20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Four

Favorite Emote

 WoW has some great emotes.  While I haven’t seen them all (or any of the Goblin ones) I still find the Gnome /dance to be funny, as is the Tauren one.  The Male Human’s re-telling of Lord of The Rings still puts a smile on my face (pretty much the only thing about humans I like), and even the Male Draenei mourning the loss of his wife makes me chuckle (“that is the bad news…the good news is, I”M AVAILABLE!”) and might’ve been my favourite if not for Cataclysm.


With the expansion came the Worgen and honestly I would have had no clue about this emote if not for someone suggesting anyone playing a Male version in Worgen form try it.  /growl is just awesome sounding.  When you think of a creature growling at you, there’s a certain way you expect it to come out…a viciousness to it.  Blizzard captured it perfectly, I have to say.  Now, I always picture my Warrior doing that now before he charges in. 

Oh, if you play a female…don’t even try it.  Trust me.

The Cataclysm Comes

Within the slight realm of possibilities, you may have missed today’s official announcement for “World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm.” The next expansion for World of Warcraft was unveiled at BlizzCon. With it comes a tonne of news, many of which can be found in the trailer itself. With so much to come from the announcement, I’ve got enough inspiration for 8 days of writing I think.

One of the big things to come from today, is the confirmation of new race and class combos. Oddly enough, only the Draenai failed to grasp any new classes. To be perfectly honest, there’s no lore way that would work. They’re too big and clumsy to be Rogues (don’t even try to mention Orcs), no way they would become Druids, and are just too Holy to become Warlocks. Their Burning Crusade counterparts, the Blood Elves, have fought a little harder than before and can now be Warriors. Personally Warriors are a class I think any race can have. At times of war, someone in every race grabs a sword and shield.

Holy Moo!

This folks, is one of two new classes for the Tauren -a race I happen to think has been underserved for a while. The picture is for the Paladin, while they’ll also wield the Light as Priests. Seems like a natural progression from the spiritual driven Tauren, as some will likely embrace Light as much as nature. Speaking of Nature, Trolls gain the Druid class and if you’ve been in anything that starts with the word Zul, it’s no wonder…and a no brainer.

The Orcs were granted one new class as well, Mage. Let me tell you, I fought enough of the buggers as NPC’s to have no reason why this would not have happened. It’s pretty overdue. Plus, with the expected changes to the Horde that are rumoured, I can see the Orc Mages playing a part.

The Undead and Humans were basically toss-offs of one another, as both races can now become Hunters. Humans make sense to me, but Undead don’t. I guess Undead retain their Human nature of having pets.

The two new Dwarf classes make me very happy. If you’ve read this for more than two posts, you’ll know that I never understood why Dwarven Rogues existed and Dwarven Mages didn’t. Blizzard has heard the cry as not only will they wield the Arcane powers, but also nature as well. Dwarven Shaman are also on the way. I actually think I’m more excited about that aspect. It makes more sense as well, based on the Dwarven connection to stone.

The only two other new combos are Gnome Priest (which, again, seems overdue), and Night Elf Mage. The Elves are so woven into the Magic of Azeroth, limiting them to Druids and Priests never did seem quite right in retrospect.

The Worgen and Goblin classes were also revealed in the news, and it makes sense to me that neither is a Paladin. The only other class Goblins will miss out on is Druids, and that one’s pretty straight forward. The only ones I might’ve questioned are Shaman and Hunter. It’s no secret what the Goblins have done to Azeroth’s environment, but these are a secondary bunch of Goblins (akin to the Troll situation) so perhaps Nature has given them a chance. On the flipside, no Shamans for the Worgen. Based on the trailer, the Night Elves draw the Worgen into the Alliance, so it makes sense that they can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Sorry, that was bad. Still, the idea of Worgen Druids seems a bit bipolar: I’m a cat. I’m a dog. I’m a cat. I’m a dog. Then again, Shamans get Spirit Wolf, so maybe the exclusion of that class was Blizzard’s way of avoiding redundancy again (see Undead Death Knight).