Gimme Back My Lightsaber

One of the characters I was happiest to create was Semblance, my Gnome Warrior. I did the Gnome area so that as a Warrior I got my 2H Very Light Saber. Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. And it fit her with her Leia buns and Engineering goggles. Imagine my surprise when I logged in and saw this:

I first saw this when I was at the character select screen. I thought perhaps it was just a glitch until I logged in. As I just mentioned that was not the case. Instead of a lightsaber, all I have is a hilt. And it’s not just a glitch with her, I tried my Tauren Paladin and Worgen Death Knight and neither of them showed the sword either. Just the hilt.

I’m disappointed this happened, and hopefully can find a resolution that fixes it but I’m not holding my breath. Nor do I want to find Teebu’s Blazing Longsword because the price on that bad boy is off the charts. I know there’s an Outland one, but unfortunately it’s only a 1H weapon. Not sure what I will do with her in the meantime, but there will definitely be disappointment if the Very Light Saber no longer…well, lightsabers.

Turns Out I’m Legendumb


The picture tells you all you need to know. Turns out they didn’t take my Legendary Weapons. Instead, when I transferred servers it was is if I had never gotten them. How did I come to this realization you ask? Oh, like all good ideas…I woke up in the middle of the night and as I was rolling over to go back to sleep it occurred to me I should see if I have my Dalaran hearth still and what happens if I used it.

Remember kids, I’m the same Azerothian who swam from Theramore Isle to Gadgetzan once just to get the flight path of the latter (this was during Burning Crusade). In short, I excel at doing things the hard way…



So here’s a fun little adventure, courtesy of playing on a private server. They launched a BfA one, and I (wisely) waited a bit for them to work on the main kinks in the system. Once done so, I took advantage of the opportunity they gave us to transfer our Legion server toons over. Imagine my surprise when I head into combat…empty handed!

Obviously they didn’t get the memo about us handing in our Legendary weapons. Instead they just walked in and picked them up, like some government suits or something. Needless to say, the first toon I made this discovery with was met with death quite quickly. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there were only a couple. I think I had six total. As you can see, our Death Knight friend here still hasn’t been helped out. He’s on the “to-do” list…right after my Druid finishes farming Draenor herbs so I can make him a staff to replace the ilevel 54 one he has…

That said, it’s mildly amusing in the interim to watch a Mage with a level 45 wand in hand. At least my Shaman’s 120 and geared appropriately. And my Paladin managed to find some stuff. Though it’s still in need of getting just a bit higher. But, c’est la vie when one lives the private life!

30 Days (April) – Favourite Legendary

Admittedly, I don’t own a single legendary item on any of my characters.  Fangs of the Father appealed to me for Siori, but I’m tormented by flawed pickpocket opportunities, be they caused by someone else or my own accord.  Otherwise, I’ve never bothered to even attempt to obtain one.  It’s odd considering some of them seem interesting enough.  The Mrs. has one half of the Warglaives and we really should work on trying to get the other one because, well really it’s the Warglaives.  No reason is needed.

As you might have guessed from the picture, though, my favourite legendary in the game is Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.  Not because I’ve had anything to do with obtaining one, but because of what it does and how the story goes.  If you’re not familiar with the item, it’s a caster questchain.  The picture above is what you see when you use the fully completed staff and transform into Tarecgosa.  It’s a sight to behold if you’ve never seen it in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

So what’s the story?  The elements attack Nordrassil and Volcanus attempts to use a bough of the World Tree in order to destroy it.  You get to stop him and return the bough to Kalecgos who attaches the Timeless Isle to it.  The staff is evolved further after Tarecgosa sacrifices herself to stop Arygos from killing Kalcgos.  In the process you become fused with her essence, which Kalecgos stabilizes after he’s named the new leader of the Blue Dragonflight.  At this point he also infuses the staff further and it’s known as the Runestaff of Nordrassil.  After heading into the Firelands, you return to the Blues with Smouldering Essences and the Heart of Fire (from Ragnaros), which the dragons then use to complete the staff and fuse Tarecgosa’s spirit to it.  Hence the final name.

It’s not a historic weapon by any stretch of the imagination, but the story in the quest line is a decent one and ties the player right in with the lore of the game, particularly a very pivotal moment for the Blue Dragonflight.  Add in the visual effect when you use the staff and it’s an impressive enough item to top my legendary list.

Calling In A Favour

You know why I like Tauren so much?  Well, yes, they are the wisest race by far and think things through and…well, no.  It’s because I’m a Taurus actually.  Taurus folk have this pretty dominant trait, too.  It’s called being stubborn.  Take me for instance.  While the Mrs. nods vehemently with the last bit of info, my stubborn nature results in me often times doing things myself.  That strategy is often met with mixed results, I won’t lie.  Sure, I’ll help anyone…I’m terrible for asking for help though.  So this is kind of awkward.


See that spiffy Rogue up there?  Yeah, I love her outfit too.  By all means, take a moment to admire it.  It really is a thing of beauty.  Done?  Ok.  Well, for as awesome as that outfit is, the daggers are lacking.  Her Lhakaz’s Swiftblade daggers are nice.  These are the ones she needs to have.  It’ll take an eternity to get them on a good day, but the fact is I can’t even get going by myself.

This brings me to this coming Friday evening.  I am done work relatively earlier than usual, and within a short time will be able to put the Junior Amateur to bed.  Then, I envision taking Siori to Wyrmrest and visiting a certain Hag(ara).  I don’t even need to kill her…but I mean, while we’re there if something unfortunate should occur after she’s been sapped, who am I to argue.  Wait…I so did not mean that the way it came out.  Damn it.  Ok, so before this gets horribly out of hand…can I get some help getting a step further on my Legendary Daggers quest chain Friday night?

edit: I work until 8pm EST and probably won’t get the boy down until about 9 EST.

That Poor Belf

Shhhh….pretend we’re Avon calling.

For this week’s Laid Back Raid, we had a solid turnout, including at least four new players with us -which was awesome in itself.  Don’t know if it was timing or if people just really don’t like Kael’thas all that much as I had scheduled Tempest Keep for the night.  We just blew through the place, not surprisingly.  I believe Liouxpold got a Leatherworking recipe out of it, but can’t recall for certain.  I know I saw a few need rolls for Mog items, so that always makes me happy.

With such a large group to tear through the place it was evident from the get go we would be hitting more than one raid on this night and my first suggestion was well received and we headed off to a certain Temple in Shadowmoon Valley.

Honestly, there were a fair number of achievements that went off at the end of that raid, which again made me happy.  Always nice to see people hit a raid for the first time.  I joked when we got to Illidan that he needed to drop a glaive, the bow, and his shield (hey, we got a glaive and shield one night, why not be a bit greedier?).  Well, he did drop one of those items, and I was quite happy.

Unfortunately now is the matter of building an outfit for him.  My first two designs involved Yogg-Saron (10N) or Freya (25N).  Barring some pug somewhere, Lioux’s not hitting Ulduar any time soon.  I have other toons that will go first.  Then again, should I really be working on Mog outfits when I’m in the middle of a Mog contest?