Legendary Amateurs: Book One, Chapter One

“Zarahi,” the Stormcrow interrupted her thoughts.”Your presence is requested in Moonglade.”

The Troll looked at the Druid flying in front of her with audacity. “Do I be knowin’ you?”

In that moment, the crow transformed from it’s slender fowl form into a large creature, bigger than Zarahi and adorned in Earthen tones of nature. An aura of wisdom poured off of him.

Zarahi caught herself. “Archdruid Runetotem! I be apologizin’ for my ignorance.”

The Tauren shook his head. “It’s quite alright. More importantly right now we are preparing a ritual of great importance. We need your assistance. Please accompany me back.”

Zarahi would never turn down a request from Hamuul Runetotem. She revered him more than any other Archdruid…even Malfurion. For whatever reason, thought Zarahi, many other students fawned over Shan’do Stormrage. But Zarahi always found Runetotem to be the one she looked up to. Stoic, reserved when need be, and a wealth of wisdom without all the fanfare. And when need be, as ferocious a defender as she had ever known. No, she would not decline him. With that, they were off to Moonglade, home of the Druids.

The Archdruid spoke as they flew. “I’m pleased you came with me on such short notice. We have a great undertaking here in the Moonglade that is about to begin, one in which you will play a key role.”

Zarahi was confused. She was a Warrior. She spent her efforts fighting at the front of the Horde; even in Draenor she was put in charge of a large outpost by Vol’jin himself. Now suddenly Hamuul Runetotem had plans for her? Despite her admiration for the Tauren, it was hard to believe. As they approached the glade, he finally began to elaborate.

“The Burning Legion has invaded Azeroth, but for us to defeat them we must strike quickly and unexpectedly. We have discovered a Dreamway. A means to travel through the Emerald Dream. We will be able to traverse vast distances of Azeroth with just a short walk through the Dream. We can even access the ancient home of all Druids, Val’sharrah. Malfurion is preparing the ritual to open the Dreamway. Please summon Zen’tabra and Naralex to his side. Only with our combined efforts can we hope to succeed.”

As she nodded and turned away, Zarahi was still all but dumbfounded. Naralex and Zen’tabra? These were Druids who belonged in the glade. They had purpose there. But Zarahi still did not understand what she was doing there at this moment. But off she went just the same.


I AM Prepared

“For Azeroth!” This is what they tell me as they prepare to fight the Burning Legion. As if they are even remotely ready for what they are about to face. I should know, I have fought them. And won. What thanks did I get? Imprisonment.

But now those who imprisoned me, deemed me an asset. They’re that desperate. And they very well should be. I sacrificed so much to join the ranks of the Illidari. I died to open a portal to get my people home. To stop the Burning Legion. But now? Now I will sacrifice everything to put an end to them once and for all. Not for Azeroth, but for all of existence. And unlike the Horde or Alliance…I am prepared.


Karazhan: We’re Going Back

Well. Doesn’t that just get the tingly bits flowing?

I’ve never hid the fact Karazhan remains my favourite instance of all time. There is a ridiculous amount of flavour and lore to the place. Plus it was my first raid ever, so that might be part of my attachment. You never forget your first, after all.

That said, there has been plenty of talk about Karazhan being redone over the years. I think the first I heard of the idea was around the end of Cataclysm or possibly early into Pandaria but the latter seems unlikely. At the time I wasn’t against the idea. Like I said, I absolutely love the place. But because of that, I was afraid they were going to remove the existing raid in favour of the new one. I didn’t want to lose all the characteristics and encounters that made it such a fantastic place.

Which brings us to now. We are going back to Karazhan, in 7.1. Blizzard revealed the footage last weekend with the additional news that it would not be replacing the existing tower. Huzzah! Now obviously it looks as though Mr. Mongoose is back, aka Moroes (Enchanters will get that one). But after that I think the denizens of the tower will be more demonic if the trailer is any indication. But what of “the master will return. Soon?” No idea really, but here’s the other information we do know about the new Kara:

  • The raid will be 5-man. Yes, it’s a dungeon, but way too big to be considered one. 9 bosses! Though that does include however we’ll have in the opera. I honestly can’t wait to see what possible changes come with that.
  • Not only is the old raid staying, but Blizzard has made it clear they have no intention of removing it from the game if for no other reason than historical significance.

Yes, other than the trailer, and a few little nuggets we don’t know much. But 7.1 is expected to be on the PTR shortly after Legion launches next week and at that point we’ll know more.

The Adventures of Lioux and Cat: Part One

Now that Liouxpold is 100, I feel like I can hold my own bounding about in more recent old content, namely Pandaria. We had talked about it before but I wanted to wait until I had hit the century mark to head out with Tome. Finally our schedules were able to coincide that we could actually follow through on the idea, if only for a little while. Since I had only healed a couple of Pandaria dungeons and she hadn’t seen much of them either, we decided to tackle them together. We could probably each solo them, but discovery is always more fun with a friend.

PC001We decided to do them in order from lowest to highest and as you can see…very little issue. I suppose two 100’s will have that effect in most places, particularly the lower level dungeons. So we have three down, and three to go (plus the revamped vanilla ones) before we test our mettle against the raids. I’m sure most people have long completed these tasks, but for the two of us it will be fresh and fun. Oh, I also promise to get Catwynn in a few pictures.

Then There Were Two (Hundred)

I know I have been rather quiet as of late. In fact, even my gold making series died faster than it started. In large, that was due to a busy second half of September. I’ll admit disappointment simply because I would have loved to see how I actually ended up. But, alas, it was not to be. Instead I’ll know that I can easily make the money to continue playing (so long as the darn tokens don’t continue to rise in price!).

CenturyAs you can see, I haven’t been idle in what time I have had. Liouxpold is the second member of the Army to hit 100, and first among the Alliance. While he’s never been one of my front of the line toons, I remember thinking all along that he should be the one to do so for Draenor. So that’s the case. Tum and Siori are in Draenor with him, but how fast they level is hard to say. Liouxpold has spent his early days at level cap hanging out with a Cat friend. But more on that later.