time it was attempted was 25-man on Horde side.  So, with the Alliance storming the compound (and a continued average turnout during Mists) I kept it at 10-man.  We had seven to start and one was Seraphinity (Healblade) who was having internet issues.  So again, played it safe.  Towards the end of Flame Leviathan, Dey and Draynee joined up and with three fights left Magik made it as well.  Poor old Yoggie didn’t have a chance.

Starting early was a wise decision as it is still a lengthy excursion.  Alas, poor Shoryl wasn’t able to get her Transmog helm.  Shucks darn.  Guess we’ll have to go back in at some point.  Fortunately, last night also provided me opportunity for a few more screens for IntPiPoMo (click for larger):

All aboard! Next Stop, Myrmiron!


Overhead in Thorim’s Chamber. A little Holy Word: Sanctuary for flair.


Arriving in Algalon’s Chamber.

Of Records And Failures

“Can ye sit still `til the Phink arrives? Nay?”

After my morning adventures with Navimie, Dragonray, and all, the rest of the day was a mixed bag.  As a family we went downtown and took part in our city’s attempt at the World’s Largest Picnic.  Largest or Longest?  I can’t recall now offhand.  Either way, it was really fun to be a part of and we had a great time (despite junior Amateur’s overtired-ness).  Apparently it’ll be a couple of weeks before we get the “official” word on it.  Still, it was definitely a great time either way.

Last night’s Laid Back Raid was to be Ulduar on Alliance.  A few people had asked about this one and I was finally happy to be able to slip it into the schedule.  Unfortunately Cheetah Dave, Jai, and Tome informed me earlier in the day they were unable to make it, but I told both not to worry as we would definitely go back again.  As for the raid itself, even after waiting until eight o’clock (I had bumped it up to 7:30), there was still only four of us.  We tried Flame Leviathan but came up significantly short.  The trash was a breeze, but he was brutal.  I’m wondering if we should have cleared more first, but the 4-man strategy I had found said otherwise.

Realizing we were overpowered at this time, we decided instead to work on Glory of the Hero as we built towards our Red Proto Drakes.  At this point, Mrs. Amateur’s computer was running a bit high and so was our boy’s desire for attention (can’t blame him for that), so she stepped out as well.  That left myself, Shoryl, and Phinkbunny.  We attempted Abuse The Ooze first because we were out there anyway.  Well, we killed the wrong oozes and thus didn’t get the achievement.  Next it was off to Violet Hold, but due to poor bosses on the RNG, the only achievement that popped was Defenseless for Shoryl (but one is better than none!).  Our final location for the night was The Nexus.  Shoryl got Chaos Theory and Intense Cold.  Tum and Phink got frozen to the ground and thus missed out on it.

So, this was the first time there was literally no Laid Back Raid.  Given we’re full swing into summer, that’s to be expected sooner or later.  That we basically turned it into a Laid Back Dungeon run was a nice save and I thanked both Shoryl and Phinkbunny for that.

Dotty Things And Other Fun

Being an EST player, there’s not many people on my friends list that are awake at 5:30 in the morning.  However, from the other side of the world, Navimie and her friends are rocking their evening fun and on this day I had the luxury of being invited.

They were in Ulduar and she asked me to join them (was nice to see Dragonray in there as well!).  Laid Back Raids is going there tonight Alliance side, but it’s one of those places that I never mind going to.  Plus, Saintvache hadn’t been before.  They weren’t going for the mount achievements, but some of the more difficult 25-man ones.  That was fine by me as I was just happy to go, and perhaps pick up something that would inspire a Holy outfit via transmog.  I managed to win Constellus and I’ll see what I can come up with for it

However, most of the discussion for the early run was in regards to “dotty things.”  I had no idea what anyone was talking about.  Then we got to Thorim and his lightning and all made sense.  That’s the nice thing about grouping up with folks, you get in on some of their amusing jokes. And let me tell you, there were several.  I laughed a great deal and it was wonderful.  The Amateur’s voice even made it’s debut online.  Good times were certainly had.