#Wowscreenshot Feb 16 & 17 – “Create” and “Vegetable”

QuelBack in the days of Wrath, I came upon a Battered Hilt on the Auction House for somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7-8k.  I decided to pony up and do the quest chain and it was amazing.  The end result is what you see before Siori as she went through the process of assembling (or creating) Quel’Delar.  I’m glad this folder was not among the screenshots I’ve lost over time because it was just a really enveloping story and it’s one of those things that not everyone has done.  I know a few people who still farm Halls of Reflection to try and get the Battered Hilt to drop.

VegginThanks to Mists, there’s only one thing I think of when I hear the word vegetable anymore.

Where I Play #WoWScreenshotaday Catch-Up

Yes, I’ve not been a very good lemming.  It’s been a busy time around the Amateur house and when my time was idle…well, blame that darn Hearthstone.  It requires a simpler kind of focus some times.  That said, it isn’t that I haven’t been working on the screenshots, I just never had a chance to post and then decided to just bundle them all together.


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#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 06 – “C is for…”

This one was pretty easy today, as “C” is for Caverns of Time!

CoTThis is one of my favourite places in the game, simply because I love the collective dungeons.  I have since I started playing during Burning Crusade.  Culling of Stratholme (the entrance is in the back of the shot) remains my personal favourite, though the concept behind End Time is great as well.  Each tunnel is a huge step into some key moments of lore within Warcraft and to get to play them out as a character is as enticing as it gets.  Someone asked me once why they “stuck the cavern in the middle of nowhere.”  I said Tanaris isn’t the middle of nowhere, it’s a desert.  Where else would you expect the sands of time to be located?  They felt pretty silly as a result.

#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 05 – “Square”

RunesqThis is one of those locations you visit all the time without even knowing it, or realizing it perhaps.  Runeweaver Square in Dalaran is most known for the monument that you click to see the proverbial end of the Lich King.  It became an option after a Guild on your server defeated Arthas, if I recall correctly.  However, pretty much any time you port into Dalaran you run down a flight of stairs and into the town.  In doing so, this is where you pass through at the bottom of those stairs.

#WoWscreenshotaday Feb 04 -“Childhood”

SledsAh, the tobogganing outside of Ironforge.  One of those little secrets most people never even stumble upon.  The reason I chose this shot for the theme of childhood was because not only did I do it a lot as a wee Amateur, but it’s also one of my earliest memories.  I don’t think I was even in school yet and we were out one night at the park on one of those stupid red saucers they called a “sled.”  That’s right, a round circle that you have spots for your hands but absolutely no means of controlling.  Can you see where this is going?
So I remember to this day my mother saying “we’ll try to avoid the trees on this one.”  I have no idea if the previous venture down the hill was a near impact situation, or what.  What I do remember, is the run that was supposed to miss the trees did not.  I slammed into that thing full tilt and bust my forehead open but good.  Heck, I remember the blood in the van as we went to the hospital.  Short story long, it wasn’t until the last few years that the scar started to fade.  But if you look, you can still see it.
I know, it’s not the most chipper thing to relate to you.  But to be honest, I laugh about it now and even tease my mom on occasion.  But it never stopped me from getting back on a sled, snowboard, GT-racer, or crazy carpet and flying down that lush white hill over and over again.

#WoWScreenshot A Day Feb 02 “Favourite” and 03 “Something Orange”

KittiesTo this day, I think this remains my favourite moment in World of Warcraft.  Rounding up a bunch of friends randomly (well, as far as they knew) and handing out a Winter Veil present to each of them.  As you can guess by the back row, it was the Jewelcrafting Panthers. Alas, those who rolled alts on Runetotem obviously weren’t able to mount up with the rest.  It was something important to me that is really hard to describe.  Knowing how much each one appreciated it certainly helped.  I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I just wish I had planned it sooner so that I could have amassed more gold to get a few more made.

TaeFlameThis shot is of Mrs. Amateur’s Mage, Taelainne.  I had her call down the flame as one of three covers I did for her dice case (the other two were, of course, Arcane and Frost), to match the dice inside.