An Arthas What If

I came across this video today, courtesy of YouTuber Hellscream. Can’t say as I had seen any previous videos (or even heard of him) before, but the title definitely caught my attention. While I would love to see how some of the further plot points would play out as a result of this version, I still very much enjoyed it and the idea.


The Chromie Conspiracy

I’ll warn you right now, this post has some theorizing and possible spoilers on the lore of Warlords of Draenor.  You see, this whole thought process started when I was sent off to find Chromie after folks told me that Tumunzahar needed to venture to the Timeless Isle.  Well, I first swore a bit when I tried to ride to her.  Then after nearly dying, and then dying to poor Yorik, I realized that couldn’t happen and that I had to fly (though that isn’t entirely true).  After that, I flew up to see her.  Wait…she’s neutral again?


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A Grievance And A Gift

Roast and Christmas Cookies again?
Roast and Christmas Cookies again?

Essentially Winter Veil is over for another year.  We have less than a week of Greench farming left and then that is it for another year…where we can expect the exact same thing.  For all that Blizzard does with World of Warcraft, they don’t do enough to keep old things fresh.  When they do, they call it an expansion.

It would be nice to have a living world in the sense that other games try to create, but I’m certainly not that demanding.  But they sure could go the extra mile and freshen up some of the holiday events and none more so than Winter Veil.  Log in, get the Greench quest if you’re high enough and farm him daily to get the single new item they’ve added to the loot table because even the level requirement hasn’t changed.  Then grab gifts on Christmas Day.

I honestly love the developers putting actual gifts under the Winter Veil tree.  I think it’s an incredibly nice gesture but it unfortunately holds zero value any more.  Heck, I know players who didn’t even bother opening their gifts this year because they would end up deleting them.  Can’t say as I necessarily blame them.  There’s only so far a stack of Roast can go again.

Now obviously there’s some merit to the Greench aspect, since it was packed every time I flew out there (yup, for the pet).  Many times, didn’t even need to fight him.  Just collect and move on.  So apparently the player base still has enough enjoyment in it I suppose.  Even the gift opening was absolute chaos but that was thanks to Ironforge being a CRZ.  Slow clap for that one.

Now I’m not going to sit and gripe without an idea of my own, no matter how unlikely it might be.  You see, I think one simple change to the gift process would make it interesting again.  First off, ditch said roast.  It’s a waste to use at low level and there’s better food at high level.  I know people like the Holly for the mount look.  Also, don’t add one thing just for an achievement.  Instead, keep the festive items at a reasonable drop rate (…wand included I suppose) and put in a slim chance that one gift is something else.  In much the same idea as the Timeless Isle, make it gear for that class (or even a weapon).  Whether it’s epic or not, and BoP, it’s something different.  Include pets and mounts that are less common/drops as well.  Just create that slim chance of a nice surprise showing up and I think it would make it exciting.  Of course, you would be disappointed if you didn’t get something and knew plenty of others that did.  To counter that, I was among those disappointed with what was under the tree this year.

Speaking of which, that brings me to the gift part.  As a result of this year’s “excitement,” I have a few Snowman Kits and Red And Green Helpers respectively.  I didn’t get a count of how many of each I now have, but I’m happy to give away my extras on a first come, first serve, basis.  Just leave a comment below with which pet you need.  I know many will have all three but I’m trying to do something with the extras I find myself with now.  Hopefully it’s you.  When you leave your comment, just give me a character name and server you’re on (US or Oceanic only) and I’ll make a character and mail it to you.

What If: From King To Queen

The wait for patch 3.1 is on, and with it Ulduar. As someone who hasn’t raided anything more than partial Naxx, it will likely be some time before I get there. Even still, people are already talking about what comes after Arthas. Rumour again has it the next Expansion will be called The Emerald Dream. Assuming that’s the case I can see a viable opponent in the post-Arthas conquering: Azshara.

You can read about the Queen of the Naga, and former Night Elf ruler, and I think you’ll agree we could very easily see her and Nazjatar. Nevermind the fact that at one time Blizzard mentioned the Naga city and Northrend in the same breath as being future expansion locations, so already the idea has merit.

In terms of lore, the Azshara alive/dead debate continues. Many Night Elves believe their former leader died in the War of the Ancients, but there’s really no concrete proof. She was one of the most powerful magic users in the history of Azeroth, and the fact the Naga waited several thousand years to announce their presence suggests she’s content to let the world develop while she bides her time. It’s also believed she sent Lady Vashj to the surface world.

There are many means by which the battle could come about, but rest assured the Naga would assault Darnassus and Auberdine directly. With Azshara’s sheer hatred of the Night Elves, it makes for a solid launch point. I picture a massive wave myself, but the effects would require more depth than perhaps the game developers would want to readjust. Instead, perhaps the wave hits the shores of Azshara itself, even reaching up over the cliff.

Once we get into full swing, I can see the “battle” of the expansion taking place in three ways. The first, is the Emerald Dream. I see the Queen using magic to tap into the Dream and turning it into more of a nightmare. This calls on both the Horde and Alliance, simply from a Druid standpoint (granted only the Tauren and Night Elves are directly affected). Second, the Queen herself. Heroes would have to venture into Nazjatar, which could be divided into regions much like Northrend, only smaller, with a vast structure in the centre where the Queen herself awaits.

It could be built up with much more depth and possibilities than what I’ve described here, but that’s for those with far more lore insight than what I have. Plus, it borrows from the first two expansions in terms of execution, so some new flavour would have to be intertwined (though this also explains the introduction of water-based mounts).

But wait, you’re thinking. That’s only two fronts. I’m glad you caught that. I needed to turn your attention away for a moment to make the idea for my third angle more impactful (not that it needs it). Quite frankly I could see this whole thing build towards one being, The Destroyer himself.

Let’s face it, Sargeras has been pissed off at Azeroth for a very long time. In fact, he played a huge role in Azshara as it is. He also nearly had it made with Medivh, but like all classic villains, he keeps getting thwarted. His essence or soul or what have you is believed to be somewhere in the Twisting Nether, but much like Azshara there’s no real proof of this. There’s even suggestion Azerothians have never actually faced or seen Sargeras but merely an avatar of him.

So why not have him combine with the Queen to launch a full out assault? Yes, it would involve even more Burning Legion than we’ve already seen, but the water aspect could introduce a vast array of creatures and options we’ve not yet encountered. It would also give reason to streamline the world a bit and tie things back in to Outland. There could be genuine reason to go back there (other than Talbuks), as there may be things in Outland that are needed in the battle (also known as questing).

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of options left in terms of the world of Azeroth. This is one of the few “open doors” that Blizzard could do something with and after Arthas and the icy north, I think it’s the logical next step. The story is there and can write itself, no doubt much better than I have.